February 26, 2014

Were Mary Shelley alive today…

Her magnum opus would be about a narcissistic visionary named Dr Googlestein — only by novel’s end, instead of trying to hunt down and kill his creation, Dr Googlestein would be training it, indoctrinating it with the “correct consciousness” (rather than that false consciousness often evinced by, eg., conservative women), then renting it out to progressive governments to make sure that the ignorant masses could “do no evil” to the Utopian progressive agenda.

Since she’s dead, though, maybe Neal Stephenson can write it. Or maybe we could dig up Aldous Huxley or Michael Crichton and see what they could do.

(h/t dicentra)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:16am

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  1. Greetings:

    As if to pre-prove your point, Charlie Rose had two Google honchos on his PBS (Progressive Broadcasting System ???) interview show to tell his viewers how wonderful they and Google are and all the wonderful things they are doing and intending to do.

    Nice corporation they’ve got there.

  2. Everything is awesome, right?

  3. Orwell was prophetic.

    I read somewhere that just the metadata the NSA admits it is gathering (not to mention the data is denies gathering) can identify such things as political leanings and individual income and influence levels. If nothing else (!), that information could be turned into incredibly comprehensive lists used for meticulously targeted campaign contribution solicitations and get-out-the-vote efforts.

  4. Everything is awesome, right?

    No, everything is AWESOOOOME!

    Gotta have the link.

  5. Nothing bad will happen, promise! We thought of everything!

    All the dinosaurs are female!

  6. If Mary Shelley were alive today she would probably look worse than Dr. Frankenstein’s creation.

  7. @dicentra:

    14. “Mad Science” means never stopping to ask “what’s the worst thing that could happen?”

  8. @TaiChiWawa

    Rep. Shiela Jackson Lee boasted that “Obama’s got a database” at some point. I think this is what she was referring to, and it helped him win re-election.
    I believe Google and other silicon valley tech companies were instrumental if not essential in building the software and filling it with data.

    And if you see some of the acquisitions Google has been making of late, it looks like they’ve gone off the authoritarian deep end.

    Normally, I view conspiracy theories as bullshit. But in this case (also supported by NSA revelations), the tech giants actually have the ability to socially engineer elections.

    Google is CyberDyne.