January 31, 2014

California’s Clown Car: Sandra Fluke considering run for Henry Waxman’s office [Darleen Click]

I didn’t even know she lived in California

Sandra Fluke, the birth-control activist who helped Democrats launch their “Republican war on women” theme in the 2012 elections, is reported to be considering a run for the seat being vacated by Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA). Waxman announced his retirement after 20 terms in the U.S. House on Thursday morning.

Fluke, who reports her profession as “Social Justice Attorney,” is from Los Angeles. The field of potential Democratic candidates is already filling quickly with state and local politicians who have bided their time for four decades, waiting for Waxman to leave an opening. But Fluke’s national profile could draw big donors. […]

It is possible, in a crowded field, for a candidate like Fluke to win on name recognition alone against candidates with more experience. Fluke was a finalist for Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 2012.

Oh goody, the headlines for elections to watch are to be dominated by two women, Fluke and Davis, who have nothing to run on but their vaginas.

That certainly showcases the intellectual prowess of teh womyns, don’t it now?


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  1. Lysistrata.

    Enjoy, lefty pukes.

  2. I had no idea what a “Social Justice Attorney” was, but I see it pays really really well …


  3. The parody will then be complete. RUN SANDRA RUN.

  4. I suspect that’s way too much, Darleen.

  5. In the sense of “way more than it’s worth,” not as in “that number’s way too high.”

  6. Greetings:

    If you all will forgive a bit of redundancy, isn’t “Social Justice” what:

    1) Lenin and Stalin brought to Russia and Eastern Europe;

    2) Mussolini brought to Italy;

    3) Hitler brought to Germany and most of Europe;

    4) Mao the Dung brought to China;

    5) Ho Chi Minh brought to Viet Nam;

    6) Pol Pot brought to Cambodia.

    I mean, really, what was it you thought those guys were selling ???

    As to Ms. Fluke (whose last name I so continue to enjoy), do you really want a woman who can’t get her affluent scion enamorato to pay for her contraception to have more input into how you live your life ???

  7. Run Sandra run, save Kwanzaa!

  8. I nominate Darleen.

    Any seconds?

    (fortunately, there is a mountain range between Darleen and myself)

  9. oooooh boy, can’t wait for all the inventive slut-based commentary on this one. evil wimmens have the sex but don’t make enough bebbies.

  10. Good lord, Blake, I thought you liked me!

  11. I can’t wait for more projecting trolls.

  12. Persistent little thing, ain’t he? And never met a straw man he couldn’t whup in a fair fight.

    (Funny how he never notices that those staw men are actually reflections of himself.)

  13. On the subject of ‘social’, y’all might enjoy Roger Kimball’s reflections.

  14. hate to disappoint:

    O-ho. Weeeeeeeeeellll
    Sandra Fluke is a slut,
    she’s a stupid, lefty slut,
    she’s the biggest slut in the whole wide world
    She’s a stupid slut,
    If there ever was a slut,
    She’s a slut to all the boys and girls.

  15. I can’t wait for more projecting trolls.

    It’s “squirtles” all the way down.

  16. Bingo!

  17. She’s a carpetbagger, so no sale.

  18. . . .two women, Fluke and Davis, who have nothing to run on but their vaginas.

    That reminds of a joke.

  19. sherm, Davis and Fluke aren’t particularly cunning….

  20. nothing to run on but their vaginas.

    No wonder Greg Abbott won’t walk a mile in their shoes. Ick.

  21. – It would be nice if Pelosi had Fluke and Davis for partners, all three of them sitting there powerless.

    – The smell would be devastating.

  22. I’m surprised no one’s gone here yet. If Fluke makes it, we’re all flucked!

  23. I knew there was something fishy about those three, BBH.

  24. Enjoy “A Night of a Thousand Vaginas”, which is naturally being denounced for cissexism and bioessentialism.

    A classic example of crazy people redefining words as they see fit, to get the desired goal (moar government free shit for me!). Someone should blog about the Left’s predilection for that sort of thing.

  25. I hope crowds show up to throw free birth control pills at her.

  26. Sandra Slut? SRSLY, Beverly Hills? Talk about forced memes. Putting her in office is about as mature and sensible as voting for Grumpy Cat as Congressman.

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  28. We’ll, if you can’t have butt-ugly….

  29. I would vote for grumpy cat.

  30. Of course, cranky. He’s your cousin, right?