March 11, 2014

“Judge Jeanine answers the question: Did Obama lie to get into the White House?”

Or maybe a better title would be “Judge Jeanine bracing for future IRS investigations into her entire life”.

But from what I can tell about her, she seems to be someone who keeps her receipts neatly organized.  So she’s got that going for her.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:57pm

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  1. If the investigation is long lasting and thorough, I’d bet lots of malfeasance will be uncovered. Put Gowdy on it…he’ll sniff it out like a bloodhound!

  2. Jeff, watched the video. I was struck by the difference in the demeanor of Obama when Obama was debating Romney versus the statement from Obama about “standing with Ukraine.”

    In the debate, Obama obviously thought he had the upper hand and was every bit the snide bullying Chicago pol we’ve come to know and loath. Whereas Obama’s Ukraine statement was perfunctory, at best.

  3. If you don’t think that they can find a reason to send anyone to prison, you haven’t been paying attention.

  4. So for present purposes, we might say in place of the Judge’s “contract” the civil society, and draw the proper conclusion: the civil society is over. Done.

    With it, so dies the United States of America, which could not live without the civil society.

    Which is the end which was desired by the political left. Now having achieved that end, what is next? Tocqueville taught us (and himself).

    Of course, Tocqueville’s astounding insight into the democratic soft-tyranny isn’t next! It is already here.

    But if we pick up where Tocqueville was forced to leave off?

    We ask: What is next? What will we teach the future (and ourselves) as we discover this new ground?