March 26, 2014

Seven words to the Left Feminist Fascists lying that if their “bosses” won’t pay for their birth control – including abortifacients – it constitutes denial of access & “rights” to free stuff [Darleen Click]

Pay for your own damn coat hanger.

Posted by Darleen @ 8:00am

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  1. I think you and the griefer finally found something to agree on

  2. Ernst

    I’m being purposely rude cuz I’m up to here with the lying liars of the Left. You’d think the Green family was standing at the foot of the bed of these womyns.

  3. Gulaged again. Boy, @yesnicksearcy attracts some real pieces of work, dunnee?

    @taklamakanuigur until I’m sprung.

  4. Heh. Darleen, that’s beyond righteously indignant.

    That’s slap-their-faces-’till-their-shoes-squeak indignant.

    Good on you!

  5. Sigh. Dicentra, try this technique: in the midst of a running firefight with a Searcy attacker, back off to your TL and RT a couple things. Say ‘hi!’ to a follower as they flitter by. Drop a couple links in tcot. Make witty small talk. Then go back at it an hour later or so.

    Works for me. Never been gulaged, and I’ve wrestled some heavyweight pigs.

    (How muck Nick giving you to handle his light work? )

  6. back off to your TL and RT a couple things

    Then it takes more than a spam report to gulag a sistah? A faceless algorithm looks for spammy behavior?

    Actually, I do go RT stuff in betwixt, but I guess it’s not enough.

    Nick gives me the pleasure of smacking down the trolls that he’s softened up a bit. That’s payment enough.


    A 21-hour stay in the gulag this time, is all.

    Huh. Must be a slow day at Twitter.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, the Culture of Life!

  9. Because not wanting to help pay for what one considers to be murder, is greedy and selfish.