March 25, 2014

“Aborted Babies ‘Burned to Heat NHS Hospitals'”

You can’t make a smoothly-functioning and brutally efficient bureaucratic omelet without scrambling a few post-eggs:

The bodies of at least 15,500 unborn babies have been incinerated over the past two years, with some of them used to generate power to heat NHS hospitals, a new investigation has revealed.
The report for Channel 4‘s ‘Dispatches’ programme, which airs tonight, also found that parents who lose children early on in pregnancy are treated without compassion, and often have no say in what happens to the remains.

The Telegraph reports that health minister Dr Dan Poulter said the practice was “totally unacceptable”, and the Department for Health issued an instant ban.

According to the report, Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge incinerated 797 babies below 13 weeks gestation in a ‘waste to energy’ plant, informing the mothers that the remains had been ‘cremated’.

Another facility operated by a private contractor at Ipswich Hospital incinerated 1,101 foetuses between 2011 and 2013. Ipswich Hospital said that it disposes of its own remains by cremation and that company that runs the incinerator had brought in the remains from other hospitals.

A total of ten NHS trusts admitted to burning foetal remains alongside general rubbish, with two using them to generate power.


Since the information was released, NHS Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh, has written to all NHS trusts, telling them the practice must stop immediately.

And here we all thought Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” was supposed to be read ironically, that it was pointed political satire.

Evidently, the nationalized governmental health apparatchiks in Great Britain mistook it for a kind of outdated instruction manual, dusted it off, and gave it a bit of a contemporary re-imagining.

But before you get indignant, let me just point out:  renewable energy!  So there’s at least a silver lining to all this supposed “horror.”

Kinda makes you look at the environmentalist Nazis in a new light, if you can simply come to think of them as proponents of income equality, a strong homogeneous culture, and going Green.

Historical revisionism?  Or uncomfortable fact of a misunderstood movement dedicated to creating a national socialist paradise that merely went about things in a way that too many in the world weren’t quite ready for…?

(h/t dicentra)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:09am

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  1. The end result of dehumanizing humans is to turn them into a commodity to be used as the worthies deem fit. See, e.g. warehouses of baby shoes and spectacles dotting the landscape of Poland.

  2. So, ban burning, institute soylent green?

  3. The farmer disposes of his livestock as he sees fit.

  4. Makes quite a contrast with that worm scene in Seven Years in Tibet. So isn’t it odd that the political left makes such darlings of the Tibetans? Nah. The Tibetans are just a convenient cover-story.

  5. Geoffb, that’s the Green thing to do, isn’t it?

  6. Did anyone humm “Disco Inferno” as they were feeding the furnace and wonder why that song popped into their head?

  7. the link is wrong

    I wonder what the correct way to dispose of the aborted babies is

  8. ask Kermit.

  9. Kermit says that you pickle their feet in a jar of formaldehyde if they are big enough to walk you to the bus stop.

  10. see y’all don’t know either

  11. What’s that smell in the air?

    Could it be that same odor I smelled low those many years ago when we liberated the camps?

  12. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say heating commercial units with discarded human fetuses or stillborns is not the “correct” way.

    But then, my people have a history of being disposed of in ovens, so we are more wary of them than those who think they exist only to bake specialty cupcakes or brown the paella.

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  14. I question the heat equation. Seems that it’d take more energy to ignite and burn a fetus than one would expect to derive from it.

    But I only know campfires, being a lifelong devotee to nurturing, then sitting around them.

    The secret to a good campfire? Condense the nuclei. Frequently and often.

  15. >I question the heat equation<

    yea all that moisture takes heat. go with hiding the indefensible. it is more proggtarded.

  16. i know the wrong way what i want to know is how do you properly dispose of an aborted fetus

    or asked another way how are they going to start doing it from now on in the UK?

    it’s all very confuzzling – I asked the googles and this is what they told me

    Hospitals should cremate or bury aborted foetuses rather than incinerating them, the medical director of the NHS in England says.*

    apparently the difference between cremating and incinerating is when you cremate you just do the fetus all by itself when you incinerate you do a whole bunch of other stuff too

    so if you are ever asked to dispose of an aborted fetus here is what you do

    ask the lady who made the fetus if she would prefer to have it buried or cremated

    then what you do is you either bury it or cremate

    where the hell you bury it, I have no idea

    perhaps in an abbey?

    I have no idea

  17. You are a fucking ghoul.

  18. where the hell you bury it, I have no idea

    Of course not, griefer. But hey, be educated

  19. darleen the NHS is NOT going to ship the wee lil fetuses to the New World for burial

    try again

  20. Foozlewazzlebubber!

  21. griefer

    you believe there’s no religious cemeteries in Britain?

  22. Forget it Darleen, it’s Griefertown.

  23. never been there my whole life

    buncha goddamn anglicans

  24. I question the heat equation. Seems that it’d take more energy to ignite and burn a fetus than one would expect to derive from it.

    I think this is correct. Ever try to burn green firewood? This would be similar, but a worse energy balance.

    Unless you stacked them outdoors to season a spell.