March 14, 2014

“We nag you, because we love you.” [Darleen Click]

If said by a mother to any adult offspring, “love” is less the motive than “want to control.”

And the more precise statement, “We nag you because, you will do what we want, damn it” is the raison d’être of the Left, the “or else” implicit.

Yeah, this will make young adults jump to the loving arms of ObamaCare

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  1. Nagging doesn’t work. It’s like shouting. The shoutee quits listening as soon as the volume increases.

    These are Pajama Boi’s wimmin folk, yes?

  2. If they really loved me they wouldn’t make me feel so sympathetic to Norman Bates.

  3. That ersatz soothing (irritating harpy) baby music in the background is intended to remind the audience that these presumptuous asses think you’re all still in the crib, bringing these jennies back to a nostalgic time in their lives when they thought they had mastery over things. Better the world should leave them to their nightmares.

  4. Kinda bossy.

  5. Glossing over the fact that our federal government is now spending a lot of money and time competing with the Sham-Wow (and his pitch is better, ladies*), why should we listen to these moms?

    What do sweet stories about lil’ JLo and Jonah have to do with the vast majority of actors & musicians (who aren’t as successful as their kids) who cannot afford health insurance? This is like watching Candy Spelling lecture us on setting spending limits. Who are you to nag when you and yours are all set and you all helped elect the guy who’s responsible for millions of Americans becoming recently uninsured ?

    *Is it me, or does Michelle Obama nudging you to do something make you want to run out and do the opposite?

  6. These are Pajama Boi’s wimmin folk, yes?

    His mom is pictured here in this Obamacare ad.

  7. she looks like difi

  8. Damn naggers.

  9. useful idiot nagger lover

  10. No wonder Pajama Boi looks so fey.

  11. Obama wants you to feel like he has politicized your family to the point where he can tell them to shun you if he wants.

  12. The killer awoke before dawn
    He put his boots on
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    And he walked on down the hall
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  13. Well…all these Moms make an excellent case for repealing the 19th Amendment.

  14. As if every Presidential election since 1992 hadn’t.

  15. I should have written ‘make another in a long line of excellent cases‘.

    I stand corrected, even though I am sitting at the moment.

  16. “….which asks the entirely rhetorical question; “Is there a single redeeming quality to the public school system?”

  17. Fuck you, Mom.

    And anyway, you’re supposed to be dead.

  18. NOW we’re supposed to start listening to Mom?

  19. Lifecycle of the Individual Mandate so far:

    Penalty–>Tax–>Shared Responsibility Fee–>Nevermind (Obama redefines hardship exemption to apply for most ininsured) –> PENALTY!!

    During an interview with radio host Ryan Seacrest, Obama explained that young people might be charged a fine if they don’t get insured.

    “If you can afford it — you just decide you don’t want to get it because your attitude is ‘nothing’s ever going to happen to me’ — then you’ll be charged a penalty,” Obama explained.

  20. “If you can afford it — you just decide you don’t want to get it because your attitude is ‘nothing’s ever going to happen to me’ — then you’ll be charged a penalty,” Obama explained.

    – Because the Lefturds are ever on the vigil for a chance to punish the slightest show of individuality, real choice, or initiative. All of which are the mortal enemies of the hive mind.

  21. Think about how sad we’ll be when the death panel tells you that you can’t have that bypass surgery mom and you are put on a low cost palliative path. Calling Sarah Palin an idiot or Ted Cruz a terrorist won’t take the sting out of that at all. But what will be able to do? Who will Obama (or his successors) put in future commercials to keep this abomination locked around our throats, when it’s YOUR turn to be told to shut the fuck up and comply and stop being such a trouble maker? It didn’t have to be this way. We had so many chances to stop this. We still have more chances to stop this if you’d just stop listening to that idiot and his trained choir of lesser idiots, and actually joining them in their threats and increasingly implausible episodes of wish-casting. Et tu mama? Thus falls everyone.