March 25, 2014

“U.S. labor participation rate falls below UK’s (for first time in 36 years)”

Well, to be fair, the US does abort more of its choices. Leaving it with a smaller pool of workers willing to do the jobs that mostly only illegal aliens will do. So the numbers were eventually going to catch up to us, right?

Besides: what’s the problem with a low labor participation rate? Do we really need things like cheaper fuel or the liberty that comes with property ownership when we can have, like, more poets and what not living off the undeserved excesses in wealth of the bourgeois?

Plus, babies are stinky and they are like little infesting aliens trying to find purchase in Amanda Marcotte’s unspoiled and highly cultured uterus. Like colonialists. The greedy, thieving little fuckers.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:30am

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  1. The socialist “never saw a wealth transfer/social welfare program I didn’t immediately embrace” mantra is certainly inconsistent with the view that abortion is a social good, to be encouraged and celebrated. Let us assume only a third of the Americans destroyed since Roe v. Wade were out there contributing to the economy in the form of wealth generation and taxes. What would our country’s financial outlook be then?

  2. Rosier, certainly.

  3. Americans are lazy cunts what like to sit at home and collect welfare and food stamps

    sad little people

  4. is everyone up for some protesting tomorrow? send in your pictures of your revolutionary zeal.