February 11, 2014

RIP Shirley Temple [Darleen Click]

Little Miss Bright Eyes has passed away at 85.

Shirley Temple movies were a staple of my Saturday afternoon tv viewing when I was a kid. While I enjoyed the singing and dancing, I still think my favorite of her movies is The Little Princess

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  1. In view of Shirley Temple’s service to the nation, perhaps a lovely Taps variant wouldn’t be out of place.

  2. I hadn’t realized before that she was younger than both my parents.

  3. My mother (’35) was named after her — Shirley. Says something about my grandmother, I think.

  4. Glad I wasn’t born in 1935…

  5. Surely you jest! (for the decades to follow were at the pinnacle of American technological success!)

  6. I would’ve been drafted, though probably not until the late ’50s.

  7. I was never a fan of her movies. I do enjoy the individual numbers of her dancing, especially in “The Littlest Colonel”.

  8. Her death did not seem to spark much interest by the press. I hope it was time and not her politics. Maybe if she had been found with a needle in her arm.

    “Little Miss Marker” is a good one.

  9. That was a cute movie. There have been several remakes of “Little Miss Marker”.

    I think it’s probably time and not her politics. In our age of the perpetually aggrieved, complete with St. Victim on every corner, who wants to celebrate a spunky kid who does good? She’s not even a child prostitute in any of her movies. No Pretty Baby for her. Her parents weren’t even real fuck ups. Her dad made a lot of bad investments with her earnings, but she wasn’t abused or left penniless.

    I think you’re right about the needle in her arm scenario selling more papers, bgbear.

  10. Oh noes!

    Sid Cesar dead at 91.

  11. Good Bye, Sid. Neither one on my list of celebrity death guesses for 2014.

  12. You’re right leigh, I think I saw “Sorrowful Jones” with Bob Hope before I saw “Little Miss Marker”.

  13. – For some reason when I read about Sid I immediately recalled the scene in National Lampoon Las Vegas vacation in the Lotto parlor, Sid and Chevy Chase, which I think was the last time I saw him do anything. Ironicly enough it was a scene where he dies just as he finally wins 0n a ticket and Chevy ends up with it when it falls out of Sids hand onto the floor as he smiles and then croaks.

  14. That happens a lot. I guess old actors get to play dying characters. If you are lucky, it is a decent picture.

  15. If you’re not lucky, Chevy Chase is in it.

  16. For the cocktail version of this drink, Shirley Temple Black (after she got married), replaced ginger ale with alcoholic ginger beer, and added dark rum (or white rum and Maraschino liqueur).

    she was too cool for school i love her more than beans