January 29, 2014

Hollywood Hypocrites. Or, oh shut up already, you preening phony assholes

Say what you will about Salinger, but his Holden Caulfield had these types pegged. Like, pinioned. To that Styrofoam board used by bug collectors to stick needles through the elytra of a prepared beetle.

Of course, hypocrisy doesn’t count when you’re an antifoundationalist. And antifoundationalism is really just an excuse to do anything you want and justify it without having to worry about Enlightment constructs like intellectual consistency, constancy, or rigor.

You just have to gin up the proper emotions, create the perfect rhetorical frame, and identify the chosen devils, then let loose the sheep pretending to be wolves to attack.

Nice work if you can get it.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:56am

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  1. Quick grandma, hide the commies! (See ya, Pete, ya rat bastard.)

  2. Nothing new. Hollywood has also always re-enforced stereotypes and then pretends that racism/sexism whatever is something created by the people in flyover country.

  3. Someone should make a movie about all the commie symps and their treasonous films of the 40s and 50s.

    It would have to be an indie, of course.

  4. Someone, in a way, already has leigh, although, typical of Hollywood commies, they thought it a celebration rather than an exposure. And true to the form, the thing is a pile of bottomless lie in the service of the cause.

  5. I vaguely recall that one, sdferr. The time has come to make an actual expose. One that exposes people like, Leo Penn, Sean Penn’s old man and his fellow travelers rather than be treated to execrable movies like “Reds”, “The Motorcycle Diaries” and Redford’s love letter to the Weathermen.

  6. leigh,

    I’ve never paid much attention to self-congratulatory awards shows, but it did make me smile when Chariots of Fire beat Warren Beatty’s shameless agitprop for Best Picture.

  7. Same here, Norm. No doubt the muttering in the crowd blamed the Jews for the win.

  8. Of all the directors to denounce the NRA, Weinstein has to be the least credible.

    Which, that’s probably why.

  9. Destroy the NRA? Good luck with that.

  10. Here in U S of A, NRA destroy You!

  11. Noooo, they can’t just settle for “asshole” but have to go for “preening asshole.”


  12. There’s nothing phony about them at all, they are authentic assholes.

    Oh, And Weinstein is a producer, not a director.

  13. I dunno what MSNBC has done now, but Malkin is requesting that everybody tweet applicable photos to #MyRightwingBiracialFamily and @msnbc.

    Also Velociman has contributed mightily to #ObamasHardKnockLife.

  14. dicentra, more than likely, a shorter list would be “what hasn’t MSNBC done now?”

  15. Many may have an enduring fondness for the Ethereal Cereal commercial.

  16. Cheerios aren’t diverse enough. I prefer Froot Loops.


  17. – TRIX are for kids silly rabbits!

  18. q: how do you make a fruit cordial?

    a: be nice to him.

  19. >It almost seems as if certain purported civil-rights activists think homosexuals are like some organized-crime groups: you can join the gang, but the only way you can leave is feet first.
    A case in point is a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey against JONAH International — a Jewish organization that helps people overcome unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA) — and some of its associates by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). And what is the basis for the lawsuit? As co-founder of JONAH Arthur Goldberg explained to me:
    [T]he lawsuit was filed under the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act alleging the commission of a consumer fraud on the unproven theory that same-sex attraction is inborn and unchangeable. Therefore, the programs and counselors to which we refer people have allegedly committed a consumer fraud because those seeking such services allegedly cannot change. Their goal is to put us (and other small organizations like ours) out of business.
    Fraud? People with SSAs cannot change? JONAH’s satisfied program participants say otherwise. And here are just a few of their testimonials:<


  20. I like raisin bran crunch which has oat clusters in it. Corn flakes is okay too I guess. Whatevs. I haven’t been excited about a cereal since Freakies and that was because it had a baking soda submarine in it. Which sank and fizzed.

  21. – Factoids I did not know:

    The governor of California (once famously dubbed “Governor Moonbeam” by Linda Ronstadt) opposes legalization. “Every year we get more and more marijuana,” SAM quotes him as saying. “And every year we find more guys with AK-47s coming out of Mexico going into forests and growing more and more dangerous and losing control.”

    – Well he practically invented gov service unions, so he can do no wrong with the Lefturds.

  22. My all-time favorite cereal is oatmeal. But that’s as a basis for everything that I like. Lots of fat, butter. Lots of nuts. Brown sugar. Cinnamon. Raisins. And anything else I can think of especially fruit. Banana, strawberries, blueberries peaches. The dry oatmeal mixture is 1/2 cup dry rolled oats. It cooks in 1 cup water in three to five minutes. Whole milk or cream, and lots of it so there’s this intriguing hot / cold thing going on.

    Now, this is a bit Scottish. And dear ol’ Dad is Scottish, so the whole thing is most likely racist as all h-e-double cinnamon sticks, but I don’t care.

  23. The Scots aren’t a race, they’re more like a light jog.

  24. Who knew that Fox Butterfield was the governor of California?

    Then again, in the Progressive Democrat circles they’re all Fox Butterfield. It’s in the Central Committee red-book of “New Soviet Man” specifications.

  25. Well McGehee didn’t show up, so my ‘suicide by Scot’ attempt is a failure. So far.

  26. I’m 75% german, 12.5% scotch-irish, 6.25% swiss, with another 6.25% French driving the other parts insane. Genetically speaking I’m a model of the early Napoleonic wars.

  27. More serious:


    Apparently, if this article is to be believed, the ATF has created “straw purchasing” as a crime out of thin air, and arrested people for it, without there ever actually having been a law against it for them to enforce.

  28. – Patience paleo. Scots are slow at everything.

  29. I sure hope I don’t get put on the blacklist for buying ‘neeps. Oh what vengeance lurks in the shadow a’yon sporan? ‘Tis ena’ ta unravel a mans argyles.

    Okay, that’s enough of that shit.

  30. Patience paleo. Scots are slow at everything.

    Away an’ bile yer heid. It’s the getting there at all that counts.

  31. “Away an’ bile yer heid”

    That’s more of a hard Irish brogue isn’t it?

    I think the burr’d be more like :

    Gwin’ball ye heed ye affa groik coo ye!

  32. In southron or yankistani, that would sound something like:

    Go and boil your head you awful, smelly/awkward/revolting cow you!

  33. – Oye vey.

  34. It’s still shite being Scottish.

  35. – MSNBC, the network that cares (about pushing their leftwing agenda).

    – Maybe they could just ad this to thier logo permenently:

    ? @msnbc
    We are deleting the earlier offensive tweet. It does not reflect msnbc’s position and we apologize.
    7:56 PM – 29 Jan 2014


  36. palaeomerus says January 29, 2014 at 10:59 pm

    Well McGehee didn’t show up, so my ‘suicide by Scot’ attempt is a failure. So far.

    If I’d seen it last night I would have laughed out loud. Just like I did this morning.

    It’s funny not because it’s true (it isn’t) but because it’s clever. I would have said it about Canadians.

  37. Or maybe, Germans aren’t a race, they’re a forced march.

  38. Of course, I’ve got German too. Also French. So if my Scottish and Irish can’t agree on what to do or say, the German invades, the French surrenders, and that’s that.

  39. That’s more of a hard Irish brogue isn’t it?

    No, this is.

  40. palaeomerus, so, you’re saying you’re the end result of all the raping and pillaging that went on during the Napoleonic wars?

  41. There’s some Dutch in me, so you know the proof of my courage.

    *swirls ice in glass*

  42. Mongrel American love. Good times. Or well, they were.

  43. Because nothing says “gun control” like co-executive producing Pulp Fiction.

  44. Me?

    One hundred percent motherless fish.


  45. bour3, oatmeal is a vehicle for add-ins, much like eggs in omelet form are a vehicle for cheese.

  46. – ….but you have to admire a gal who knows what she wants and is willing to work for it.

  47. God help Dad when she turns 16 and demands a car.

    He better nip that demanding streak right in the bud.

  48. There’s some Dutch in me, so you know the proof of my courage.

    Hey, you guys invented dykes, most of which are pretty keen. Other times, they’re Amanda Marcotte…

  49. MileyCyrusSays, i applaud your accurate labeling of jeff as a model of liberal values because it really cheeses these people off. because they know quite well that if some obama-voting lib came here and said the exact same thing, that they stayed at home to wipe baby-ass and grocery-shop while their wife worked, they would pile on that person without mercy. every argument that our hypothetical liberal would make would be ignored and answered with some sneering insult. you have no job. you don’t pay taxes and you should not be able to vote. have you asked your wife if you’re allowed to use her computer? when she finally dumps your broke failed ass, how much alimony are you gonna sue her for? and so on. they would and they know it. i don’t think there’s a single person here who doesn’t wish that their ringleader did something a bit more useful with his life than being a moocher.

    it just occurred to me – these right-wing types are always rooting for society to collapse and for the grid to go down and all of that. don’t they realize that if their apocalyptic dreams ever come true, the pw archives would likely be a casualty? jeff’s literally done nothing with the last decade of his life than rewrite the same essay about intentionalism/hermeneutics/blah-blah-blah over and over again with diminishing returns. do they really want him to be robbed of the only achievement he can point to? that’s rather thoughtless of them. its bad enough that the next time he applies for a real job he’ll have to explain the decade of employment history that is filled with nothing but kid’s wrestling matches and flame wars. LOL.

  50. Ah, look: “steve” got yet another account.

    Must be crowded, having so many people living rent-free in your head.

  51. One would have to ignore his uncanny ability to attract bizarre — near imbecilic — stalkers whose perverse fascination with what they claim to be emptiness belies their claim on its face, in order to conclude the blog is filled with nothing. The humor alone would substantiate all the rest.