February 18, 2014

John Kerry: forget all the snow and ice. Think of it as a metaphor for fire and drought.

Honestly.  The projection involved in asserting that it’s conservatives who are anti-science is astounding in its audacity.  But then, it’s supposed to be that way, because the true audacity at the source of it all is the refiguration of science as something driven by politicized consensus and a simple repetition of inconvenient untruths.

For instance, John Kerry spent time in Jakarta, fresh from calling the threat of global warming a weapon of mass destruction, instructing Indonesian university students that, without their help in combating the scourge of humanity and its obstinate belching out of noxious greenhouse gases,  Jakarta could soon find itself completely underwater.  And who wants that, right?

So naturally, the answer to what is sold as inevitable (even though it is of course not, and is backed by no actual science) is that “we” as a global community do what we can to reduce our carbon footprints.

It’s a tough message to deliver — it requires of us sacrifice and an altruism that puts the needs of the whole of the planet before our own selfish interests — but John Kerry is not afraid to deliver it, God bless his  brave heart.  But it is tiring.  And so requires adequate compensation.  For the mental anguish of being the bearer of difficult news.

— Which is why while Mr Kerry is busy lecturing the world on what it needs to do to disarm the atmospheric WMD it is creating, he and his family simply must be allowed to continue to find refreshing solace in their own enormous carbon footprint, one that features 5 mansions, yachts, a fleet of SUVs, and a personal jet.  Otherwise, they’ll be unable to keep up the kind of energy necessary to spread the word about the importance of herding humans into smaller spaces, increasing their energy costs, reducing their mobility and productivity, and essentially keeping them as a kind of chattel used to generate money for governments.

Plus, if Jakarta ever does go underwater as a result of rising seas Obama promised to save us from (if he can’t, it’s Bush’s fault!), one has to figure that at the very least, Kerry’s various homes and properties could at least fit the entirety of his Jakarta university audience.  And I’m sure that’s exactly what he’ll do, being the humble and charitable intellectual he is.

Accommodation.  It’s not John F Kerry’s middle name, but it should be.  And I guess if he begins asserting it is often enough, well, then it just will be.  Because that’s how “truth” works!

Posted by Jeff G. @ 1:10pm

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  1. Sorry to go OT so soon, but I’ve been watching Venezuelan Twitter feeds for a bit. The opposition leader, Leopoldo López, turned himself in about 4 hours ago, supposedly to help keep the peace as Maduro’s thugs turned the city upside-down looking for him.

    Looks like López is being shipped off to Cuba. Venezuelan streets are packed solid with López’s supporters. In the meantime, Maduro makes grandiose speeches about suppressing Fascism and how there was No Need for these protests and rebellions, because in Venezuela there are plenty of ways to express a political opinion. Also, Colombia’s president Santos is a fink, he says, for trying to stir things up.

    The multitude: https://twitter.com/ReporteYa/status/435862153745022976

    López bids farewell to his wife: https://twitter.com/carlosgarcia98/status/435853879419604993/photo/1

    Being taken away: https://twitter.com/carlosgarcia98/status/435862125337010177


  2. That’s weird. I found a graphic in several tweets titled ¿Quién es el asesino?, “Who is the murderer?”

    On top are three riot shots showing Maduro with a gun, shooting over a barricade, then underneath, López and his supporters, smiling, and looking peaceful as hell.

    I clicked the permalink and it was gone. All of them are gone.

    Bastards are censoring the internet.

  3. By the looks of Kerry’s face he has a huge botox footprint.

  4. Human biomass is outweighed by bats alone, ants alone, several species of birds alone etc. If we dropped dead tomorrow, all these critters would still be producing carbon dioxide.

    I have had it with global warming alarmists.

  5. bgbear, the difference is that it’s human carbon dioxide. All other species produce pure co2 in harmony with nature. Humans are unnatural and a scourge on the earth. Except for those humans who understand this and merely wish to get rid of the trouble-makers. Get the difference?

  6. Mayor of Caracas: “Este gobierno no puede ni encuentra cómo darle el pan al pueblo, pero le reparte plomo.”

    This government cannot even find a way to give the people bread, but they do give them lead.

  7. I want some of that unicorn burp CO2. It would probably be good for house plants.

  8. My Twitter account just got suspended again.

    Effing vindictive lefties. I was on a ROLL.

  9. Ten bux says this tool did it. Notice the cute kitty avatar: https://twitter.com/RowendRaition/status/435901893471006720

  10. Also, Colombia’s president Santos is a fink, he says, for trying to stir things up

    The stirrings.

  11. Projected sea level rise through 2099, at current rate: 25.8 cm. Call it 10 inches and change.

    Which is EXACTLY as big as a meter! Because of the magic of metric!

  12. How much CO2 came out of his jet? Out of his convoy? Out of him?

    I’ll take global warmists seriously when they start acting like they’re taking it seriously.