February 1, 2014

And we’re off…

I’ll be spending most of today on the road driving north through the snow to Greeley, where the family will be staying overnight in a hotel in preparation for a 6-8 pm weigh-in and a 7am Sunday morning start time for Jr State Wrestling Championships at the University of Northern Colorado. I’ll be coaching for the Frederick club, and Satchel will be wrestling for Frederick Elite as the number 2 seed from his region in the 10 and under division. No matter how he finishes, we’re very proud of Satch’s hard work and improvement this season — especially given that he’s spent the bulk of tournament and dual months wrestling up in weight, often with kids 10-14 lbs heavier than he. So far, he was won or placed in every tournament he’s entered. Knock wood, the ungodly start time and the car lag doesn’t get to him and he’s able to come out strong early, something that has not been one of his strengths.

But then, that’s why God invented Mountain Dew, I guess.

Also, on a side note, today is my birthday. And what Dad wouldn’t want to spend it sleeping in a cot, anxious about his son’s weight and performance.

Forget Mountain Dew. I’m now certain I know why God invented flasks and single malt.

Have a great weekend, all! And thanks to Bill Q and di for hitting the donation button without my having to come begging. Helps mitigate my obvious self-esteem issues — not to mention, helps pay for the Scotch. Which by the transitive property of equality is, we’ve proven, not unlike holy water.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:10am

Comments (10)

  1. Stay frosty, Satch.

  2. Sounds like a true Dad birthday to me.

  3. Happy Birthday. Mine is tomorrow. I bought my own present. That way, I avoid ties.

  4. Happy Birthday, Jeff!

    Happy trails and good luck to Satchel!

  5. – Congrats to Satch on his sports work. Hows his grades?

  6. Go get ’em, Satch! Happy b-day, Jeff.

  7. I like the idea that the donations are applied to single malt.

  8. Happy Birthday, Jeff. My mom’s b-day too. I got her these.

    Also, PayPal has a thing where you can make scheduled payments, on the first of the month, say.

    That’s why I was so fast off the blocks. Not because I have anything approximating a memory.

  9. “Forget Mountain Dew. I’m now certain I know why God invented flasks and single malt.”

    Better yet, Mountain Dew and Rum.
    Put a little extra Yahoo in your coachin Mon!

  10. Yes, the PayPal, it is good, especially with those of us who are starting to remember childhood better than yesterday.