March 5, 2014

“Facebook cracks down on gun posts, sales”

Hey, isn’t that Facebook guy one of the investors behind the whole “conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform” movement?

Guess that means the “new conservatism,” in addition to promoting cheap labor at the expense of an already depleted job market; and creating new Democratic voting constituencies to turn, by design, red states into purple states into blue states into welfare states, is now for suppression of speech targeted at those who haven’t broken any laws.

And of course, removing social issues from campaigns, while pandering to ethnic pressure groups.


Posted by Jeff G. @ 2:04pm

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  1. I thought Zuckerberg was a hunter too.

  2. Facebook has released their statement on the effort by anti-gun groups to ban speech & photos by gun owners. The other side is going to declare a win because they are recognized by Facebook for their efforts. In reality, the only impact is that if a post gets “reported” as being any kind of regulated product (not just firearms) for sale, the poster will be reminded that they should follow applicable laws.
    That’s it. Facebook will pop up a message reminding you that you should follow the law if you post a gun for sale and someone complains to them about it. They won’t ban the speech. They won’t ban the images. They won’t even ban promotions of guns for sale at all.


  3. Doesn’t matter. I’ve had enough of Zuckbook on general principles.

  4. He looks like a jerky weasel because he is a jerky weasel.

  5. newrouter,

    I was just about to post that very link. Like the article said – pyrrhic victory at best.

  6. Give this woman an cheroot!

    RT Anchor Resigns on Air because she can’t be a part of Russian oppression.

  7. And here’s your moral outrage for the day, public schools are institutionalized child abuse edition:

    A St. Paul high school left a student standing outside for ten minutes last week, in sub-freezing Minnesota February temperatures, wet and wearing only a swimsuit.

    The bureaucratic-minded jackasses responsible for this ought to be waterboarded in Lake Minnetonka.

  8. I just watched a video of Jonah Goldberg talking at Boulder. He still says some good stuff. I hope he eventually realizes that he leans pragmatic even though he thinks he doesn’t.

    I’m not holding my breath.

    Nighty-nite everyone.

  9. – Obamas job approval drops 4 points just since Nov, now stands at 38%.

    – Putins next “Fuck you” to Jug ears – a reforendum to add the Crimea back into the motherland.

    – The question no one, particularly Demorats or Proggies, seem to be able to answer: “What is Hillarys biggext achievement as SecState?”

  10. At this point, what does it matter.

  11. “Hillary’s biggest achievement as Secretary of State? Well, she was the first woman to hold that position!”

    “No, Madeleine Albright was.”

    “Albright was a woman? Um, if you say so…”

    “And then there was Condoleezza Rice.”

    “Well, she doesn’t count, for obvious reasons.”

  12. So she was the first “real” woman to hold the position?

  13. And to get back to the topic of guns and gun control…

    A Connecticut citizen facing his elected representatives and telling them, point blank, “I will not comply with this unconstitutional law.” One of the politicians drones on for a bit, but don’t lose interest, because the best part is at the end.

  14. So guns are legal, but now Facebook is cracking down on gun-related content, Paypal won’t support gun sales, and Bank of America doesn’t want to do business with gun-related businesses. I guess this is just Obama’s America, where have rights in theory but less so in practice.

  15. We need a new big government agency to tell these corporations to leave us gun owners alone ;)

  16. I wouldn’t say Facebook is effectively cracking down on gun-related content. Just look at Michael Z. Williamson’s wall. It’s mostly about guns.

    Case in point:

  17. Maybe not mostly. But a lot.

  18. You can even like Machine Guns on Facebook:

    Today, anyway.

  19. Heck, I enter contests to win guns on FB all the time.

    I’m trying my damnedest to stay on that watch list.

  20. bgbear, we can call it “Firearms, Alcohol and Tobacco” or something.

  21. In case you were jonesing for it, #LoisLernerMovieTitles

  22. Oh man, this post just now provoked one those chains of connectivitahs beginning with how much I’m starting to really dislike this guy based mostly on his parlaying undeserved power that comes with undeserved money into whacked political positions. I rightfully should hold nothing against him but I do. The undeserved part. I’ve seen this before a couple times and it matches things others said then and now I’m feeling it.

    I bet the original guys who said something on similar cases are really feeling it with Zuckerberg.

    I was sitting at a little table on a balcony of a 12th floor apartment (It think 12th) on the north edge of Cheesman. The entire floor. Originally they guy bought 1/2 floor, paid for redesign, then the other half became available, bought that, redesigned, so there we were broken up throughout the whole place scattered throughout, a small band of us gathered on one of the four or so balconies that go around the whole building. A table of pretzels and cheese or some shit. This guy who I do not know very well delivered a bitter complaint based on jealousy about millions falling into the condominium owner’s hands by virtue of lucky position and lucky opportunity and lucky investment, other than that just a regular bloke, an uninteresting accountant.

    I was surprised, shocked actually, that someone I don’t know well would be so candid. So ungracious toward their host. Show jealousy about another person’s income however they got it. Instead of being happy for another’s good luck, like winning the lottery.

    [The thing that made the mental connection is I just sent this person a condolence card, one that I made and it came out very nice too. As I said, we do not know each other that well, so receiving such a thing might be a bit of a jolt.]

    And the other thing is a strange guy that I know by way of discussing science fiction, a phase I went through gobbling up the good ones, I’d run into this guy, a friend of a friend, and whenever he veered off science fiction and onto his plan of taking his quark program to market he became the most boring person on earth. Crushingly boring. Same thing. Somebody else remarked ungraciously an unexpectedly at an inappropriate time that bizarre good fortune couldn’t have happened to a less deserving guy.