September 24, 2005

Scenes from my driveway, continued x 59

Deadbeat neighbor: “So, you heard New Orleans flooded again, right?—second time in a month?  That really sucks.”*

Me:  “I’d imagine so, yes.”

Deadbeat neighbor:  “No, I mean, that really sucks, trust me. Because once, at my old apartment? I overreached a bit on the two-ply and clogged up the dumper something fierce.  Wound up having to wade around in about a foot of water and my own filth at least three hours before I could get it all cleaned up.”


Deadbeat neighbor:  “Not quite a hurricane, but still…”

Me: “Isn’t there a pro-wrestling match on TV that you’re missing by standing here talking to me…?

Posted by Jeff G. @ 5:30pm

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  1. Don’t be such an aloof stuffed shirt.  That was a real experience for Deadbeat Hey, ye gotta get him wiened off that damn wrestling.

    Get him looking at blog sites like this one or mine.  We’ll convert him into a wide awake and useful slightly right thinking citizen.

    But, hopefully sans, the superior attitude.  Remember, if he’s properly informed, he will be your nearest helper should a natural disaster strike your neighbourhood….. eh?


    Speaking of Blogsites,


    Hi Darcey,

    That Fleur deLys page design was wishy-washy and the font was too small and difficult to read. I like the Fler de Lys itself, but not enough to stay blind for long.

    Now this page template is certainly better, the Blogroll toggles open and closed..  Better, but maybe not final. There are 18 more to choose from. What’s your percentage rating… 6/10..8/10 ?

    I’m always a, [what do Southern Baptists say?], work in progress.  73s TG

  2. Jeff, You are very perceptive from what I have seen. You know this is meant tounge in cheek… I couldn’t afford to knowingly be disrespectful for fear of losing access to one of the best blogsites round.

    Texas Bumper Sticker:

    <blogquote> Shoot looters!

    Arm a Dillo</blockquote>

    73s TG

  3. That’s what happens when spelling is on atuo-mode.  Dammmmit!

  4. Ok, that shoul be;

    Shoot Looters!

    Arm a Dillo!


    Arm a Geddon

    Naww Gedon’s can’t even shoot.

    proudly stolen from previous comments, TG

  5. Shoot Looters!

    Arm a Dillo!


    Arm a Geddon

    Naww Gedon’s can’t even shoot.

    That’s fine but whatever you do don’t Arm a Dildo.

    That could be dangerous….

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