March 11, 2014

Progress Texas Democrats bring the creepy to an anti-Abbott ad [Darleen Click]


Gregg Abbott has been a paraplegic for 30 years and uses a wheelchair. Exactly who were the soul-dead poltroons who conceived and approved photoshopping Abbot as standing?

And not just standing, but towering over a small, melanin-enriched woman?

Just so wrong.

h/t Red State

Posted by Darleen @ 8:06pm

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  1. she looks like she *way* bad covets his piggy bank

    bitch wants that piggy bank SO bad

    look at her face

    my goodness bitch needs to keep it together

  2. Her Ten Commandments don’t go up to ten.

    That’s why Lefties hate the T.C. — that last one is like throwing holy water on a vampire.

  3. So the Big Piggy represents a better salary, supposedly unearned but given to a Fiend of the Patriarchy. The sidelong glare from the short-haired gal with the smallish piggy and the bad haircut represents Leftists’ pained and miserable lives; mostly spent regretting their own insubstantial standings and their inability to fondle their little Piggy and just be happy.

  4. should i pay big$ for /to see barry gibb..death tour? or rent a wheelchair?..cuz i heard u got wheelchair..there’s a special wheelchair section….but no dancing…wheelchair dancing

  5. C’mon, it’s truthy!

  6. sharia sez no piggies. proggtard fail.

  7. Exactly who were the soul-dead poltroons who conceived and approved photoshopping Abbot as standing?

    I’m just guessing of course, but it’s a well-known fact that Joe Biden is a poltroon; and while it isn’t known, it’s probably a safe bet that his soul is a least sleepy.

  8. compare and contrast

    Minyon Moore, a close Clinton confidant, has been connected to the guilty plea of businessman Jeffrey Thompson, who admitted to federal prosecutors that he made $3.3 million in illegal campaign contributions. Court papers allege that Moore had asked him to pay for pro-Clinton efforts in Puerto Rico and four states,

    oh another minyon

    Rep. Greg Walden, the Energy and Commerce subcommittee chairman for Communications and Technology, worries that the FCC’s recent decision to pull a controversial study on how newsrooms decide which stories to report won’t be the end of the matter.
    “I think we caught them on this one. They were well down the path before we got wind of it. They’d already hired the firm, they’d already begun the process, they’d already picked the market,” the Oregon Republican said.

    Walden said he intends to pursue answers to several outstanding questions involving the “Critical Information Needs” (CIN) study.

    For example, Walden wants to know why the pilot study was going to take place in Columbia, S.C., noting that then-FCC Acting Chairperson Mignon Clyburn approved the CIN study.

    Mignon Clyburn is the daughter of high-ranking Democratic South Carolina Rep. Jim Clyburn, who represents Columbia.

    Read more:

  9. I’m guessing the dykeish look of Lil’ Insubstantial Piggy’s face is representative of Wendy Davis’ (#TeamWendy = #TeamAbortion) madcap supporters?

    Why on Earth should they need worry that they would be denied an abortion? Doesn’t needing an abortion mean that someone actually cared enough to knock them up in the first place ?

  10. stupid people gay names

  11. coat hanger nation – wendy

  12. @ havel page 105

    The problem of conformity and non-conformity, position and
    opposition, consent and dissent, exists solely because there are
    socio-political differences in society and differences in power, which
    in turn have differing degrees of privilege attached to them. As I
    understand it, privilege, which in some instances overlaps with
    power, means the ability to act and attain certain goals. Privilege
    can correspond with the political establishment, in which case it is a
    conforming privilege. To be the son of a government official and
    thus be guaranteed the right to a university education is to enjoy
    conformist privilege, one that is positive in that one attains a good
    position in society but negative in that one forfeits true individuality.
    Non-conformist privilege is associated with membership in the
    underground or political opposition. Measured by general standards,
    this brings a low level of social prestige but a large degree of
    social individuality, independence and authenticity. Everyone is
    free to choose which category of privilege they consider sufficient
    for their lives. Individuals who have decided to lead lives consistent
    with their own moral sense will, in the deprived totalitarian society,
    lean unequivocally towards non-conformist privilege. In doing so,
    they will be exposed to many difficulties and stumbling blocks in
    practical life, but their approach will be characterized by openness,
    seeking, self-confidence, conviction, a free critical sense, selfcriticism
    and even a smiling self-irony, all factors not to be taken
    lightly in the preservation of one’s sanity under the constant barrage
    of threats from the authorities.

    effin commies doing “priviledge” in the ’70’s

  13. Maybe she is intimidated that his penis is bigger than her clitoris.

  14. One bad-form pshop deserves another, eh? )

  15. So is she the OTHER Texas Attourney General who unjustly isn’t payed as well as the one everybody elected? It’s supposed to be about equal pay for equal work not some random person jealously realizing that “I don’t get paid an Attorney General’s salary because nobody elected me for three four year terms in a row, and that’s just totally super-WRONG-O!! Fix this Wendy Davis! Despite the fact that the Governor has nothing whatsoever to do with setting the Attorney General’s salary in Texas…”

  16. “I’m just guessing of course, but it’s a well-known fact that Joe Biden is a poltroon; and while it isn’t known, it’s probably a safe bet that his soul is a least sleepy.”

    Joe Biden has a clip-on soul made of genuine virgin polyester.

  17. Why won’t Greg Abbot agree to let this woman get paid as if she was the Texas Attorney General too? Is it because he hates women? Stand up if you hate women Greg! If Wendy Davis were governor then Wanna-be Attorney Generals would get big ceramic pigs of their own, even if they were women who aren’t Texas Attorney General. Because Justice thing feelings.

  18. He’s not standing – he’s sitting in his wheelchair.

    If you look closely, you can see that the woman – who appears to be at least six inches shorter than the wheelchair-bound Abbott – is also sitting in a wheelchair.

    However, being non-white, she may only possess the smaller and cheaper “coloreds’ ” wheelchair model. It’s about four inches shorter than the standard model, plus the wheels don’t actually turn.

    Abbott has the “Deluxe White Oligarch” model of wheelchair. It’s two inches higher than the standard model; its built-in weapons systems were designed by Tony Stark and automatically target on any nearby non-whites.

    His rich white man’s wheelchair is just one of the many totems of his privilege.

  19. The very notion of an “Equal Pay Act” is based on the conceit that government can decide whether the work two people are doing is “equal”.

    The people who insist there is inequity between what women and men are paid commit several errors.

    They compare what women are paid to do jobs dominated by women like schoolteacher and office clerk against jobs dominated by men like collecting garbage and catching crab on the Bering Sea. Women simply are not willing and able to endure the physical demands of the higher-paying jobs in the same numbers as men are. But saying that is seeeeexist, so we aren’t supposed to take that into account. Women more highly value working limited hours in comfortable working conditions close to home so that they have time for their families and friends.

    They refuse to recognize that the distribution of ability is not the same in women and men. The mean IQ of men is only a few points higher than that of women (given a man and woman at random, there’s a 45% chance the woman has a higher IQ), but the standard deviation is much higher. That means that there are both more male idiots and geniuses than female of each category. There are a lot of women in the 90-120 range who are comfortable in jobs through the middle management level, but for highly-demanding jobs that require people several sigmas above the mean, there are significantly more men than women.

    In virtually every measurable characteristic, there is more variation among men than women. The heights of fully-grown women are also more closely clustered around their mean than those of men. There are logical reasons why evolution (which the proggs claim to believe) would allow males to vary more than females, but according to the Unified Field Theory of Leftism, we are not allowed to notice any statistical differences between protected and unprotected groups (other than those that can be spun to make the protected groups superior to the unprotected).

    If facts are seeeeexist, raaaaacist, or homophooooobic, we may not express them. Therefore, if a protected group’s income is lower than an unprotected group, there can’t be any other possible reason than discrimination.

  20. Damn, these morons couldn’t even do a decent photoshop. Why is his head abnormally big?

  21. Why is his head abnormally big?

    White privilege.

  22. There goes The Monster with his white man’s logic again.

  23. I am surprised they made both pigs white.

    Also, aren’t most piggy banks pink?

  24. Whatever happened to the euphemism “comparable worth”? That was the phrase formerly applied to the pursuit Monster describes, because “equal pay” would have been understood as useful only in comparing apples and apples.

    I guess the fundamental transformation of the language has progressed somewhat since the ’70s.

  25. Sometimes I say that “I am underworked and overpaid” just because I think someone should say it every once in awhile.

  26. Progressives just dont understand….He can support a bigger piggy because he has bigger wheels and a lift on his chair. You got to jack your shit up in Tejas…and wimins cant be climbing up in no big rigs, well at least not with out those step things.
    That, and its like the ACA is …now. Its all about on what you choose to spend your money. If she hadnt spent the money on that necklace and earrings maybe her bank would be larger.

  27. She doesn’t look like she wants a bigger pig. She just wishes his pig was smaller.

  28. She doesn’t look like she wants a bigger pig. She just wishes his pig was smaller.

    Definition of envy.