March 16, 2014

“EEEEK! It’s a gun!!” [Darleen Click]

I got a grim chuckle out of this

The annual meet and greet is a chance for sheriffs and legislators to come together and discuss the needs of the state as well as an opportunity to just to get to know each other better. It took place this year in the same location it has in previous years, the Oklahoma State Capitol.

One thing was different this year that had a major impact on the event. An anonymous senator requested that the sheriffs be asked to disarm. Even in Oklahoma, gun-grabbing fever is rearing its ugly head.

The Oklahoma sheriffs didn’t disarm. They decided that it was time to end the meeting and all forty walked out.

Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert was miffed, as were the others. “We’re the people that protect these people,” adding, “If the state troopers are satisfied that we’re ok in that building I’m pretty sure that the legislators should have something else to worry about such as the economy or something.”

I actually want this kind of thing happen to more law enforcement until Police Chiefs support the Second Amendment for all citizens.

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  1. yikes, nr, nice way the ATF ignores a TRO.

  2. sheriffs are our last line of defense against the fed. gov’t. statists. an armed standoff between the two would do the liv a world of truth.

  3. bias alert – yes i’m on the customer list

  4. yikes, nr, nice way the ATF ignores a TRO.

    Nah, they got the judge to reverse herself. It’s bullshit, but it’s ostensibly legal.

    By “ostensibly” I mean “bullshit.”

  5. Federal Judge Janis L. Sammartino reversed herself and allowed the ATF to conduct raids on Ares Armor locations.

    umm sheriffs

  6. stop going to the feds to seek restraint from the feds.

  7. the batfags have name, credit card #, address of future victims. OUTLAW

  8. This whole thing has the less than pleasant aroma of collusion among the city and feds in retribution against Ares because of their sign fiasco.

    It also has a whiff of the Gibson farrago in that there are other manufactures using the same technology who haven”t been targeted – only difference is they are not affiliated with Ares as EP is.

  9. >Ares because of their sign fiasco.<

    1st and 2nd rights be damned. how about california constitution rights?

  10. 1st and 2nd rights be damned. how about california constitution rights?

    Unfortunately, it is California, and if the government agencies (local, state) are stacked with “progressives”, the “rights” aren’t worth much without intervention from a Federal or the Supreme Court – if then.

  11. ….and so the Progressives, from their pussy-boi leader down to the last poofer, prove for all time what a bunch of chicken shit weasles they are:

    – Obama to Putin: “The US will not recognize the Crimean vote.”

    – Putin to Obama: “Obama Who?”

  12. >the “rights” aren’t worth much without intervention from a Federal or the Supreme Court <

    the sheriff of the county can shut the feds down. time to have that debate!!11!!

  13. – And on that note, Bunblefuck seems to be playing the vanishing asshole lately. His party is running from him at every opportunity, and as each issue gets way over his head he just goes off and golfs and the media get amneasia fro a few days.

    – Hes even less able to resolve a single issue than Carter was, if thats even possible. How bad does it have to get before even the lofo morons that vote straight D finally get the message?

  14. NR, I agree, but that assumes the Sheriff isn’t backing the city in this food fight; if the Sheriff, the local cops, and the local courts are all backing the feds, then it has to bumped up to an allegedly disinterested court/agency.

    Alas, I can’t see any local agency in coastal California going against the feds both because of ideology, and not wanting to be shut out of goodies like MRAPs that are being dangled. I fear the only way forward for this mess is unconstrained lawfare.

  15. How bad does it have to get before even the lofo morons that vote straight D finally get the message?

    They could be reduced to eating grass and grubs in the camps, and they would still worship him, and anyone else with a D behind their name.

  16. >if the Sheriff, the local cops, and the local courts are all backing the feds<

    a local problem that is remedied quickly.

  17. a local problem that is remedied quickly.

    One would hope so, but moonbats elect moonbats, and if the moonbats outnumber normal humans, the game is rigged yet again.

  18. The cities will implode. They cannot survive without the support of the rural areas, while the rural areas are just fine without the cities (except as customers for their food of course).

    Gun laws are either quite different or rarely enforced outside of large cities. It would probably be best to leave them.

  19. >One would hope so, but moonbats elect moonbats,<

    your pot ain't safe dude

  20. not “your” your. their pot.

  21. When the Feds come calling on the Ares customers, will there be a knock upon the door or not?
    Someone should ask the judge why she changed her mind. I suspect she got a phone call. Law happens like that.

  22. This
    suggests that it wasnt about the sale of the lowers themselves but the machining of same into gun parts by a convicted felon….or thereabouts

  23. I don’t think Ares’ own actions necessarily add up to reasonable suspicion. I think it’s too easy for agencies to come up with a pretext, especially to persuade an ignorant or biased judge.

  24. My default position with government agencies is to automatically assume they are lying until proven otherwise.

  25. O/T: Apparently Barack and Michelle are all of our parents now. Creepy nanny-statism from Think Progress. Is Think Progress associated w/the John Podesta’s/Soros CAP? Because then it is probably WH-coordinated creepy propaganda.

  26. Is Think Progress associated w/the John Podesta’s/Soros CAP?


  27. Well then it’s more like “Citizens of Districts 1-12: The parents of such Panem Capital favorites as Caesar Flickerman as well as President Snow’s lovely wife have an important message for you about keeping your little ones properly fed…”

  28. Going after un-milled lower blanks was telegraphed in 2010 when BATF went after imports of an airsoft gun after falsely claiming it could be converted into a select fire M-16 lower. (Real M-4/M16 trigger parts could supposedly be dropped in).

  29. They can have my gay undocumented rifle when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

  30. Blake: Add journalists to that formulation.


    And we have the FCC trying to regulate news organizations for diversity, EPA trying to regulate carbon diaxide as a toxic gas, and calling ditches in the desert harm to a wetland. IRS is defining non leftist advocacy as for profit and leftist as non profit community interest.

    The bureaucracy is way out of control trying to invent powers and off missions causes for themselves.

  32. Did any report ever stop and ask why someone wants an unserialized rifle? Do they assume criminal?

    I wonder how may rifle are actually completed this way as compared to regular sales. I found it hard enough to put together an AR with a finished plastic composite receiver ( the trigger springs are tough).

    I still have not had enough range time to get the sucker to cycle properly or course, that is an upper problem that I did not assemble, I think it need to break in or may I have the wrong buffer spring.

  33. When they kick at your front door
    How you gonna come?
    With your hands on your head
    Or on the trigger of your gun

    When the law break in
    How you gonna go?
    Shot down on the pavement
    Or waiting on death row

    You can crush us
    You can bruise us
    But you’ll have to answer to
    But oh-oh, the guns of Brixton

  34. Point taken, Trespassers.

  35. bgbear – regarding the cycling, check the BCG, in particular how freely the bolt moves back and forth. If there is any binding (or undue friction, for that matter), there may be an issue with either the bolt, or the carrier. I have seen bolts from less than reputable manufacturers with oversize gas rings such that it required so much force to move the thing that it would never go back into battery after one round.

    If somebody else assembled it, who knows if the parts were properly matched – as is well known, interchangeable parts don’t.

  36. Thanks, I think it needs more breaking inand maybe a gunsmith ;).

    The upper came straight from the manufacturer fully assemble. SOTA in Minnesota.

  37. Thanks, I think it needs more breaking in and maybe a gunsmith ;).

    The upper came straight from the manufacturer fully assemble. SOTA in Minnesota.

  38. Now, how did I do that. I can get the post to repeat but, not a rifle :)

  39. bgbear, you should have bought a Garand.

  40. It was a project, something I never have done before. We have 6 other rifle that shoot just fine.

    support your right to arm bears

  41. The reason for police chiefs and sheriffs to be divided so strongly is the simple fact of who hires them. Most police chiefs are hired/fired by city councils (or other government bodies like the special Police Boards that Misery imposed on KC and StL because of the local government corruption) while sheriffs are elected by the people directly.

    I know this sounds like a conflict coming from someone who supports repeal of the 17th Amendment, but there are very good reasons to want Senators to be chosen by state legislators (and well aware of that fact) and for the chief law enforcement officer of the county not to owe his job to any other body or office.



  43. California consensus science.

  44. I blame the weight of all the clueless smugness of the population bearing down directly on the fault-line, causing a swelling of its geo-lumbar and making it’s litho-gout act up, making it crave a hot bath.

  45. There is always a hidden code when the left speaks publicly. One piece of it seems to be that “climate change” aka “global warming” actually is a reference to Obama.

  46. i like black hands holding corn. cause nothing sez corn than “africa”

  47. – The cult followers of the Jug ears gaggle are hoping that “climate change”, which is code in dog whistle for “Obama change you can believe in” is for the lofo morons that will fawn at his ankles no matter how fucked up things get because they have nowhere else to turn. A repudiation of any part of the Lefturd dogma and the whole house of bullshit comes tumbling down, which is exactly how it will end when it finally does.

  48. – …and to finish the thought, what they’re hoping is that climate change and various other parts of the manufactured narrative will live on after the Progs have lost all political power as such. All they care about is trying to find some way to remain relevent.

    – Just like with ObamaCare, where all they care about is not losing politically, and the moron flock doesn’t care about anything but whether its free or not. They will gladly sell their votes on tuesday for a freebee on Monday.

  49. can we do? white privilege = #putin

  50. let us attack putin via twitter. – by “lead from behind army”

  51. – Putin wouldn’t know a Progressive if he stepped on one and got it all over his shoe. If ever there was a group that has zero existance to the Eastern bloc its the Progs.

    – For Putin they and Bumblefuck might as well be invisable.

  52. give a commie some alinsky stuff

  53. smackdown match – putin vs alinsky. oh my

  54. there ain’t no “white guilt” in moscow

  55. – Russia is laughing at clown Bumblefuck, litterily.

  56. – The Progheads want to suppress Bossy. No prob, Oxford has a perfectly usable alternative, cuntish. Works for Moi.



    “So Far Away” Un-Staind, forevermore. That is all.

  58. I get the feeling that Putin views the Progressives of The West like Lenin viewed them: there to be Dupes – nothing more.

  59. bgbear.
    Start with the simple things first. Is it an OEM magazine and is it seating right? Is the buffer spring too strong? It won’t let the bolt complete its cycle. Does the bolt clear the hammer? Is the gas tube the right size? Correct ID and OD and length. Is the gas orifice partially clogged? Is the gas tube clogged or kinked?
    Eliminate the simple stuff.

  60. thanks, I never knew “simple” could be so complicated until I started reading and getting AR advice for this problem.

    I did some tweeking and checking with many of your suggestions, I need to get to the range or Idaho. I need time more than anything else ;)