February 17, 2014

On President’s Day

Here’s my thought on today, which I offer in passing:  when we get back to having a President of the kind envisioned by our Framers and ratified by those who ratified the Constitution, then I’ll celebrate President’s Day.  What I won’t do is celebrate “Faux-charismatic, Marxist-Manchurian-dictator-surrounded-by-a-phalanx-of-communist-acolytes-and-the-protective-cocoon-of-a-state-run-media-Day,” even if that makes me a really racisty racist who hates him the blacks (except for a few notable Uncle Toms, like Thomas Sowell, or Clarence Thomas, et al., who aren’t as authentically black as, say, Bill Clinton or Chris Matthews).  Because I’m racist and such.

Frankly, I’d rather live marked as the latter than live under the former, because far fewer people would be hurt by such an arrangement — and the country would survive my hateyness, absorb it, and spit me out into dust for my dirt nap as if I never existed.   Whereas Obama and the permanent ruling class’s attempts to remake a republic into a kind of post-modernist aristocracy, where the people are subjects and the governmental agents, elected, appointed, and otherwise, are their de facto sovereigns has far wider reaching implications, and far more dire consequences.

So. I’ll celebrate Washington’s Birthday. And Lincoln’s Birthday.  But I’ll never bow before Zod.  Ever.  At least, not while breathing.  I suppose upon execution I may slump and give the appearance of bowing, but that isn’t the same thing.  Intentionalism trumping perceptual interpretive paradigms again, you see.



Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:04am

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  1. “President Obama is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.”*

    The most genuine performance of Barack Obama’s life.

  2. I always thought President’s day was honoring the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, but no others. I recall as a wee lad that there used to be a day for each of them, but I figured someone had combined them to make room for another holiday.

  3. You’re correct, cranky. It’s been bastardized into letting others ride their coattails.

  4. Today arrives the news that the Eisenhower Tree is dead, kill’d by an ice-storm. Perhaps there is something to that, the tree having signified something like what it took to enrage a normally placid and self-composed fellow. But then, Augusta National will probably just plant another and go on as though things are fine and all is well with the world. Condi Rice can see to it.

  5. When I was little we observed Lincoln’s Birthday on the 12th and Washington’s Birthday on the 22nd. I don’t remember either one being a school holiday.

  6. James R. Rogers: Why Textualism is Winning

    Personally, amidst the confusion, I’d venture that appearances are deceiving, and that if some account is wanted it would read more like “because you can hold a book in your hand — it’s easy!” (and foolish), whereas the truthful approach accounting for the messy human intentions happens to be a bit more complex.

  7. McGehee, I remember that, as well, though we got both days off. Me? I celebrate Calvin “the business of America is business” Coolidge.

  8. OT: Brendon McCullum begins his attempt at a triple-century from 281 not out. Swat away Kiwiman, swat away.

  9. ! !! !!!

    302 on a boundary! Well done, and an ovation for you Mr. McCullum.

  10. And bang, he’s gone, caught behind.

  11. As loathe as I am to stir up the hunger of trial lawyers, if this is as common as it seems to be lately, there is a HUGE potential market in the recovery of damages inflicted by police oppression and negligence. If and when it gets becomes too expensive for the thin blue/brown/grey/khaki line locally and broadly, then perhaps an effort towards criminal enforcement will seem a cheaper alternative to facing a line of angry citizens each with a hungry career and pension ending lawyer standing next to them. Then the more thuggish “officers” will be less likely to bludgeon the little people with their brass knowing their administrators can no longer afford to allow them to cower behind it afterwards.

    Even good socially responsible and passive boutique liberals in liberal mechas seems to have this problem now.


  12. this month marks the one-year anniversary of the LAPD’s failure to capture the rambunctious Mr. Christopher Dorner alive

    as far as I can tell there’s no cake involved, at least so far

  13. Good grief, palaeo.

  14. The case against the LAPD for shooting up the Mexican newspaper ladies was dismissed, as well.

    For justice.

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  16. Sorry, President Coolidge is probably #2 or #3, but George Washington is the greatest conservative President.

  17. That San Francisco guy should have gone to school with kids like the ones I went to school with. He would have learned a whole lot sooner that keeping your head down and trying not to antagonize the bullies only encourages them.

    And talking about how he’ll do something about it when he’s rich and connected? He’s already accepted that he’s less equal than some animals. When I’ve gotten my way — and I manage it pretty often — it has not been by greasing palms.