March 27, 2014

Our brief interview with TX Dem gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis [Darleen Click]

Ms. Davis, you recently announced your launch of a “Act Like a Texan” clock, aimed at your opponent, Greg Abbott
Yes, I feel it is past time for Greg Abbott to stand up and address the issue of how he rolls over his women assistant attorneys in his office by paying them $6000 less than their patriarchal male co-workers.
But, Ms. Davis, isn’t it true that there is pay inequity among your staffers, too? That you pay the women more than the men?
Totally different. The women on my staff are obviously paid according to their superior abilities and greater experience.
Why wouldn’t that be the same case in Greg Abbott’s office?
Well then I ask you, why hasn’t he taken the time to just stroll out and make that case, huh? Huh?
Actually, Ms. Davis, he did.

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  1. Mrs. Davis you showed an add with a chubby woman I don’t recognize noticing that her piggy bank was smaller than Greg Abbot’s. Given that the “equal pay” law presupposes equal pay for equal work and that there is only one Attorney General in Texas, which is an elected office with a salary what the fuck were you even thinking with that stupid fucking ad? Do you lack a basic understanding of the complaint driving equal pay laws? Do you think an attorney general of Texas should be paid the same as that overweight lady you had in the ad? What exactly the hell is your campaign blithering about? If you fail to erode Greg Abbot’s lead with your incompetent suggestion that women are an oppressed class despite men losing most of the jobs in the last 8 years, will you fake a spinal or leg injury so you can be seen in a wheel chair too?

  2. If you’re going to Act Like A Texan, one of the best things to do is grow up in West Warwick, RI like Abortion Barbie did.