February 3, 2014

February fundraiser is here. [sticky; new posts below]

And not a moment too soon.  My consistently ignored voice is more important to ignore now than ever.  And what better way to make sure that happens than to give me money to blow either on X (which will keep me away from the computer, except of course from porn sites) or else a new set of all-season tires for my now 20-year-old Wrangler Sahara (which will keep me busy marveling at really cool, deep, tread patterns)?

Answer:  none.

So the solution seems pretty simple to me.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 9:13am

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  1. Thanks to di, Bill Q, William P, McGehee, Patrick C, Serr8d, Geoff B, RI Red, cranky D, palaeomerus, Charles A, and Stephen L for hitting the tip jar before I could even write my bleg post.

    Also, happy birthday to my beautiful wife, who will never read this, but knows for certain how much I love her and how proud I am of what she’s accomplished in her mumble mumble years.

  2. Thanks, Billy H!

  3. Your birthdays are one or two days apart?

    THAT saves time, I imagine.

  4. Yup, 2 day spread.

    Thanks, Roger H and Pablo!

  5. Thanks Darleen and Silver Whistle!

  6. Thanks, Terry H!

  7. Thanks, James C!

  8. Thanks, Bill S!

  9. Thanks, Arthur L!

  10. Thanks, Squid!

  11. Thanks, SDN!

  12. Took me a couple days to get back….

  13. Thanks, Charles W!

  14. Thanks guins.