March 14, 2014

100 Years of Rock Visualized [Darleen Click]

Click image to see the full interactive music graphic(via Concert Hotels).

Posted by Darleen @ 7:02pm

Comments (10)

  1. nah about 30 years – rip

  2. It’s bogus. No bagpipes.

  3. And thank god for that.

  4. *skirlble*

  5. Thank you fish, for answering leigh’s skirlous insult.

  6. 1985: Butthole Surfers and Sonic Youth. Left out of the chart. They need to put them in there (the former being acid punk and the latter being untempered art punk, of course.)

  7. I humbly dispute their choice of sound clip for ‘Art Rock’ (my all-time favorite genre). The Doors? Nah. I’d substitute this.

  8. Art Rock

    There is only one Art.

  9. Heh, sdferr. Another artful dodger.