March 5, 2014

“Issa: Contempt Citation Against Lerner ‘Has to Be Considered’ “

Or, “the buck stops there.”

Convenient.  But hardly enough.  I’m telling you, the GOP establishment would be exposed as complicit — either by commission or omission — in any serious independent investigation. Which is why we will never get one.

We’ll get a few sacrificial lambs.  And then be told justice was served. So it’s time to Move On and Shut Up, or else risk being “unhelpful” yet again.

This is who they all are.  This is what they all do.

But honestly, can there really be that many people left who this is fooling?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:32am

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  1. For some reason I’m brought ever and anon back to the same conclusion: Impeach. This is not a close call. But no, more worming around by no less than worms.

  2. This is what our power-addict rulers are doing to the Constitution. Carve off a measure they like making to their one-time profit (5th Amendment! Lovely, we’ll have some of that!), and ignore the remainder to death.

  3. Actually, the buck stops with Eric Holder, who will probably use it to wipe his ass.

  4. Surely the dog-boy-gang is going to pipe up soon, warning against the use of buck in certain contexts.

  5. And be careful about using the word “serve,” you slavery-resurrecting cracker!

  6. Are there any history majors hereon that can tell us if anyone else has taken the 5th during a Congressional “investigation” and if so what where the implications?
    I am certain that Cummings was upset because he had Admin talking points queued up such as …”Ms. Lerner are you currently unable to enjoy your retirement from civil service because you fear for your life due to threats from misguided, racist tea party members?”

  7. Apparently, SCOTUS has never weighed in on the matter. (See Pg 62 of the doc/Pg 64 of the PDF)

    Taking the Fifth is valid, but the question here is whether she waived it by making a statement/providing testimony the first time around.

  8. As far as I know, L.L. is the 1st person to testify before asserting her right not to testify in front of Congress.

  9. Ms. Lerner “fears for her life”?

    Okay. We can take her into protective custody in the jailhouse of her choice.

  10. But honestly, can there really be that many people left who this is fooling?

    I’m gonna start with 52% of the electorate. Yes, it’s a low ball estimate.

  11. Fears for her life is merely sand in your eyes. You’ll be wanting to get that out very soon on account of the possibility of permanent damage.

  12. And be careful about using the word “serve,” you slavery-resurrecting cracker!

    I am surprised Elijah Cummings or one of the other Congressional Black Commiecrats didn’t try that, although Cummings’ attempted filibuster was amusing.

    I am beginning to think we need Star Chambers again. Lois Lerner so needs to be stripped and flogged. It would make greater ratings for C-Span, anyway.

  13. But frankly, Mr. Issa was correct to gut the hearing short if it would get nowhere. Lerner wasn’t going to testify and the Commiecrats and their media apparatchiks were poised to spoil the hearing anyway.

  14. And be careful about using the word “serve,” you slavery-resurrecting cracker

    Skyuze me?

    The proper term is Saltine-American.

  15. Cummings was creating a sideshow distraction because it’s very likely he was part of it. True the Vote received harassing lettersdirectly from Cummings demanding information from them (just like Lerner), sometimes within hours of him mugging for the cameras and denouncing their organization.

  16. I urge again that you all look at this old New York Times article from August 7, 2008. It’s all already there, for god’s sake.

  17. “I am beginning to think we need Star Chambers again.”

    Guess what? You’ll probably get them. Just not how you pictured them. Good and hard.

  18. Guess what? You’ll probably get them. Just not how you pictured them. Good and hard.

    Sadly, yes. The Commiecrats already have it in the works.

    I am wondering (despairing would be a better term) that it has come to the point where we have to beat them to the punch and put them in said chambers first. We have the guns after all….

  19. L.L. email from 2/1/11. IRS hearing exhibit via Greta on Fox News.

  20. Are the pipes and silverware in Washington DC made of lead ? Or possibly a solid form of LSD?

  21. Lerner is a partisan government hack who’s been exceeding her authority to harass citizens for a while. While I highly doubt she was the originator of this IRS activity, there’s a reason she was chosen to carry it out (and her fingerprints are all over it). For this reason alone I hope she is not given immunity.

    While at the FEC in the 90’s, she went so far as to ask for the contents of peoples prayers during a deposition:

  22. Yet it can’t be some isolated circumstance in D.C. that’s determinative, since if the condition doesn’t exist everywhere else, what has prevented the unaffected from swarming into the Capital city to squash the nutter-bugs and thereby save themselves?

  23. – The Commiecrats have really mastered the art of stepping on their own cranks. Love the smell of exploding Proggie heads in the morning.

    – As I’ve said a few times before on this forum, I’m not at all unhappy with the turn of events of this past 5 years, given the basically enevitable change of parties that seems to happen more or less every 8 years.

    – The Commiecrats have risen to their full level of incompetence, and even better, the GOP has been exposed for what they really are; Commiecrats lite.

    Whats not to like?

  24. who’s on first…what’s on second..i don’t know is on third..bobby orr is fourth…lois lerner is 5th….

  25. Whats not to like?

    Other than the real world consequences of that incompetence you mean?

  26. An NBC news report referred to Lerner as “a former IRS official targeted by Republicans.” As the story fades into history, I believe some parties are hoping that the “targeting” associated with the scandal will adhere to Republicans and not the IRS.


  27. There is no NBC but MSNBC.

  28. – The Hildebeast is standing tough on her Putin “Hitler” remarks, because thats just how she rolls. Of course everything she does from now til ’16 that shows any sort of leadership skills or balls just serves to underscore what a pussy boi jug ears is, but knowing how the Clintonestas really feel about the Wance and his cadre of dimwits, thats a feature. The more she does in a positive light the tougher it will be for the Left to put a pretty face on the Obama legacy pig.

  29. As the story fades into history…

    – Do you honestly think that even the little czar and his legion of bs artists are going to be able to weather ALL these scandals for three more years. Just today a number of the Benghazi deads families are demanding judicial hearings of Bumblefuck appointees that have been kept hidden so far.

    – I don’t think they’ll be able to keep all the balls in the air, and once one falls I’d bet that it will all come tumbling down as the fuckers all scramble to save their skins with plea deals. The Dems, and more particularly the Progs, do not have a good record of loyalty when their necks are on the line.

  30. I hear ya, bbh. But I can’t help but feel I’ve heard this all before. Probably the last time a Democrat was in the White House.

  31. “But honestly, can there really be that many people left who this is fooling?”

    Uh, yes. In fact an inexhaustible supply of them.

  32. So, did anybody notice that there’s another CPAC going on? Oh goody!: more happy happy joy joy values-talk; more spinning webs of culture-jawjaw; a new parade of shadows for the captives to study upon on the cave wall. Isn’t tedium fun while the nation crumbles?

  33. *burble*

  34. Anybody notice how the radio ad for Noah: The Movie makes disclaimers and yet asserts the movie is consonant with the values of the Biblical story? Yeah. That’s what we can call pervasive. Or, using another word for it, unexamined.

  35. Noah: The Movie
    I think the vampire romance aspect was a bit gratuitous.

  36. I never did figure out how the high-speed boat chase advanced the plot.

  37. I’m sure it is consonant with the values of the Biblical story

    just not the moral.

  38. If I had a point, I’d suggest that it goes to anachronism — word out of place. But then, the Bible being dead letter, surely can’t stand up and talk back.

  39. Algore ought to be blasting the movie. According to the trailer it has Noah saying the disaster can be survived, not averted.

  40. Sdferr, do you mean to tell me the Bible isn’t a living document???!?!
    Must mean it has to be interpreted as written.

  41. Partly, yep, RI. But also to point back to the “wherefrom?” of our blessed and happy word ‘value’, somewhat distantly to its rise in the energetic work of the hammerer of the revaluation of all values, who too, told us of the death of God, and then more proximately as the darling word of the late 19th century and early 20th sociologists, followers of the hammerer, who thought they would lead us into the scientific promised land, even if they could not accompany us. I just wish modern believers could stop to consider exactly what it is they are consorting with.

  42. “And be careful about using the word “serve,” you slavery-resurrecting cracker! ”

    It’s a cookbook! -> It’s an iOS recipe app!

  43. commie news

    Bernie Sanders: ‘I Am Prepared to Run for President of the United States’

    “The Nation”, like “Mother Jones”, can either make you laugh hysterically, or cry. The writers AND the readers are still dealing with all the undigested Soviet and Sandinista jizz they fellated back in the day.

    Have you ever looked back two or three decades at various news and commentary magazines as to how spot-on or utterly wrong they turned out to be? The lamestream media like Time or USNWR sometimes hit, more often miss, but they don’t cling. The Nation actually *clings* to a Soviet past.