February 12, 2014

San Diego gets a Republican mayor [Darleen Click]

The eighth largest, and very blue, American city elects Kevin Faulconer by 9 points over rival Democrat David Alvarez – just days after Obama specifically endorsed him and after millions from labor unions.

A nano glimmer in the banana republic of California, but I’ll take it.

Posted by Darleen @ 8:23pm

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  1. I have my doubts about how “blue” San Diego might be, given that it suffers directly from rampant illegal immigration and is the largest military city on the west coast…

    After all, the mayors have been almost continuously Republican dating back to the early 70s. (One Democrat serving in the late 80s-early 90s, two interim mayors in late ’05, “Filthy” Filner starting in December 2012, and his interim replacement starting last August.)

  2. drum

    My hubby is from San Diego & my in-laws still live there. It has gotten quite a bit blue over the last couple of decades (and the general corruption of the various local politicians is well-known).

    My MIL is a liberal (needless to say, we avoid politics when we visit) and I’m pretty sure she’s annoyed right now.

  3. I grew up there. It wasn’t as commie-laden when I was younger. However, once everyone assumed that those tourism dollars would last forever, they started spending their asses off like all other big cities, with similar results.

    I would only move back if my father needed me there. Otherwise, I will continue to visit regularly but live elsewhere (even though I live in another commie-infested city).

  4. they’ll have him neutered like a canuckian crack mayor in t minus 6 weeks and counting

  5. – If you lived in SD for very long you would know that we have a “weak Mayor” type of admin. Which means that the Progressive laden city council calls all the shots by controlling expenditures top to bottom. The only real power the Mayor has is to direct graft to preferred parties/Contractors/Real Estate operators. ect.

    – So no nuetering needed.

  6. In fairness, Darleen, San Diego has had GOP mayors before. So there is some contingent of intelligent people there. If LA elected a GOP mayor, THAT would be a glimmer of hope.

  7. San Diego County just got smacked down by the Ninth Circuit over their extremely restrictive CCW policy.

    The ruling pretty much makes CA a “shall issue” State for now, at least.

  8. San Diego was a red town when I lived there in the 80’s. It seemed that everyone there was either in the USN or worked at General Dynamics.

    It was a peace through superior fire and sea power kind of place.

  9. I have my doubts about how “blue” San Diego might be, given that it suffers directly from rampant illegal immigration and is the largest military city on the west coast…

    THIS. Duncan Hunter country. And the RINOs who came out of here wised up. See Wilson, Pete.

  10. Yep. Pete Wilson had ribs of rock.

  11. I had a front-row seat to Wilson’s governorship. I never saw evidence of actual conservatism. He spent his first term pissing off his party’s base for no good reason, and his second pissing off everybody else.

    There hasn’t been a Republican politician in California who knew how to grow the brand since Deukmejian.

  12. Wilson was mayor when I lived in San Diego. He was good at it. I moved back East around the time he was running against Moonbeam, so didn’t have a front seat to his stewardship or lack thereof.

    I recall thinking at the time, that any state that would re-elect that crackpot, Jerry Brown, wasn’t a fit place to raise a family. I watched him try to hold up construction of power-plants and railing against Prop 13 when he was governor in the 70s. Clearly, math isn’t his strong suit and the apple fell far from Pat’s tree.