February 26, 2014

“Michelle Obama announces new rules for advertising junk food at schools”

So. We’ve gone from “let them eat cake” to “why should they get cake? That’s for the better people, not the teeming masses of infuriating mediocrity whose lives I as Queen am entitled to control.”

To which I have this response: go bang a gourd, you unelected, entitled, bitterly anti-American scold. Or let Oprah strap one on and do it for you.

(h/t nr)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:52am

Comments (4)

  1. I suppose it’s just quaint old-timey nit-picking at this stage, but since when do First Ladies get to make rules? Isn’t the whole ‘law’ thingy the domain of the duly-elected menfolk?

  2. See: Ford, Betty.

  3. I don’t remember, what did Betty do (other than the whole ‘Clinic’ thing)?

  4. Invented the Model T?