February 14, 2014

“Weather practically everywhere is being caused by climate change.” [Darleen Click]

… so says Obama spokeshole, John Holdren, as The One is set to visit California to promote a $1 billion dollar slush climate change resilience fund.

Obama will propose the fund Friday after visiting with farmers in Fresno, Calif.

The new fund — separate from Obama’s climate agenda announced in June — will be detailed in the president’s 2015 budget, set for release next month.

Nevermind that California goes through periodic droughts on a fairly regular basis, but it is the height of chutzpah that Obama is meeting with “farmers in Fresno” for an photo-op in parched fields, when he has ignored the Central Valley for five years and much of the destruction of those farms is due to the Feds turning off the water

There is a terrible irony to all this. Never have California farm prices been higher, given huge Pacific export demand. Never have California farmers been more savvy in saving water to produce record harvests of nutritious, clean and safe food. And never has farming been so central to a state suffering from the aftershocks of a housing collapse, chronic high unemployment, overregulation and the nation’s highest sales, income and gasoline taxes.

Yet there are really two droughts — nature’s, and its man-made twin.

In the early 1980s, when the state was not much more than half its current population, an affluent coastal corridor convinced itself that nirvana was possible, given the coastal world-class universities, the new dot.com riches of the Silicon Valley, the year-round temperate weather and the booming entertainment, tourism and wine industries. […]

Californians have not built a major reservoir since the New Melones Dam more than 30 years ago. As the state subsequently added almost 20 million people, it assumed that it was exempt from creating any more “unnatural” Sierra lakes and canals to store precious water during California’s rarer wet and snowy years.

Short-sightedness soon became conceit. Green utopians went further and demanded that an ailing 3-inch bait fish in the San Francisco delta receive more fresh oxygenated water. In the last five years, they have successfully gone to court to force millions of acre-feet of contracted irrigation water to be diverted from farms to flow freely out to sea.

Obama will have a few handpicked, fully vetted prop farmers to grovel and thank Him for coming to help … and the usual Pravda media will play along in the Kabuki theater designed to expand the Federal government.

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  1. When everyone is special, no one is — but when all weather is weird…

  2. It’s like someone fell into an abyss of Parmenidean paradoxical excess: all Being, the All — to pan — is one.

    All weather is one weather.

    All unintelligibility is one unintelligibility.

    All lies are one lie.

    Where the hell is Zeno when you need him?

  3. If I was conspiracy minded, I would almost think this was all set up to make Californians more dependent on “big government”.

  4. How much more dependent can they be?

  5. In 2011 when there was an abundance of snowpack and water they allowed only 45% of the contracted water to be delivered to the farms, a shortfall of 1.1 million acre-feet. The farmers have to pay for 100% while receiving only 45% At the same time 1.4 million acre-feet more than in 2010 were dumped into the ocean to save the delta smelt.

    This year the House made some move to help, though Reid, Feinstein, and Boxer will never allow it to pass, and were denounced by Gov. Brown as divisive as Brown’s people have moved to do this.

    California officials announced last week they will not send any water from the state’s vast reservoir system to local agencies this spring, the first time that has happened in the 54-year history of the State Water Project. State Department of Water Resources Director Mark Cowin said there simply is not enough water in the system to meet the needs of farmers, cities and the conservation efforts that are intended to save dwindling populations of salmon and other fish throughout Northern California.

    The left has always moved to destroy farmers and make food less available. This is a “Green Drought
    “For the sake of the smelt, California farmland lies fallow.”

  6. geoffb

    and the salmon thing? I learned the other day that fish hatcheries are NOT counted in the salmon count. Even though the salmon produced by the hatcheries and are released to live their lives in the ocean and return just like the “wild” ones do, the wild river fanatics deliberately refuse to consider them as “real” salmon.

  7. Weather, weather everywhere, and not a drop to *hic*

    Nor 1 Fin 5 (3rd period)

    Plus MSNBC cooties.

  8. Do some research on Holdren, and then laugh and laugh at what you find. Really, you can’t make his past up. If you could and did, though, it’d be spot on.

  9. Olli Maata!

  10. In that last link I learned that the water is only allowed to be pumped to the farms until they figure that 305 smelt have perished and then it is cut off. The researchers who figure out how many smelt there are, each year kill 3500 of them to do the survey figuring the population.

  11. I’m trying to remember if i turned off the faucet when i left home today

  12. Where the hell is Zeno when you need him?

    Well, he’s directly above the center of the Earth, of course. (Used to be my home away from home. Still miss that place.)

  13. *Maatta*

  14. So, who’s placing bets on how long it takes the farmers in California to realize that all they have to do is hire a couple of Mexicans to dump a shitload of meth making by products into the river and kill all the smelt. No smelt, no rationing. Plus, extra “vitamins” in the water. Win-win.

  15. t’aint funny McGehee

  16. It’s not just the weather … healthcare.gov not working ?? … Climate Change

  17. and of course the bad weather in the east will be responsible for bad economic news for this quarter.

  18. Other California news, Pepsi hardest hit.

  19. They are trying to empty out the state I think.

  20. do we have someone to call this clown a liar?

    ” P resident Barack Obama on Friday waded into a high-stakes union vote at Volkswagen AG’s plant in Tennessee, accusing Republican politicians who oppose unionization of being more concerned about German shareholders than U.S. workers.”

  21. Some background on just what the UAW was pulling in TN.

  22. diode radio news:
    got alex jones out of nash. tenn tonight.

  23. “good luck” fcc banning anything

  24. “They want to blame the drought for the lack of water, but they wasted water for the past five years,” said Nunes.

    The two explain that California’s system of aqueducts and storage tanks was designed long ago to take advantage of rain and mountain runoff from wet years and store it for use in dry years. But it’s now inactive — by design. “California’s forefathers built a system (of aqueducts and storage facilities) designed to withstand five years of drought,” said Nunes.

    “We have infrastructure dating from the 1960s for transporting water, but by the 1990s the policies had changed,” said Valadao.

    Environmental special interests managed to dismantle the system by diverting water meant for farms to pet projects, such as saving delta smelt, a baitfish. That move forced the flushing of 3 million acre-feet of water originally slated for the Central Valley into the ocean over the past five years.

    One trillion gallons dumped. Or more precisely, if the 3 million figure is taken as exact, 977 billion 560 million 151 thousand and 64 gallons flushed away.

    Kinda makes that eco-flush toilet look like a crappy feel-good piece of junk that was foisted on us all by those same people who flushed away more water than those things ever saved.

    Of course nothing that the left ever does is really about what they say it is, that’s just “Boob-bait talk for the stupid Bubbas,” it’s always about giving power to the government.

    That’s why they hate, so called, “negative rights.”

    “Positive rights” have government impose a tax on people taking away freedom — money, from at least some of the people to “give” things to others.

    “Negative rights impose a tax upon government power, taking it away — not allowing government to have any control, any say, in some area of human life.

    They “hates it, hates it forever.”

  25. >Kinda makes that eco-flush toilet look like a crappy feel-good piece of junk that was foisted on us all by those same people who flushed away more water than those things ever saved.<

    they made an entire country adopt that standard. all for saving the gay earth

  26. or gaya earth