February 27, 2014

Well, there goes the neighborhood! [Darleen Click]

Don’t you just feel for Spike Lee?

Spike Lee had some harsh words for whites moving into predominantly black neighborhoods in New York City while speaking at a Black History Month lecture at Pratt Institute on Tuesday.

As 1010 WINS’ Carol D’Auria reported Wednesday, the director and Brooklyn native said that white newcomers to neighborhoods like Fort Greene and Bedford-Stuyvesant are doing the wrong things.

Lee told the audience that while he’s all for democracy, he doesn’t like that whites are trying to impose their standards and wealthy ideas on everyone and everything

No report if he also mentioned that some of his best friends are white.

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  1. “Did you see who moved in across the street?”

    “Oh, heavens yes. White as the Ace of Spades they are!”

  2. Spike Lee thinks all whites have wealthy ideas?

    He’s never been to Jersey.

  3. He’s never been to Jersey.

    or to an RV Campground in the Poconos. True white trailer trash.

  4. Greetings:

    Having grown up in the Bronx of the ’50s and ’60s, I still have a pretty clear memory of newcomers moving into our and surrounding neighborhoods who seemed to have quite a different behavioral culture. Over the course of a decade or two, large swaths of the borough were subjected to a kind of Dresden-lite treatment which, for the visually stimulated, can be seen in the motion picture, “Fort Apache: The Bronx.

    So, to Mr. Lee, I offer this bit of his patois, “What goes around comes around.”

  5. Maybe Spike can be a tipping point for Millennials. Though deBlasio will likely prove more effective.

    BTW. Spellcheck spells deBlasio as delusional which works for me..

  6. ****According to Lee, with white gentrification comes disruption. The entire rant was transcribed by New York magazine. Here’s an excerpt:****


  7. That was an extremely thoughtful rant, to which I have an equally thoughtful response;……. Mr. Lee, Knickerbocker PLEASE!


  8. So, black neighborhoods should be like natural history museums?

  9. Newsflash, Mr. Lee. Brooklyn was not historically black. Nor was Harlem.

  10. Coming from a dude who skedaddled to the Upper East Side the minute he could afford it.

  11. Spike is also the child of wealthy parents. He tries to keep that on the downlow since it messes with his street cred.

  12. so…Spike Lee is now for segregation?

  13. Lee probably thinks himself a conservative on this neighborhood question.

    He just doesn’t bother to abstract the same thought so far as what happens to a governing vision when interpretation of the Constitution alters, with socialist principles put in place of the former classical liberal ones.

  14. Without some form of segregation, how is a black millionaire to trade on being kept down by The Man?

    Everybody knows if you’re rich and want to stay that way, you have to protect the value of your currency.

  15. The upper East Side tenement he lives in cost him 32 million…