March 29, 2014

Saturday quick takes [Darleen Click]

Obama and Pope Francis have entirely different takes on what their conversation was about. I know who I find more credible.

Officials of Venezuela’s Socialist totalitarian regime paradise have launched an investigation into rogue crossword puzzles.

Since when did crowd-sourcing site, Kickstarter, start censoring projects? When the project is a film about serial murderer Kermit Gosnell

The Russians are coming …

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  1. “Emaregency, …”

  2. ICE can park their vans out front.

  3. Regarding Ukraine, or what’s left of it, perhaps two words might suffice: Kaliningradskaya Oblast. For two or more can play that game.

  4. Damn, they’ve twigged to the secret messages in the crossword hints! I wonder if they know about the key encoded in the genital warts of Maduro’s favorite hooker?…

  5. Another Obama conversation with two different descriptions.

  6. Transnistria is essentially experiencing a blockade

    Yep, and next?

  7. Also this about Obama-Putin-Ukraine.

    Remember that the reason that there are so many ethnic Russians in these places was the “ethnic cleansing” done by the USSR which started under Stalin. Now with the Obama administration’s push for “Responsibility-2-Protect” as a reason to move military forces into any nation where it can be claimed that some ethnic group is in danger, Putin has his excuse to go into all the former Soviet possessions in Europe.


    Ohio schools think that the imaginary weapons proliferation problem/epidemic merits a policy that tracks the danger/severity of said imaginary weapons by level as they are discovered and (pretend) confiscated.

    Yeah, kids making a gun finger is violence now and young boys are little killers who need to be driven off, assessed, drugged, conditioned, and maybe locked up by people other than their probably crazy parents.

    The faculty parking lot of that school should, in a just world, have no un-slashed tires.

    It’s a good life and you needn’t fear that little Anthony will send you to the corn field because he’s bringing the corn field here.

    Utopia is a form of madness. End the insanity. End it with a shovel if you have to, but end it.

  9. No word yet, on whether we need a Bureau of Imaginary Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms to regulate these purely conceptual dangers to society.

  10. >End it with a shovel if you have to, but end it.<

    a shovel ready project

  11. So as to illegal aliens, undocumented residents are now okay. Undocumented gun owners, and drivers, and business operators are not. Because smart.

  12. “Violence” is a word like “Culture” that can now mean anything that is politically useful. They are used to conflate things which are not alike so as to tar something for a political end of control over people.

  13. What if you are only pretending to pretend to have a weapon? What level is that?

  14. I think I’ll pretend to not have a weapon.

  15. I think I’ll pretend to not have a weapon.

    – Yeah, but they “know” what you’re thinking.

    – It takes a whole village of Progressive morons to run a Utopia.

  16. It takes a mad mad mad mad village to run a Utopia.

  17. – I think thats what I said….

  18. P: Weewease Woddewick!

    I: No.

    P: NO?

    US: NO?

    US: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    US: Onto the cross with you then!

  19. I’m still a contrarian on the Ukraine issue. I don’t think an invasion of Ukraine-proper will happen. Of course, “invasion” of pro-Russian peripheral regions is still on the table, especially if the west makes it easy and cost-free.

    I think the “elite” got blindsided by the Crimean annexation and are now in classic over-correction mode. So, if I’m right that will make them profoundly wrong twice in a few months.

    But that’s just my guess.

  20. I went to a pub last night.

    It was a a basic tap bar with some wines and shots on the side. They call it a Biergarten. That means you probably will have to sit at the bar or outside.

    I noted the bartender was a shiny polished and overly friendly asshole who thinks he is a professional gourmets mixed-drinks adviser and psychologist. In a pubby-grubby beer bar. WTF? So noted, silently of course, I made it real easy for the blessed one, and ordered a boiler maker ‘Americano’, in case he tried to get all trendy authentic British with me. “Draught and blended is just fine” I said. “Nothing fancy.”

    Well, he wasn’t feeling that. He pulled out a menu thing and started trying to steer me to the right boiler maker or something else. He came in like a wrecking ball, or a puppy who wanted to play. Nope.

    So, I said, growled really, “Let’s face it, kiddo, if you can’t get me a damned boiler maker, all quick and quiet like, then this ain’t no bar, and you ain’t no bartender. ”

    He turned red. Some people clapped and hooted.

    I got my boiler maker, in a frosted glass, paid, tipped him $2.50, drank it and left. He didn’t spit in it. Maybe he was too nice. Maybe he thought it wasn’t a good enough drink for someone to spit in. Maybe there was imaginary spit in it.

    Man, I hate Austin.

  21. Clues in crossword puzzles are responsible for the uprisings?

    But not this:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    Or this:

    I swear, the Chavistas are more delusional than you can imagine. The pro-Maduro morons must have a macro to write “We are about love and peace” on every tweet and graphic because it’s all they say.

    The #EcosocialistasConMaduro are a real piece of work.

    They’re wigging out because the guarimberos have cut down trees for the barricades.

    In a tropical country where you have to work to stop things growing, where half the country is in the Amazon rain forest, where you’ve got inaccessible tepuis (featured in Up) that contain unique species, they’re pissed about urban trees being cut down.

    As if you needed more proof that Greens are Red inside.

  22. OMG.


    Fight, battle, constance, strategies, victories, humility, love, alliances, projects, inclusion, liberation, given to your people! You gave all without hoping for anything in return, only loyalty!


    Not even the Obamabots are THAT bad.

  23. i love austin I’m so sorry that happened to you though

    i hope in the future you get more better bartenders to where you guys are both on the same page


  24. My guess is the peace under the middle shell, mister thimbleriggerfoot.

  25. If we are now going to send “manpads” to the “rebels,” aka terrorists, in Syria then what exactly were we doing in Benghazi?

  26. We certainly need to clarify our foreign policy mission.

  27. The progressives are going to ruin Texas as well. They have already done quite a bit of damage.

  28. @LealandYee needs pick up the soap.

  29. @newrouter

    Vladimir Putin ‘Wants to Regain Finland’ Says Close Adviser – See more at:

    For me, this is the moment when Putin jumped the shark.
    Y’see, you can only get away with the crazy-man routine if the threats are credible.

  30. I’m going to throw the bullshit flag on the Finland story. The person reporting his insights has been out of the loop for ten years.

  31. OT.. good news for the forthcoming beer and BBQ season. Now you can justify purchasing moar beer!

    The beers’ alcohol wasn’t knocking out the PAHs. Even meat marinaded in non-alcoholic beer held lower PAH-levels than plain pork. The chemists suggested antioxidants in the beer may interact with the surface of the meat and make it chemically resistant to PAH formation.

    None of that sissy – pissy pilsner stuff. Gotta be the Black Stout.

  32. A long, interesting interview with Sergey Lavrov complete with photos.

  33. From the context of pizza I infer that ” artisanal ” means “not round”.

    I guess the not being round is supposed to show how hand made it is. Except I see pizza-chefs making round dough by hand all the time. (Hint: They toss and spin it!)

    Maybe “artisanal” really means lacking in skill and sloppily amateurish.

  34. Climate-change, is there nothing it can’t do?

    Or the left discovers that thugs don’t like to “work” out in the cold but prefer summertime.

  35. My first reaction to that headline is that he was one of those unfortunate souls who thought the hand wasn’t his.

    Nope. Bad care, looks like, and refusal to do what would help.

  36. Removing his hand hasn’t relieved his pain, even having his arm surgically removed may not do so. He could suffer phantom pain for the rest of his life.

  37. BBH, this…

    It is possible that the total energy of the entire universe is exactly zero, with the positive energy of matter completely canceled by the negative energy of gravity. I often say that the universe is the ultimate free lunch, since it actually requires no energy to produce a universe.

    Read more at:

    We are all socialists now ?

  38. preview my friend oh wait

  39. The free-lunch universe has a drawback: entropy is first at the chow line and just ordered all of everything.

  40. can “you act like chinky”?

  41. can “you act like hindies”?

  42. how about “hunkies”

  43. White privilege conference…
    Time to “47%” them.

  44. Do you think the surreptitious footage will show self-flagellation?
    I wonder if the whites will be made to wear hairshirts.

  45. I wonder if the whites will be made to wear hairshirts.

    Don’t know…but I would bet that a good number of the women attending are hirsute.

  46. Hirsute, or just wearing “her” suits?

  47. So here’s an op-ed detailing many of the ways (they’re so goddamn limitless, it’s practically impossible to detail them all) that IWonPenPhone is a moron, but which, because written by a Democrat, I guess, never bothers to explicitly say “IWonPenPhone is a moron” but instead makes to break the news to its readers gently. What a world.

  48. …but instead makes to break the news to its readers gently….

    – Progressives, in general have eyes that are too close together and need to brace themselves for endless dissapointments in the future.

    – On the zero energy thing – Grandma science sets a good pace, but old Father entropy is winning the race,

    – Good portents in a time of typical Utopian paper tigers.

  49. Austin, where a biergarten bartender is too smart to just get you a basic “freestyle” boiler maker.

  50. Mead has a few typos.

    “Wishes” is misspelled over and over as “wants,” and there is that “un” added to “intentionally.”

    Then too he has this propensity to “zero-sum” our economy not seeing that the old “Zero” with his heavy handed greenies and cronies has minus-summed the economy thus making all choices bad while he chooses the worst of them each time, spiraling us down.