March 1, 2014

Putin to Obama: I drink your milkshake cocktail! [Darleen Click]


Putin has the measure of Obama who on Friday sniveled out an empty threat that “there will be consequences” for a military intervention in the Ukraine.

As as the tanks rolled

The Obama administration has responded, so far, in a manner that is pathetic even by its own standards. After issuing stern warnings to Russia not to invade Crimea, the administration, confronted with the actual presence of Russian troops on the ground, philosophized about whether it was really an invasion, suggesting that a more apt term might be an “uncontested arrival.” Former chess champion Garry Kasparov reacted with stunned indignation:

President Obama himself, having delivered a limp warning to Vladimir Putin, decamped for a meeting of the Democratic National Committee, where he told a cheering crowd: “Well, it’s Friday, it’s after 5:00. So this is officially happy hour with the Democratic Party.”

Happy hour Friday night, and by this morning, the Russian Parliament has give Putin permission to use the military. And not just in the Crimea

The Russian parliament unanimously voted Saturday to grant President Vladimir Putin permission to mobilize the country’s military in Ukraine and asked that the country’s ambassador in Washington be recalled after earlier statements by President Obama.

Putin says the move is needed to protect ethnic Russians [shades of Sudetenland … ed.] and the personnel of a Russian military base in Ukraine’s strategic region of Crimea. But the request came a day after Obama warned Moscow that “there will be costs” if it intervenes militarily in Ukraine. […]

The move also appears to formalize what Ukrainian officials described as an ongoing deployment of Russian troops in the strategic region of Crimea. His motion loosely refers to the “territory of Ukraine” rather than specifically to Crimea, raising the possibility that Moscow could use military force in other Russian-speaking provinces in eastern and southern Ukraine where many oppose the new authorities in Kiev.

Peace! In our time!

(thanks Pablo)

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  1. Like it wasn’t just about the Sudetenland in 1938, this isn’t just about Crimea.

  2. Whoops. The rest of my post:

    Czar Vlad has every intention of reconstituting the old Soviet Empire, and he knows full well no one in the West has any intention of opposing him.

  3. If Putin has the measure of ValJar, Barky, and Co. he knows he couldn’t have better allies.

  4. Brits made merciless fun of First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill before Germany invaded Poland.

    If they had thought of it, they would have had an impersonator depict Churchill saying, “I can see Germany from my flat.”

  5. – McGehee, you might say the Progressives have made a mockery of our foriegn policy, or you might just say Bumblefuck and his cult of peronality useful idiots are true dyed in the wool morons.

  6. You could say both I think.

  7. – Over at HuffNPoop, (we brave the insanity of the star chamber so you won’t have to), out of about 525 comments thus far to a post entitled “Putin escalates”, not a single mention of Bumblefuck. Its all about “we should avoid conflict at any cost”. Every time Jug ears issues one of his famous limp-dick “warnings” and it gets ignored he suddenly dissappears so the Proggies don’t have to even talk about his lame half black ass. Apparently they think no one notices these glaring ommisions.

    – The Left, from their pussy-boi leader down to the last useful idiot, are peace-niks to the bitter end. They’d gladly sellout rather than defend anything.

  8. Y’know, at least Nero could fiddle. All Obama can do is invite fiddlers over so he can hang with them.

    Dare we call this treason yet?

  9. This? Possibly not so much. The partisan depredations of the instrumentalities of government (IRS, EPA, ATF, DoJ, etc.) upon the people on the other hand, very much so.

  10. – Speaking of HuffNPoop, whom I normally refuse to link, how in the world did THIS ever get posted on the Pravda-America news-site. Heads will roll, or is this yet another sign that the Golden Erkel has been relegated to under the bus status as the non-reality anti-social group shifts to supporting the Hildebeast?

    – Only time will tell, because the Left sure as hell will never admit the truth.

  11. “The Germans, I mean, Russians, are only going into their own backyard.”

  12. BBH

    Some of those comments on HuffPo are so reality-challenged it hurts. Yikes!

  13. Remember When Ronald Reagan Was in Congress?

    The confusion of the poor young intern who tweeted that out on behalf of the Democratic Party is certainly understandable. After all, Obama acts like he is the Congress.

  14. The remarkable thing about this Russian invasion is that they haven’t fired a shot.

    Obama needs to read Putin’s book.

  15. ClownDisaster: “Oh go ahead, drink it: I didn’t want it anyway.”

  16. According to PJ Media, Obama blew off the national security meeting today. Probably wasn’t important. After all, the cabinet only discussed the uncontested arrival of Russian troops.


  17. valgal has it covered

  18. He was probably hung-over from partying with the democrats last night.

  19. Anyone else notice that Obama’s spokeweasels default when relaying information about his nibs talking to heads of state is “They spoke for one hour.” I don’t believe it.

    He may have spoken for an hour, “uh, uh and ya know. . . ” No one could stand an hour of that.

  20. 2200 GMT: The UNSC meeting is now closed – A quick analysis — Russia has finally spelled out exactly what its given justification for invading Crimea is. According to their logic:

    The EU, the UK, and the US incited the protests and fueled the revolt.

    Yanukovych signed a deal with the opposition politicians that would keep him in power until, at least, early elections in December.

    The “armed militants” broke this agreement by taking over government buildings, therefore:

    Yanukovych is the legitimate leader of Ukraine and the people in charge are radicals,

    “Kiev,” the catchphrase for these radicals who are now running the country, is sending provocateurs to takeover government buildings in Crimea (interjection — there is literally no evidence that this is true). Therefore:

    The government of Crimea has asked Russia to send troops to restore order, and Russia has done so unilaterally because the West helped conspire to remove a democratically-elected government and put these radicals in charge.

    The bottom line: the international community needs to help remove the radicals and enforce the February 21st agreement (which, by the way, would require reinstating Yanukovych back as President).

    If this is not done, Russian troops will defend Crimea, and possibly attack Kiev to make it happen.

  21. – So Bumblefuck and the DemoRats are partying like its 1936, and the Neo-Commies are kicking Neo-Fascist ass, and guess who the brain fucked Progressives are backing, because well, scratch a Prog find a Fascist. They only read and use Marx, they worship AH.

  22. Putin will follow international law when Barky follows US law.

  23. On the bright side, I think it’s okay for Republicans to carp about Obama’s proposed cuts to the military now.

    In fact, its mandatory.

  24. To the Wance, there’s no time like the present to cut the military.

    What could possibly go wrong?

  25. demonrats in congress will up the military budget. they can’t let 2014 be a total blowout.

  26. That sounds unhelpful, Ernst.

  27. and baracky will sign it and the make believe media will ignore it.

  28. Romero lied to us, Zombies don’t say “Brainnnnz!”

    They say ” Sarah Palin sure is dumb! Lolololololololol!
    Barack Obama sure is smart! Lolololololololol!
    America is finally getting the smart foreign policy team it deserves! Lolololololololol! “

  29. First it was “uncontested arrival” now from Putin:

    Amid reports of more Russian troops in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed sending a stabilization force into the country until it is “normalized.” This is an invasion, just under a different name.


    Canadian Prime Minister Harper has announced that Canada will recall its ambassador from Moscow and will not participate in the upcoming G8 conference because of developments in Ukraine.

    The US will also not participate in the G8.

  30. leigh,

    The remarkable thing about this Russian invasion is that they haven’t fired a shot.

    Hitler never fired a shot in the invasion of Czechoslovakia, either.

  31. Just as with Israel, Stephen Harper may turn out to be the only western leader with a sane policy outlook on Ukraine. Speaking of Israel, by the way, Netanyahu leaves from there tomorrow morning to come to DC for his talks (or further arm-twisting and humiliation, we can expect) with ClownDisaster, just prior to Abbas’ own visit next week or so.

  32. geoffb, you know, seems to me there was a somewhat cataclysmic event some 75 years ago that was eerily similar to events currently unfolding in Ukraine.

    Someone help me out with this bit of arcane history. It’s right on the tip of my tongue…….

    Before we know it, Poland will be partitioned again. Or outright annexed.

  33. It’s springtime for Putin and the Motherland,
    Autumn for the Crimea and Kiev.

  34. “It’s right on the tip of my tongue…….”

    like “robber barons”

  35. Ernst: Dare we call this treason yet?


  36. And now the crap-fed morons have little to say on the topic of what “smart diplomacy” actually means.

  37. ArchBishop Clement of Ukraine Orthodox Church stands at gates of surrounded base ‘to protect my people’.

  38. Compare and contrast with the above.

  39. I think smart diplomacy means acting like a fucking pussy. Perhaps that’s just me.

  40. *** Kerry said he spoke with foreign ministers for G-8 and other nations on Saturday, and says everyone is prepared `to go to the hilt” to isolate Russia. ***

    Where “go to the hilt” is a euphemism for driving their cocks balls deep up Ukraine’s unwilling ass.

  41. Speaking of poofters, marvel at this W. R. Mead guy: *** The big question of course, is what President Obama will take away from this experience. Has he lost confidence in the self-described (and self-deceived) ‘realists’ who led him down the primrose path with their empty happy talk and their beguiling but treacherous illusions? Has he rethought his conviction that geopolitics and strategy are relics of a barbarous past with no further relevance in our own happy day? Is he tired of being humiliated on the international stage? Is it dawning on him that he has actual enemies rather than difficult partners out there, and that they wish him ill and seek to harm him? (Again, we are not talking about the GOP in Congress.)

    Let’s hope so. There are almost three years left in this presidential term, and they could be very long ones if President Obama chooses to stick with the ideas and approaches he’s been using so far. ***

    The big question? Who — besides himself — is he kidding? Other than everyone, that is.

  42. There is that big tell that falls from their pen when writing about the ClownDisaster. It is that they write of him as if he is a child, a subnormal and gullible child who is always led into his disasters by those “evil counselors” he has surrounded himself with all his life.

    Never his fault, because he has never grown into manhood and apparently never will. That that belief is purely racist never crosses their minds

  43. Now to see a real child…

  44. Obama’s speechifying ability has been fluffed to the point where Obama thinks words are a substitute for action.

    Which, considering the lack of any known accomplishment by the president, other than getting elected, is probably the only thing Obama is capable of. Not that Obama’s anything that special in the speechifying department.

  45. A punishment that the ClownDisaster and his base will love.

  46. “For several days, the Kharkhiv EuroMaidan supporters had staged a picket in front of the regional administration building on the city’s largest square. Young men and women (some very young) occupied the steps and the foyer of the building and vowed not to let Mikhail Dobkin, the Kharkhiv Region governor into the building, seeking his resignation. (Dobkin is one of the more prominent figures in the Party of Regions who had declared his separation from Kiev; in fact he resigned 26 February after announcing he would run for president, but the protesters kept up their picket.)

    In the center of the square is a large statue of Lenin, where an anti-Maidan group then set up a camp to prevent the monument from being torn down. There were only a few dozen of them for several days and nights, until suddenly on the morning of 1 March, their ranks were swelled by thousands of people, many armed with baseball bats and metal prongs. These men stormed the building while the police essentially stood aside. This crowd dragged the EuroMaidan supporters out of the building and beat them, then looted and vandalized the building, which up to that point had not been touched.”

    … [E]ye-witnesses reported buses arriving from the Russian cities of Belgorod, Voronezh and Kursk with Russian nationalists. Espreso TV reported that some 2,000 nationalist activists were bussed in from Belgorod Region for the riot, then returned home.

    SEIU is jealous.

  47. Has ClownDisaster figured out that he can invite Putin to repopulate Alaska, grant his migrants Russian protection, move in, seize it and thus rid the U.S. of a troublesome snowbilly?

  48. With Alaska being constitutional carry they might have a problem.

  49. 1838 GMT:The Kyiv Post reports:

    Russian soldiers already were systematically taking charge of strategic locations on Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula on March 1, with estimates of the number of troops or Russian-backed armed forces already on Ukrainian soil ranging from 6,000 and 28,000.

    The takeover came as the Crimea’s new pro-Russian prime minister, Sergei Aksenov, called for a referendum on March 30 to allow voters in the 2.2 million-population region to decide whether they want to remain in Ukraine, join Russia or form an independent state.

    However, Ukrainian government officials in Kyiv questioned the legitimacy of Aksenov’s appointment and called a referendum on separatism illegal. Meanwhile, Russian officials and ex-Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, deposed on Feb. 22, are questioning the legitimacy of the new Ukrainian government.

  50. Eliot Abrams: Ukraine and Iran

  51. have you girded your loins yet?