February 1, 2014

“They call it the affordable health plan. There is nothing ‘affordable’ about it. I can’t afford it.” [Darleen Click]

Unfortunately, these people still believe the unconscionable raise in the cost of their healthcare is a bug, not a feature

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  1. Much screeching of “All is well!” by the port side on the money shows this morning when the deficiencies of the ACA are pointed out.

    Stupid economists and business people. WTF do they know anyway?

  2. – Bumblefuck just can’t get through a full day without doubling down on stupid. But the faithful just look away and cover their ears. They really are morons.

    – “And while Ah have dah chance I wanna lift my glass and say a rousing fuck you to all my moron supporters who majored in a worthless arts diploma….and ahhh…..thank them for all their support….ummm….yeah….whatever….”

  3. – At some point, somewhere down the line, all this restless native activity that His Wancer is stirring up just has to come home to roost, no matter how much the media tries to protect him:

    “Labor leaders who have spent months lobbying unsuccessfully for special protections under the Affordable Care Act warned this week that the White House’s continued refusal to help is dampening union support for Democratic candidates in this year’s midterm elections.”

  4. fiesty doc tells ins. co. and o!care to pound sand

    Notification of Termination to Aetna

  5. I had a laugh yesterday. In defense of Obamacare someone argued that 1) people just need to SHOP AROUND for better prices which are apparently out there (or you get what you deserve ) and that (I’m going to quote here)

    “Well I see it working for some and not working for others. Our patients who had major Health issues and who NO Insurance Company would cover them are benefiting from it. Both on the Medical and the Prescription side of it. But for a single person who had NO Insurance with NO dependents it is a little costly (for some). But I guess everyone can’t be pleased! Life isn’t fair!! But at the END of the day WE ALL Bleed the same. And if you’re able to Wake Up every morning with Breathe in you, you should feel BLESSED.”

    Oh. well, then. We can’t all be happy!

  6. Where is Steve on this?

    I’m still waiting for him to explain how Zero is fixing healthcare.

  7. I’m happy he’s not here and really don’t want him summoned.

  8. truth: mckeesport democrats shocked to find proggtards lie