February 24, 2014

Weekend update, redux

In the 10 and under 55 division Satch took first in the prestigious Northern Colorado Grappler’s Open this Sunday, with two pins and a decision.  Which is cool, because the medal he took home for it is nearly as big as his entire head.

For those who don’t feel like compounding the horrors of Monday — when many of us go back to work, and when the governmental gear begin their slow spin before reaching a crescendo of inefficient autonomy and self-awareness (think SkyNet, but a really really stupid version, one that if it launched an attack against humanity would leave its battle plans open the most basic hacks) — here is a bit of cultural / social / civic sorbet, celebrating the everyday endeavors of Americans and their families, who simply wish to be left alone, to avoid governmental intrusion into every facet of their lives.

Match 1, Satchel vs. a wrestler from the Valley Vikings club (pinfall):

Match 2, Satchel vs. a Brighton Bulldog (pinfall):

Match 3, Satchel vs. a fellow Frederick teammate and frequent training partner (decision):

Part 1 (we stopped recording while some scoring errors were corrected: Satchel took a 7-3 by the end of the 2nd period, not a 5-4 lead as the score keepers indicated; the ref, after my challenge, was able to make the corrections).

Part 2:

In a couple of his matches, I noticed that rather than riding wrestlers for an extended period, which is one of Satchel’s strengths, he would simply release them, giving them a free escape point. When I asked him about this afterward he let me know that he wanted to work on his shots, and that he was willing to give up the 1 point to score the two points.

Given that the last two wrestlers he faced have proven often very difficult to turn — and we still have to work on Satchel’s turns, which sounds nitpicky on a day when he pinned two opponents — I can’t say his strategy was a bad one. I just wish he had told me before hand what he was planning on doing so that I wouldn’t have nearly stroked out.

Also, he’s beginning to try to run a tilt series. He was close on it — many of the other clubs use this series but we’re really just starting it as a way to score cheap points — but he needed to keep his knees pinched and his hips in closer and pull the opponents into his lap. He also needs to make sure he really drives the two-on-one into his opponent’s hip and keep it firmly pressed against his or her body.

These are minor tweaks to what could be a could move for him. He also in one matched looked to try a modified Granby roll, which was just him having fun, I think. Kids love to tumble. Still, watching him begin to take it upon himself to gauge the level of his competition, and know when it’s okay to play around with techniques he’s newly interested in, shows a kind of mat awareness and tactical awareness that I hadn’t considered he’d been developing.

And honestly, it wasn’t until later, when I watched the videos, that I saw exactly what it was he was doing. Even down 2-1 after the first period in the final’s match, he seemed supremely confident — sure he could let go his opponent, who is a real scrapper whom I also coach, and come back with a takedown — and it was less being cocky than it was a strategy to score points: that opponent being difficult to turn, Satchel decided to rack up points on takedows and a few escapes of his own.

He’s making mental strides in the sport. And that’s what makes me proud.

That, and the giant honking Medal he brought home — which no lie, is about as being as a cantaloupe, or at least a giant iHop flap jack.

So congrats again, son. You continue to make us proud with your good sportmanship and your boundless energy.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 4:54pm

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  1. . . . so that I wouldn’t have nearly stroked out.

    Heh. I watched these earlier today and while I didn’t quite react with that gusto, I was for sure wondering what the heck was going on. Groping around speculatively for a plan, I came up empty, so the explanation is welcome.

  2. You’re gonna need a bigger trophy case.

    Congrats to him!

  3. What often distinguishes the winning combatant is the ability to make adjustments in the field.

  4. Congrats Jeff (and Satchel),
    I found one of the truly unique and surprising aspects of fatherhood is that you enjoy your children’s success even more than your own, and their failures hurt so much more than your own failings as well.
    Something those that don’t have children will probably never be able to relate with.

    Enjoy Satchel’s childhood because most of them hit what I call the ‘mono-sylabbic’ stage in the teen years and you’ll lose some of that closeness & sharing that they’re so free with when they’re young and an open book to you.

    I suppose it’s all part of their transition into the Alpha males and females they will eventually become, but it’s still hard to feel so removed from their lives when it happens.

    Then again, I recall how distant I had grown from my folks in college and after. Until that first kid of mine own appeared, and suddenly all that connective tissue got regenerated.

    Funny that.

  5. The mention of Granby brought me back to my highschool days (68-71), when Granby perennially won the State championship, with our highschool fighting for second place with Annandale HS, sometimes winning, sometimes losing. But man, that Norfolk joint was a factory for wrestlers.

  6. Congratulations, Master Satchel.

  7. >shows a kind of mat awareness and tactical awareness that I hadn’t considered he’d been developing. <

    should you geezer ;)

  8. oh dear alzheimers or add- “showed you geezer”.

  9. ‘grats to Satch, and you the dad because its hard, but endlessly rewarding.

  10. Congrats!

    May today’s budding caginess progress to steely cunning and sheer domination, and even bigger prizes later on.

  11. @yesnicksearcy is in fine form tonight. You should see the ones he hauled in this go-around!

  12. Congratulations to both coach and father!!

    I’m impressed. Satchel is going to be a really tough wrestler to beat, with that kind of mat moxie.

  13. bleah…coach and son is what I meant.

    Early onset on my part, I think.

  14. Congrats! Good stuff.

  15. If Satchel did tell you beforehand then you would intrude with your fatherly advice. You must. You cannot just sit there and go, “Hmmm. Interesting strategy, Son.” And don’t even TELL me you would.