February 19, 2014

NBC profiles American Olympic Gold Medalist who leads an “alternative lifestyle” [Darleen Click]

This is what now qualifies as “alternative.”

Headline: David Wise’s alternative lifestyle leads to Olympic gold

KRASNAYA POLYANA, Russia — “Hey, Nayeli,” he said peering into the camera. “Daddy loves you!”

Those were the words of David Wise, the freestyle skiing halfpipe gold medalist Tuesday night after he won his event’s first-ever Olympic medal.

David Wise is at the top of his sport. He’s always smiling among his friends and competitors, however, he’s not like the rest of the field. He is mature.

Not to say the rest of the freestyle skiers of halfpipe are not mature, but Wise is mature far beyond his years. At only twenty-three years old, he has a wife, Alexander (sic – Alexandra), who was waiting patiently in the crowd, and together they have a two-year-old daughter waiting for them to return to their home in Reno, Nevada.

At such a young age, Wise has the lifestyle of an adult. He wears a Baby Bjorn baby carrier around the house. He also attends church regularly and says he could see himself becoming a pastor a little later down the road.

Hmmm… married young, has a child, attends church regularly.


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  1. Doesn’t sound to me like we’re celebrating this alternative lifestyle. I thought we were supposed to celebrate alternative lifestyles, lest our lack of celebration prove us guilty of intolerance towards the Other.

  2. i wonder if he can read at an 8th grade level

    most of them can’t you know

    it’s a thing

  3. NBC is celebrating him like A&E celebrates the Robertsons.

  4. most of them can’t you know

    who is “them”?

  5. Here’s the Twitter account of a Chávez supporter who is also a semi-famous? musician: San Kroy.

    Amante de las mujeres bellas, equipos Electronicos y del Rock Industrial Alemán, Cantante x hobbie, Licenciado en Mercadeo Bolivariano Chavista hasta la muerte!

    Lover of beautiful women, electronic [stereo] equipment, and German Industrial Rock. Singer and hobby, graduate/attorney of Bolivarian Chavista Marketplace [?] until death!

    Reading his timeline is positively chilling. It’s like reading the jeering of a brownshirt during Kristallnacht: Leopoldo estará rezando que no pase nada en el pais y lleguen los Yankees de Mierda porque lo matarían igualito!

    “Leopoldo must be praying that nothing happens in the country and that the effing Yankees arrive, because they’ll kill him just the same.”

    His tweets are laced with wicked laughter at “those violent people” getting theirs (jajaja). Responding to someone who posted a somber account of the indictment against López (murder, terrorism, maiming, arson, vandalism, incitement), he says “Stop defending that crazy man” and “jajajaja OK you just keep on believing. Your brain is colonized by hate and lies. Keep it up.”

    He and his are outraged at the audacity of los violentos who refuse to respect the majority that elected Maduro. “Respect it and go back to work, lazy bums!” His language is laced with vulgar insults toward the “fascists” who are wrecking the country. “Garbage like you shouldn’t even exist” and “Look, the intolerance is coming from the rebels but our patience is running out.”

    Carajo and again carajo. The Chavistas are every bit as nasty, cruel, vulgar, and willing to dehumanize those who disagree with them as our Obamabots.

    It is on the foundation of these vile creatures that Chavezes derive their “popular support.” And damned if such a foundation hasn’t been laid here.

  6. Wise is different, surprisingly grounded for someone who makes a living flying through the air. He hunts, less for the thrill of the capture (he brought home a bull elk this year) than for the chance to be alone with his thoughts. He is a voracious reader (his favorite author is C. S. Lewis) and an occasional writer of poetry. During his travels, near and far, he collects heart-shaped rocks for Alexandra and places them amid a collection on the brick windowsill outside their front door. (“Now I’ve got the curse of spotting them,” he said.) Like Alexandra, he is a youth pastor. Writing and missionary work are potential future occupations. […]

    “People look at me and say: ‘Man, you’re married and have a kid? Your life is over,’ ” Wise said. “And I think, My life is just beginning.” *

  7. >Wise said. “And I think, My life is just beginning.” <

    the mundane as revolutionary.

  8. OT: good PJ Lifestyle piece on the Clinton Legacy:

    The conversation led me to reminisce about how my own understanding about marriage and sexuality was shaped during my childhood by the scandal. Bill Clinton taught me about sex, about truth, and about politics. Do I really want to have the same conversations with my children that my mother had to have with me? These were some of the many questions my poor mother (and all of her friends) had to grapple with:

    Mommy, what are they saying Bill and Monica did exactly?
    Mommy, what did Bill do with that cigar?
    Mommy, do all daddies do that with ladies that aren’t their mommies?
    Mommy, is Chelsea okay? Is she allowed to be mad at her daddy? Does she have to be?
    Mommy, why does this cartoon in the paper show Monica under the desk?
    Mommy, what did they find on the blue dress?
    Mommy, what does “is” mean? Isn’t he smarter than I am?

  9. Dar, thanks for your support on Twitter.

    I went back onto Twitter’s support page and complained again about the suspension abuse issue.

    I asked if they might be able to flag accounts that can prove that they’re owned by humans so that if someone tries to block them, they get a captcha page to restore the accounts status right away.

    Maybe it would be better if Twitter required a higher standard of proof than one vindictive douchebag clicking Report Spam. Instead of suspending the account, the account can be reported and THEN reviewed, instead of vice versa.

    Also, if you report an account for spam, the reporter and the reportee should be mutually blocked.

    One good thing: I checked the Twitter APIs and there’s no way for someone to tap into Twitter and get your email addy. The Takla Makan Uigur account uses an email account with my real name, and I was afraid ppl would use that against me.

  10. Fascinating.

    After sending two complaints from one account about suspension abuse, they sent me an email and told me to chill.

    Meanwhile in Venezuela, Maduro is shutting off the Internet city by city, so via Twitter they’re sending around instructions for how to tweet via SMS (texting).

    This could be us, someday. Cripes.

  11. And THEN I try to look up some Venezuelan city names on maps.google.com and the goddamned thing, with its new look, had to keep assaulting me with pop-ups and drop-downs and STUPID LITTLE HELPER GUYS and no clue as to how to make it all STOP.

    Close one drop-down, another one opens, because maybe I want to see which restaurants are nearby.


    If I wanted to play a video game, I’d go to a gamer site. Sheez.

  12. Warning not to use the Zellow voice chat service, because the colectivos have infiltrated the lines and they’ll come get you.

  13. Zello.

  14. It might interest Jeff to know that @kesgardner is getting magpied by Searcy, Chris Loesch, and a few others.


    Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9M7NmVVsxA

  15. “happyfeet says February 19, 2014 at 8:53 pm
    i wonder if he can read at an 8th grade level
    most of them can’t you know
    it’s a thing

    Probably not. I mean you’ve got a feeling and everything. Why would you doubt your own feelings about something.

  16. “i wonder if he can read at an 8th grade level”

    I wonder if you can write at one.

  17. “Them” could be giant ants, marketeers, or some other mutant lifeform.

  18. I saw the interview on teevee, and the guy actually said that being a good father and husband was more important than skiing. He must be some kind of nut.

  19. I think they were trying to be cute with the whole “alternative lifestyle” thing and it backfired. The usual reputation for those freestyle guys is that they spend a certain amount of time every week stoned. The fact that they are presented with a gold medal winner in freestyle who is a responsible person is a bit of a novelty in that performance art.

  20. “Wise is different, surprisingly grounded for someone who makes a living flying through the air.”

    Gee, so surprising that someone who’s chosen marriage, children, and faith over whatever the rest of the snowboarders do – maybe partying, drugs, groupie hookups? That’s a real head-scratcher…

  21. Teh gays are here to stay. I realized this again just the other night when my dad and his work buddies referred to Charlie White & Meryl Davis’s ice dance as “pretty badass.” Ten years ago, they might have called it “f**got sh*t” or something along those lines. The thing is, I have no idea if Charlie White or Meryl Davis are gay. The thing is, *no one cares anymore.* I know you guys yearn to return to yesteryear when teh gays were a mocked and marginalized stereotype defined in our culture by their gayishness and nothing else but that ship has sailed. If my dad can change, then there’s hope for you lunks yet.

  22. The preceding demonstration of corrupt language leading to corrupted thought was brought to you by NBC. The more you know.

  23. The Wise’s lifestyle is labeled as “alternative” because they are young, happy and have a child.
    NBC expects 20 somethings to be all emo down in their parents basements and not burdened with a child as POTUS has advised. Elections have consequences.

  24. “But my hair’s still in curlers!”

    SWE 3 – CAN 6, for the Gold.

  25. Nothing says mainstream not-just-gayness like Johnny Weir!* Thanks, NBC!

    *Ru-Paul is all like “Dude, butch it up a little, will ya?”

  26. – “Weir dah queers” – so sez Johnny.

  27. – It takes an entire cult of Proggressive morons to raise a perversion to normalcy.

    – Knowing how shakey the shelf life of the Progressive cult is, the gayes do not have a bright future.

  28. This thread wasn’t about gays until squirtlecubed brought it up. Project much?

  29. By the way, we have snowmageddon predicted for today so I was able to go home early and work from the safety of my nest.

  30. Those thrilling days of yesteryear, Tonto.

  31. Feel the unending love.

  32. Re. the photo in Geoff’s link: did he have his head shrunk? Or is he the black Mr. Creosote?

    He’s the anti Ted Kennedy, ‘s what I’m saying. “Like a tiny fleshy grapefruit, with ears.”

  33. The olden days, back when one could whack a skeeter off one’s peter.

  34. Yore!

  35. Snowmaggeddon missed us by that much. Instead, the Polar Inquisition decided to torture us with freezing drizzle and chill winds.

  36. there needs to be a committee what can look into how we can make this whole winter thing more engaging and less dreary

  37. Skater Ashley Wagner is obnoxious.

    This is bad, y’all. I’m Team Russia, all the way.

  38. No committee needed. Pass a law Write an Executive Order Make a statement in a news opportunity that you have drawn a “red line” in the snow that it may only fall from a week after Thanksgiving until a week after New Years day and then must melt away overnight.

    Problem solved!! The people rejoice!!

  39. done and done

  40. Hersheysquirtle saw “alternative lifestyle” and reacted. Just like one of Dr. Pavlov’s canine test subjects.

    Or a failed Turing experiment.

  41. O, mercy! Open net, hit the post! And of course, Canada ties it.

  42. Canada wins in OT.

  43. Epic choke . . . boggled.

  44. gold medalists

    i have no effing use for gold medalists

    not to suggest that I’m in some way unique or anything

  45. yellow medals then

  46. Don’t be such a hater, happy. You’ll sound like Johnny Weir—who is totally gaying it up in Golden Girls outfits and a tiara(!) today.

    Our athletes are being epic sore losers. Of course, their coaches have been talking smack about the other athletes, so you live what you learn.