February 6, 2014

Death Panel … [Darleen Click]


The disgusting spin the Left is now taking on the CBO report of 2.5 million jobs lost due to ObamaCare is that people now “free” to not work will reduce unemployment AND be able to indulge in more leisure time. Yet

CBO states, in reference to these impacts, that the “exchange subsidies effectively constitute a tax on labor supply for a broad range of workers.” CBO focuses mostly on those transitioning to full time work (with benefits). But the same disincentives apply to workers on Obamacare who are already employed full time, and looking to grow their income.

Translation? The old employer sponsored system forced people to stay in jobs they didn’t like because they needed the health insurance coverage. The new Obamacare system will force people to stay out of jobs they do want because they need to maximize their subsidies. And this is social progress?

It is for the New Feudalism Lords to make sure the serfs stay serfs.

Fundamental transformation.

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  1. Yeah, I had a cow-orker tell me yesterday about how wonderful it was that 2 million people would be “freed” from having to work just to keep their health insurance current. I replied that it was even-yet-still-more-super-wonderfuller that I got saddled with their insurance costs so that they’d be free to follow their bliss.

    Sometimes I think my cow-orkers don’t always see eye-to-eye with me.

  2. The number of people who stay in jobs solely to hold on to their health insurance has to be vanishingly small. I’m not sure how, other than to bolster their own ever-shifting narrative, they established this as fact. Many people stay in jobs they dislike to pay their bills, for sure, but health insurance is only a portion of that. Welcome to life.

    The notion that there is one group who must be freed from the burdens of managing their own lives via the subsidy from the rest of us is an astonishing one for a major political party to espouse. What if we all decided we’d rather sit in a field and fingerpaint all day rather than work? Indeed, we will finally conclude that eventually we’ll run out of other people’s money.

  3. I already have parasites in my own family, I do not need government to provide me with more.

  4. How come the “culture” sensitive Democrat demagogues haven’t seized on the Downton Abbey post-WWI servant staff downsizing as the perfect metaphor of the times? Too close to home for our aristocratic betters? Too redolent of imperial collapse?

  5. I see mind-numbing stuff like this and my response is “God help us”…..

  6. Ramirez really ought to stop round filing those letters he is receiving from the IRS….Also does he really not realize that the king could create 2M+ jobs with a stroke of his phone-pen?

  7. The combination of many unemployed Americans and many people finding jobs just to get insurance means that if a few people cut back their hours, there will be more hours for the people who want them.

    Work being a zero sum game, if you work more hours you are stealing the bread from the mouth of someone’s child? That being the case then lowering the number of live humans would cause there to be so much more for the few who remain.

    The left is and always has been a death cult.

  8. “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.”
    ? Alexis de Tocqueville

  9. I have a cow-orker tell me… something she heard. That sounded good to her. It rang a bell within )) ding (( but she already intuits the problems but now heard whoever she listens to say it and knew you would put into the words the objections she requires to weigh. She wants to try you out, to hear what you say so she can argue with it and see how well her own argument holds up. She needs you to argue but will not admit it. She’s thinking out loud. Lovely being a soundboard.

    She thinks no such thing that now it is good people do not have to work just to have insurance. She probably is not in love with work herself.

    “Me too. It’s a beautiful thing all around. No you can buy it for them.”

  10. I couldn’t believe the chutzpah of saying that now workers will be “free from job lock” and able to take a part time job and still have their healthcare paid for—by someone else.

    We all know that the sure fire way to climb the success ladder is to work as little as possible.

    The president and his posse also seem to be under the delusion that the Fortune 500 are a static group of companies.

  11. Without a permanent underclass, proglodytes have no future.

    With proglodytes, the people have no future.

  12. – With hard working, self sufficient people the Proglodytes have no future.

    – How do you like your “tranys-formed” America now Bumbleass followers?

    – Not so good when your identity politics monsters turn on you is it Morgan.

  13. Why do we care about this tranny’s hissy fit with Piers?

    I’m getting sick of celebrating weirdoes. Piers included.

  14. The revised adjustment factors for the BLS employment data released this morning provided an average monthly boost in overall nonfarm payroll figures in 2013 of 434.9K from earlier reports. The revisions went back further but the last year’s numbers are interesting.

    This is not to say that there were this many increases in jobs from month to month, but that the original payroll figures were revised upward on average by that amount, leaving the month-to-month changes relatively the same as before (though July’s change from June was revised to an increase of 149K from 89K).

    What is significant is that the change between the old and new payroll figures was not evenly distributed across employment categories. Construction and Manufacturing payrolls were revised upward by monthly averages of 25.5K and 23.9K respectively. The biggest differences, however, were in the services sector. The old numbers in the Education and Health Services sector were revised up by an average of 416.6K and Leisure and Hospitality Services sector got an average monthly boost of 96.5K. The biggest loser was Retail Trade which lost an average of 106.4K from the old monthly data figures for the year.

  15. New jobs created, with a potential of tens of millions: Fellators-for-ClownDisaster

  16. It’s amazing how casually the proggs conflate freedom and dependence and how many idiots smile, nod and repeat it.

  17. Republican senator facing Tea Party challenger doesn’t live in his ‘home’ state

    Article 1, Section 3, Paragraph 2: “No person shall be a Senator who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty Years, and been nine Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State for which he shall be chosen.

    Of course, the Constitution is more than 100 years old, so it doesn’t matter any more.

  18. – Note to Merkal: Hey babes, get used to it. most of America is shit under his admins heel, so nothing new here.

  19. – And Leigh, I could care less if Piers dropped off the earth right along with a whole list of pandering press and entertainers, but I do enjoy it whenever one of their little Progressive monsters bites them on the ass.

  20. Oh, they’re *choosing* to be unemployed.

    Where are a pair of pliers and a blowtorch when you really, really need ’em?

  21. check me if i’m wrong here but aren’t we always “free” to quit our jobs?

    of course, the tradeoff being poverty.

  22. Oh, I know BBH. It was a rhetorical question.

    OT: I thought the opening ceremonies at Sochi were very nice.

  23. Needed more cowbell. Or maybe this.

  24. Heh.

    I keep thinking our newscasters ought to turn down the bitching about accommodations—the horror! A single bed!!—or it might cost a lot more for our astronauts to get a ride back from the space station .

  25. The only portion of the ceremonies that was at all palatable was the ballet portion, and I would not watch ballet unless I was in a bar and that is what was on teevee. Which, as it turns out, is exactly what happened last night.

  26. NBC Calls Communism “One of Modern History’s Pivotal Experiments” During Sochi Olympics Intro Video…”

    Now that may be literally true, but I doubt that they would say the same about the other murderous ideology that arose from Germany. I just can’t wait for there to be games in Iran or Saudi Arabia so I can see how they praise their ongoing “experiments.”

  27. If Hitler hadn’t invaded Russia, they would have praised fascism as well. But all of us already know that.

  28. I’m waiting for the summer Olympics in Brazil. We can listen to praise about how that kind of Communism is the cool, all while ignoring the favelas which will probably get bulldozed to beautify the place.

    And dancing trannies will be de rigueur. No homo-bashing to complain about in Rio, babay.

  29. Looks very much as though NBC seeks to establish itself as a non-pivotal institutional standard in ignorance, imbecility and slavishness to an almighty broadcast dollar. In place of the triumphant’s memento mori, NBC keeps a manservant to repeat in the network’s collective ear “Don’t you eat that yellow snow.”

  30. leigh, you were asking a while ago about the situation in Ukraine. I found these two posts from a Czech viewpoint informative.

  31. Thanks, SW.

  32. It’s a wonder ClownDisasterSecOState John Kerry hasn’t rushed in already to attempt to enforce a two-state solution in the Ukraine, ain’t it, SW? How it can be that a foreign-policy genius of such a caliber fails to employ his talents where the honor to his name could be everlasting, we might never know.

  33. In any future encounter with a foreigner, sdferr, I now expect Lurch to mention his familiarity with firearms, as a cautionary note.

  34. Lurch has some nerve telling a fellow who has dealt numerous times with Hezbollah, that he has combat experience, too.

    Spare me.

  35. Indeed, leigh, and not just “combat experience”. Imagine a combination of Airborne Ranger and Delta. Lurch waving his dick around in a pissing competition was about the funniest thing this century.