March 28, 2014

GOP Establishment leaders attack rule of law — against GOP Congressmen

Ass, meet frozen Halibut, and a relatively quiet buggering.

And not even the courtesy of a reach around.

OT Note: I’ll be gone today, first heading down to the design center to finalize selections for the new home interior, then off to Sterling, CO, where Satchel and I will stay in a hotel so that we don’t have to make the two hour trek at 4:30 am tomorrow in order to get to his season’s final tournament on time.

This one is going to be his toughest yet; and frankly, he seems a bit burned out, so I’m hoping he has one last day of fight left in him.

On that note, here’s a link to a story about our club in one of our local papers, and a highlight video of the kids at last week’s Eaton tournament. See if you can spot Satchel, who appears several times.

It’s like “Where’s Waldo,” only without the beanie and nerd glasses.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 7:23am

Comments (11)

  1. Good luck to both of you!

  2. Have a good trip and a successful match.

  3. Pelosi deeming on such a busy day. Got to make sure they are outta there in time for the Soro’s funded GOP-Progressive conclave.

  4. The conservatives in the House ought to retaliate by promising to vote Pelosi in as Speaker come next January.

  5. And regarding the GOP and this sleazy vote, millions yet will need something further, something even more egregious, more shocking, more predatory, more self-aggrandizing, more filthy, more evil, to even begin to think that maybe, just maybe, the GOP is over, done, kaput, ended as a decent instrument of just government in America. And they can continue to think it will never be too late to act — until it is too late.

  6. My congressman will need to publicly denounce this travesty if he ever wants my vote again.

  7. A public pledge to under no circumstances support either Boehner’s or Cantor’s leadership might be nice too.

  8. My email to him endeavoreed to convey that if this didn’t convince him Boehner and Cantor are irredeemably corrupt, it made him no better in my eyes than Bob Matsui.

  9. “My congressman will need to publicly denounce this travesty if he ever wants my vote again ”

    My congressman is Lloyd Doggett and I have yet to vote for him. Thanks Austin.Even Lamar Smith in the nearby but not near enough gerrymandered Republican discontinuous mega-strip district is a crap sandwich who backed that SOPA/PIPA.


  10. For the record: my congressman, Lynn Westmoreland, replied to my message. It was a profoundly unsatisfactory reply.

    It was nice knowing you, Lynn.