February 4, 2014

“The Obama Administration Moves to Silence 501(c)(4) Organizations”

See? If we just legalize scandalous behavior, scandalous behavior is no longer scandalous but rather is legal.  QED!

Now. What was it you wingnuts were saying about investigating the IRS again?  Because frankly, it looks to me like they were just doing their job  — in advance of it really being their job.  And that kind of go-getter attitude is what puts the “progress” in progressive!

(h/t newrouter)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:10pm

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  2. Democrats decide Richard It’s not illegal when the President does it Nixon was right after all. And just in time for the 40th anniversary of his resignation, too!

    Sorry about that Dick.

  3. Campaign finance laws were opposed in the beginning because people foresaw precisely this kind of abuse.

    Clearly Citizens United didn’t go far enough.

  4. Is the regime’s reasoning as simple as the ol’: “You’ve got to destroy the village in order to save the village: only, saved as new and improved!”?

  5. You have to destroy the village and sow the ground with salt so you can build the new, politically correct village there.

    And then blame wreckers when the crops fail.

  6. I may have mistakenly identified new and improved with ‘paved in asphalt’ (which is so much easier to sweep and keep clean after all!), than to consider the possibility of crops, which, y’know, are run thick with thaticky nature stuff.

  7. They know it’s unconstitutional, and they know it’ll be overturned. They just figure it’ll take ’til after the midterms for the case to work its way through the courts, at which point they’re praying they still hold on to the Senate, lest any uncomfortable questions come through before the 2016 election.

    To which I say, relax, guys — it’s not like Weepy Smurf would allow such uncomfortable questions to go anywhere in the first place. Wouldn’t be collegial, dontcha know.

  8. After the mid-terms, Weepy Smurf will be House Minority Leader and even more irrrelevant than he is now.

  9. IRS workers are getting bonuses. For morale.
    (Their morale, not yours, Bagger! Now get back to work.)

  10. Everyday now we get another story about speech stifled. Here’s a new one (story, that is), though the stifling is just more of the same.

  11. Considered as in the nature of a “threat to the Republic”, which is the greater: 1) Alcoholism and drug use by members of Congress, or 2) the writing and manipulation of labyrinthine, Kafkaesque election campaign funding laws with an aim to taking personal gain in corrupted money and political power by members of Congress?

    Seems to me the latter has become the true general expertise of the ruling class, a bona fide expertise (as opposed, say, to expertise in politics or legislating more broadly understood, i.e., with a view to the ground necessities of America’s national security interests, or even the just rule of law required for domestic tranquility): that without which they couldn’t even exist as the ruling class and in the state to which they have become accustomed.