February 26, 2014

As Obama slashes the military, he warns that Republicans had better not carp

Evidently, he feels his 30-something percent approval rate — coupled with a decision to downsize the military in a world growing increasingly dangerous (thanks in large part to Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry, who love them some Muslim Brotherhood folk and some communists, to boot) — gives him great power of the GOP.

And he’s right. Because the contemporary GOP is a bunch of go-along-to-get-re-elected (and eventually, on to K street!) pussies who are more interested in waging war with the conservatives who make up the party base than the leftists who are working diligently to turn a representative republican into a Potemkin democracy run by a king, a permanent ruling aristocracy, and a bureaucratic enforcement apparatus — all of which have the backing of activist courts and the media.

They’ve been bought and paid for, and not rocking the boat is what they’re all about. Because rocking the boat — like evil Ted Cruz and crazed Mike Lee do — means that some of those gold pieces may fall over the side and be lost, when they really should be in the pockets of the pirates captaining this god forsaken ship of state.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:59am

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  1. The voracious appetite of the Democrat’s mercenary voting class must be constantly appeased. Since it is common LIV knowledge that the most wasteful, bloated, and biggest, by far, part of the federal budget is the damn right-wing military, well, there’s the pot o’ gold they need to keep their Ponzi voting scheme going for one more round.

    That this also aids the overriding plan to make America less powerful is just gravy.

  2. Wait until the next non-“elective” war comes along and all those LIVs get drafted.

  3. Wait until the next non-”elective” war comes along and all those LIVs get drafted.

    And then maimed or killed in the hardest of hard schools.

  4. Who says weakness is provacative?

  5. On the bright side, this is just an Obama budget proposal, and as we all know, Obama’s budgets are all DOA

    –even in the Democrat controlled Senate.

    Especially in the Democrat controlled Senate.

  6. From geoffb’s link:

    A reduction of 20,000 soldiers from the National Guard, reducing the number of troops in that component to 335,000.

    They’ll go into state defense forces, which can’t be mobilized by the feds.

  7. This is going over real well. I was just talking to a friend who’s a major in the Army, he’s the equivalent of a Director of IT security for a large division of a larger company that’s wholly owned by a larger company. You know, taglines: (blank) a (blank) company, part of the (blank) family of companies. He told me a story that sounded too familiar.

    Back when I drove a cube for a big conglomerate, this happened to me, oh, every four years or so. Because I worked in corporate IT, I could only save the company money, I didn’t bring it in. So even after busting my ass working on-call for an entire year, so I’d be eligible for my bonus, I didn’t get one, or I’d get a reduced one, or I’d get a “gift” instead of a check, because some higher-ups fucked up, or fudged the numbers, or whatever. Point being, after a while, I stopped busting my ass. A little bit after that, I found something better to do, most of the people who had options, or special skills, or a little money saved, or good contacts and a good reputation, left too. The lifers stuck around and moped. The drama queens and slackers, the grifters and the un-motivated, waited out the hard times, but gave the place a reputation as a terrible place to work. Now, even with a whole new management team, and a completely revamped structure, no one wants to work there. I didn’t even return a direct call from the CIO when I was looking for a new job.

    That’s what’s happening to the Army.

    I told my son to get his captaincy and get the hell out.