February 3, 2014

Weekend update

Sure, the Broncos lost the Super Bowl.  But meh.  Satchel took second place at States, beating the number 1 seed from Region 2 before losing in the finals to the same kid he lost to in the Regional finals, in what was a much better match, a fact not reflected in the score so much as it was in a move toward an elevated understanding of strategy and planning. In fact, had Satch’s body the same level and drilling and muscle memory required to go from thinking to reacting in the finals as did his opponent — who has way more mat experience — I believe Satchel would have won.  Oftentimes, these matches hinge on who gets the key turn and when.  Satch was in the right position more often than not; his opponent just countered faster than Satchel decided which move to chain to.

All in all, an outstanding finish to a great an outstanding year of hard work and improvement.

Satch will be competing in a 6-week eastern plains tournament league, coached by UFC grappling coach Leister Bowling among others (myself included), but really at this point I want him to begin working on trying new things rather than accumulating hardware.  We are going back to some of the basics in order to fine tune them, then we’ll be concentrating on chain wrestling techniques and drilling, which take the moves kids know and better contextualize them for easier reaction.

For those interested — and sorry for the viewpoint, but it’s what we had — here’s the video of Satchel’s defeat over the Region 2 number 1 seed, which advanced him to the finals.  Once again, by some quirk of bracketing, Satchel was the only wrestler who didn’t get a bye.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 3:07pm

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  1. Yeah buddy. We can see him coming on. Also of significant note is Satch’s steady equanimity, in victory or defeat. What a great base from which he can build.

  2. Man, this is taking me back. I suddenly recalled how exhausting it is and how fast that happens when your strength is matched. Way to go, Dudes.

  3. Very, very cool.

  4. He did good!

    Vantage point wasn’t awful, except for the seemingly endless parade of what I think of as MIMC (Men in Maternity Clothing) interrupting the view.

    You know: the guys in the baggy, untucked shirts or sweatshirts, tented up by a substantial belly.

  5. Well done, lads.

  6. Sure, the Broncos lost the Super Bowl.

    Well, that’s charitable.

    Way to go, Satch! You’re a growing force to be reckoned with.

  7. I think it’s fair to say the Broncos never found the Super Bowl to begin with.

  8. The superbowl found them.