February 20, 2014

““Entrenched anti-Semitic views’ very rare among whites and Asian Americans, common among blacks and Latinos”

— All of which means that the studies aren’t looking at the right kind of whites, namely, those who hide their anti-Semitism in the more political sounding (and socially-“responsible” posturing) of “anti-Zionism,” which manifests itself in leftist academic attempts to push boycotts on Israeli companies, or pressures investors to divest holdings in Israeli interests, etc.

But as the megaphones of those types are outsized compared to their actual numerical numbers, we can let that slide.   It’s mostly just affectation anyway, the very same type of radical chic we saw in the late 70s and early 80s, where useful idiots pose as intellectuals by backing the “underdog” “Palestinians” and gripe about the “racist” Israelis, who are of course the only country in the entire Middle East that is truly inclusive.

Still, the soft bigotry of low expectations being what they are — and leftists always believing themselves to be a wanted, self-appointed champion for the various mud peoples who, without the help of liberal crusaders, couldn’t be expected to survive — none of this is surprising.

Nor is it surprising that blacks, long now braised in the marinade of identity politics and victimology — with their relative poverty the fault of “bankers” and “Wall Street,” the kings of Hymie Town — have come to regard the Jews, many of whom marched along side them during the struggle for civil rights, as their enemy.  The race industry needs Devils, and Jews have a long-standing history of fitting the scapegoat role.  So why mess with a good thing?

More surprising, though, is the attitude of Latinos, who one wouldn’t expect to have much of a beef with the Jews.  But then, what this tells me is that they, too, are caught up in the victimology cycle, and that their racialist leaders have decided, too, to aim at least some of their guns at the convenient Jew scapegoat.

Thankfully, the GOP thinks that mass amnesty for these kinds of people will lead to an abundance of neo-conservatism and a Republican Renaissance.  And I say thankfully because, were the GOP to start suddenly making any sense whatsoever, I’d be torn over my complete and utter disgust with them and their now neverending capitulation to leftism and its narrative frames.

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Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:19pm

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  1. Caroline Glick: The anti-Zionist challenge to the Jewish establishment

    Tom Wilson: How Do You Solve a Problem Like J Street?

    From the latter link: *** As the documentary wears on, exposed to this rather unforgiving dissection, the J Streeters almost begin to appear amusingly tragic. One J Street activist pleads that she supports J Street because she likes “creating good things in the world.” No match for Professor Wisse: “because they are so sensitive, and because they are so good-hearted … and wicked Israel is not as good hearted as I am. The stupidity of this kind of innocence in a world that is so complicated, when you belong to a people with such a tortured history of trying to arrive at the good in the midst of being persecuted and prosecuted falsely over so many centuries, I mean, it’s almost intolerable.” ***

  2. Blind squirrels, nuts, etc., but even Harry’s Place ends up taking Max Blumenthal to the woodshed.

  3. Uh, remember the Spanish Inquisition?

  4. “The only reason you call people racist is they’re the ones that are racist,” Hanohano said. “The word ‘racist’ does not exist in my vocabulary.”

    Right. But she knows many others.

  5. sdferr,

    Interesting. Google Chrome blocks access to the Jerusalem Post with a notice that it is infected with “malware.” Neither Norton nor McAfee have a problem with it. Curious, that.

  6. How do you use in a sentence a word that does not exist in your vocabulary?

  7. That is news to me about Google Chrome Sherm, (and interesting so far as it goes) because I’ve preemptively blocked myself from accessing it due to an expectation of its infection with propagandaware.

  8. Given the fact “There sure seem to be a lotta dem Jews on Wall Street, being doctors, lawyers, and other jobs that pay ’em good money!”, there seem to be two different responses:

    1) Fsck dem Jews. Hitler shoulda finished the job!

    2) Study Jewish culture and see if it has any clues about how I can get me one of them big money jobs and stuff.

    Option 1 doesn’t seem to include me being better off in any way I can figure. Option 2 sounds like it might just pay off. Why is it that so many people seem to choose Option 1?

  9. Blaming others for your position in life takes much less work.

    In fact, it doesn’t take any work at all. So, here we are.

  10. Uh, remember the Spanish Inquisition?

    Of course I remember it. I just didn’t expect it.

  11. Option 1 doesn’t seem to include me being better off in any way I can figure.

    Envy is sated only when the object of that envy is destroyed, not when the envier’s own lot is improved.

    There’s the joke about the Russian (or whoever) who was given one wish by a genie but with the caveat that whatever the wisher wanted, his neighbor would be given double.

    “Put out my eye,” he said.

    Spite is like heroin: it creates its own void into which only itself can be thrust.

  12. . . . very rare among whites and Asian Americans . . .

    Unless, perhaps, they’re Presbyterians, eh? But on the other hand, why should Atlanta be a recognized hotbed of such stuff? I mean, San Francisco, sure, that stands to a consistent leftist militancy, or imbecility, whichever you choose to term it.

    But way to make that strong comeback there protestants! Islam for the win!

  13. I have never heard a hispanic working class person say anything remotely anti semitic, of course there may be some sort of entrenched racism when the subject is brought up that I have missed.
    Maybe it is confined to the hispanic kids in university who are being taught Israel is the cause of all middle east poverty and unrest

  14. if i were hispanic i would heart me some jews enthusiastically

  15. Envy is sated only when the object of that envy is destroyed, not when the envier’s own lot is improved.

    I’m not sure of that. I think that envious people will just find someone else to envy. If the Palestinians ever did push the Jews into the Med, then they’d have to envy the Saudis or the Qatari, or someone.

    A former co-worker of mine put it so well that I have dubbed it “Davidson’s Law”:

    “You don’t get ahead by trying to get even.”

  16. Cold hearted Democrat strategist says “why don’t you just go ahead and die you old KochBrother’s loving bag, since you are too stupid to know we Democrats know what’s best for you?”

  17. At “The Hill” they can’t seem to figure out just how higher “out of pocket” costs would make treatment unfordable.

    According to the Detroit News, her old plan didn’t meet the law’s minimum standards. The new plan let her keep her doctors and lowered her premiums, but she says out-of-pocket costs increased significantly. Americans for Prosperity didn’t provide documentation showing how her costs have increased.

    Reporters play their “dummy” card whenever it helps the ClownDisaster.

  18. I think that envious people will just find someone else to envy.

    So let me amend my statement: “Envy seeks to sate itself by destroying the object of envy, not by improving the envier’s own lot.”

    There. That’s better.

    Also, Amadeus.

  19. North Korean television airs anti-semitic films.

    Not that anyone there watches it, but the *fact* of it is telling.

    These are basically people with as little contact with the world as they can manage, culturally and informationally isolated paranoiacs.

    And yet, and yet, the bogeyman returns.

    Some people say it is, for reasons psychological, spiritual, or inexplicable, something about the madman turns his crank (so to speak) to The Jews.

    It is one of the most boring and stupid puzzles of human history, why this happens, but it sure seems to.

    One must remember to ask the Totobiegosode or the Sentinelese whenever they get WiFi.

  20. LOL, and all Jewish groups support immigration and amnesty for black and Hispanic illegal aliens. Even Commentary supports amnesty for these illegals who are anti-Semetic.