March 12, 2014

The Ascendent Matriarchy: Who you callin’ “Bossy”, boy? [Darleen Click]

I’m not outraged but plainly bored by another instance of Left-feminist supremacy masquerading as Grrrl Power! or confidence building or blah blah blah.

And that the Girl Scouts have been co-opted by the Leftist march through institutions just sickens me. (I have very happy memories of years of hiking, camping, charity work, etc. Amazingly, not one field trip to Planned Parenthood or a craft project making earrings out of tampons.)

But I’d love to see Sandberg and Chavez square their …

“It’s time to end the gendered speech that discourages girls from an early age”

… censorship demand with:

h/t Badger Pundit via geoffb

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  1. Speaking of videos, I shot this footage of a female Downy Woodpecker in my front yard, right close to me.

    (It’s sideways because I can’t flip it without losing a lot of resolution.)

  2. di

    <3 Nice capture!

  3. Ooof, lean back! And ya may wanna slap a trigger warning on that video Dar. heh.

  4. My position on “bossy” is as follows:

    Women who could legitimately be called bossy can take care of such utterances, or they haven’t earned it.

    My wife is one such. And she actually calls herself bossy.

    I don’t use the word, myself. You wouldn’t dream of calling any man bossy, now, would you? But I am not really keen on denying other people the right to speak imprecisely.

    In short: fuck off, thought police!

  5. I like assertive women….they know what they want. You dont have to get all up in their head to figure things out…unless you enjoy that kinda thing. Just dont hand or leave me lists laying around …thats taking it a bit too far.

  6. I had just finished reading this by Rachel Lu

    The Tolstoyan Compromise

    At the heart of the work-family quandary is a problem of over-commitment. It is difficult to enlist women wholeheartedly in the project of raising families if they are simultaneously pursuing demanding professional goals. The most obvious way to solve such a dilemma is through the diversification of labor, and ideally, that diversification should play to everyone’s strengths. This leads us to what I term “the Tolstoyan Compromise.” Because conservatives tend to be strong believers in gender complementarity, they are often attracted to a strict gender-role-based resolution to the work-family problem.

    The key to this solution lies in the claim that the sexes have different talents and are attracted to different sorts of goods. I coined the term “Tolstoyan Compromise” because the novels of Leo Tolstoy show roughly the pattern that most conservatives would like this gender differentiation to take. Tolstoy lost his mother at a young age, and for him, true feminine fulfillment is always found in maternity.

    In War and Peace, Natasha Rostov marks her transition from girlhood to womanhood by a loss of physical beauty and the abandonment of her musical talents; these youthful pursuits are mere preliminaries to her true and proper role as a mother. The same theme is made still more explicit in the short story Family Happiness, in which the female protagonist learns to eschew participation in civil society (which was once a source of real pleasure to her) through the realization that real feminine happiness is found in the family. Tolstoy’s male characters find their bliss in the perfection of rationality, through philosophy and art and the attainment of broad understanding. For women, nurturing is always the true calling.

    The most unfortunate element of the Tolstoyan Compromise is also the thing that would make it most toxic in the political sphere. If we stipulate that a woman’s true bliss is found only in maternity, it would seem to follow that girls who aspire to anything else are disordered. And, looking at the lives of talented women who give up ambitious goals for the sake of their families, it becomes natural to see this just as a salutary learning experience for the woman herself, and not as a real sacrifice. My anecdotal experience would suggest that some religious conservatives do see the world that way, but quite obviously, Republicans will not endear themselves to women if they start making claims of this kind.

    As usual, we have two points on a fulcrum (the see saw effect) and somewhere in between is a happy medium. Rachel Lu presents that I’m thinking.

  7. The problem isn’t that women can be decisive — being decisive is a good thing. It’s that the people from whom many of them learned how to communicate may not have been decisive people.

    There have been decisive, assertive women since time immemorial, so it’s not even as if the only people from whom they could learn to communicate effectively are men. There is just as much a female component to the “gender roles” peer pressure as male, and postmodern feminism is mired in it because truly decisive women tend to reach the same conclusions about important matters as men do.

  8. I’ve got a niece for whom “bossy” just doesn’t cut it. She’s a straight up hardass. The world is lucky she’s a good girl.

  9. Ban Bossy’ campaign started by Hillary Clinton donor — ahead of 2016 run

  10. They are not about banning the behavior. That is being enabled. This is only about banning the word used to describe it.

  11. You want bossy? Okay: Shut up and carry my books.

  12. “You wouldn’t dream of calling any man bossy, now, would you?”

    If he were irritating enough and could not take hints then it just might happen.

  13. “decisive, assertive women”

    Bossy isn’t about being decisive or assertive. It’s about being over assertive and self entitled and compulsively pretending to levels of authority, expertise, relevance, and cooperation that they have not earned or been granted.

    Leaders lead; they jump in and get started and people fall in to help. Bosses pay for their authority and sit in a bullpen in case their hirelings need clarifications or advice. Bossy just brings frowns.

  14. I always thought that the word meant, nowadays, someone who was always ordering other people around, telling them what to do, say, think. One whose authority, ability or right to do so was not acknowledged by those who were being bossed around. A verbal bully whose demands are backed by verbal abuse, as opposed to a physically threatening bully whose demands are backed by physical force.

    When I was young it was the common name for a cow like “Dobbin” was for a horse.

  15. ya may wanna slap a trigger warning on that video

    Holy cow on a crucifix. I have no idea how anyone with an active mind and a purpose in life can sit through four years of liberal arts education. I’d sooner go to a trade school for HVAC installation and maintenance. Useful and remunerative.

  16. Or what palaeomerus said just before me.

  17. Bossy does not equal leadership, and it’s not inherently a good or acceptable behavior. When it comes to bossy little girls, I think of a few of my grade school classmates who always appointed themselves the responsibility for organizing or managing everything, spouting endless orders or rules while the rest of us just wanted to play the game or do the project.

    So now kids aren’t allowed to call out these bossy-pants for fear of hurting their feelings? Bah! Better they hear it when they’re young than grow up to be like FLOTUS, running around telling everyone how to feed their children, stay in shape (dance to Beyonce, reall?), food shop, get health insurance, etc. Come to think of it, our federal government has become terribly bossy.

  18. Said it before, the Left’s vision of mankind’s future is an ant colony.

    I like offending untold numbers of women by using the word “mankind.”

  19. My grandparents used to call their cows “Bossy,” until one of the heifers hired an ACLU lawyer.

  20. Nice catch about Cankles, geoffb

  21. Bossy isn’t about being decisive or assertive. It’s about being over assertive and self entitled and compulsively pretending to levels of authority, expertise, relevance, and cooperation that they have not earned or been granted.

    Which I would understand to refer to people who never learned how to communicate assertively. There’s a window they may be aiming for, but their shots keep flying over the building and hitting pedestrians on the next street.

    If they could get their shots through the window they could be leaders.

  22. palaeomerus, geoffb, and libby all made the same point I have been making concerning the subject.

    I also was thinking that boys don’t get called bossy much because bossy boys who show no actual leadership ability are usually ignored by other kids(or beat up if they are really annoying).

  23. bitchy, bossy, assertive, decisive, WTF ever, if you need something done right away just let me know in a nice tone and a tight skirt and I will be more likely to feel better about it.

  24. A growing majority of undergrads are women and we’re worried about hurting the feelings of females?

    I don’t want to call these women man-haters, but if the dominatrix stiletto fits…

  25. As long as they don’t ban “fucking idiot”.

  26. I’m thinking that the word they really want to ban is “bitch” but then they couldn’t use the Girl Scouts to carry out the campaign.

  27. I had the same thought libby

  28. I liked the comment that came from the WSJ comment pool. It was something like: These women could amuse themselves by complaining about the “privilege” of the white man changing the oil on their $50,000 SUVs for $12.50 an hour.

    I’d look it up, but there were many pages of comments.

  29. hillarity 2016 – the bossy bitch

  30. Maybe instead of trying to ban bossy they should just embrace bitch.

    It’s done wonders for slut.

  31. This whole thing is showing women are manipulative, not bossy.

    Insty has an item this morning. The largest proponent of this nonsense is onetime big Hillary Clinton supporter. Big. Time. Supporter. Hillary Clinton’s biggest negative is she polls as bossy. Bossy the Cow. Bossy cow bitch. Bossy-bos-cow bitch who doesn’t care about peoples’ feelers.

    This is a problem to overcome.

    This whole thing is groundwork to make it wrong to call someone bossy. And that’s just more straight up bossy bullshit bossily bossing peoples’s language around. The correct answer, “fuck off, bossy bitch cow. Leave me alone cow. Bossy bos bitch.” Are all Democrats bosses?

    I had a guy hanging around here a lot. Back and forth all the time. Turns out a bit bossy. I respond negatively to that at each instance. I. do. not. care. for. that. and say so each time. Then an instance occurs where I’m told what not to do and what to do in the same sentence ))) ding ((( Well. There’s the bell, that means an end has come to all that.

    Apologies to all fine women who are nice and not manipulative and probably not involved in politics.

  32. i named my kids -2 kids-Fannie and Freddie…one is..bossy…but I forget which one…they both wear dresses… about that Mike Bossy!

  33. bossy is number 2…my comp crashed…i’m so excited…who’s number one..–zsOdP-E

  34. Dicentra, I’ll be in SLC for a few days. Does that birdie mean that Spring has sprung?

  35. #BanBossy: yett another manifestation of ascendant Leftists’ desires to CONTROL every little thing they want to see changed. BAN this, STOP that, BOYCOTT the rest. If it’s really popular, then TAX it out of existence. From common words, to cigarettes, to guns, to Rush Limbaugh, to 32 oz sodas, to God; all of these need controlling. For starters.

    None of their manipulations check positive for freedom.

    There’s just not enough swordfish in the oceans to properly satisfy all of ’em.

  36. grrls scouts are lebo/fag crime syndicate

  37. di, there’s a trick to rotating your video without re-encoding and losing quality. You’ll have to get it in mp4 format first…

  38. You’re so vain, I’ll bet you think this song is about you

  39. the thing is it is it’s all about me

  40. So Ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine are all upset that bossy pro-Ukrainian protesters keep bashing their heads into Ethnic Russians’ iron-bars and cudgels. It’s the damnedest thing . . so damnable is it, that those Ethnic Russians are in dire need of rescue from the bloody situation they have no part in causing, but is caused on account of the bossy-others.

    Ethnic Russians elsewhere — like Estonia, Lithuania and Moldova — are starting to take notice hoping the bossy-otherers nearby them don’t decide to start bashing their heads into Estonian, Lithuanian and Moldovan Ethnic Russians’ own iron-bars and cudgels. That would be a disaster.

  41. Said it before, the Left’s vision of mankind’s future is an ant colony.

    I like offending untold numbers of women by using the word “mankind.”

    Drop the “femi” and add “commu”….