March 3, 2014

“Obama: Let’s spend more on roads and bridges”

Because spending cures all!

If no one else is going to say it, I will: the only thing shovel-ready about this guy’s boondoggles is all the bullshit he piles up trying to sell them.

That this country didn’t vote him out of office — due in large part to the GOP’s efforts to win only with one of their own corporatist big government establishment candidates, or else play the role of “loyal opposition” to the Democrats, even though they are more collaborators than adversaries (as Nancy Pelosi and many “center-rightists” have let slip over the last few years, bemoaning the move of constitutionalists into the oasis of statism, the Capitol, where they have no right trotting in their cut-rate shoes with their populist principles) — is one of the low points in the history of ever.

And yeah, that includes dinosaur extinctions, ice ages, and the constant renewals of “Two-and-a-Half Men.”

I can barely bring myself to look any self-identified Obama supporter in the eye these day for fear that I may catch the self-serving, blind idiocy and cult worship that seeps from their pores like some sort of Marxist toxin.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:54am

Comments (3)

  1. Let’s repeal Obamacare, muzzle the regulatory state, develop domestic energy (real energy, not green wishful thinking energy) sources, lower tax rates –especially corporate rates– and impose some spending discipline on the budget –oh wait, we don’t have one.

    Then we might have some extra scratch to spend on roads and bridges.

    (Apologies in advance for summoning stevereeno from the bowels of Cluthulu)

  2. The reputed remarks of Chesty Puller at Chosin come to mind: “We’ve been looking for the enemy for some time now. We’ve finally found him. We’re surrounded. That simplifies things.”

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