March 26, 2014

Iowa Democrat: Only lawyers are qualified to be elected officials, not some rube farmer… [Darleen Click]

Bruce Braley, Democrat Congresscritter running for the Senate, in the space of 37 seconds speaking to a group of trial lawyers (and in front of a table of booze) promises to keep “fighting tort reform” as he has done for “thirty years” and sneers his qualifications as a lawyer are superior to

“… a farmer who never went to law school, never practiced law”

Braley is not running to be a Representative, but to be a Civil Ruler who knows, as all the elitists of the Left do, how better to run your life than you do.

He’s got the education, bless his heart.

h/t Hot Air

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Comments (6)

  1. Dissing farmers in a farm state, that’s smart.

  2. Dude’s a shoo-in with an attitude like that.

  3. He does his opponents’ ad writing for them!

  4. Since he was speaking in Texas, I assume they’ll be helping mostly with absentee ballots.

  5. I saw that Grassley’s people were giving it back with both barrels. “By this logic, lawyers would have no business legislating on matters of agriculture, or finance, or foreign affairs, or anything else outside their legal training…”

  6. So, is this a Methodist stand-off?