January 28, 2014

Obama to deliver completely fabricated SOTU speech

Question:  if a lie falls in the forest, and millions of people (though not me, you can bet your ass on that) are there to hear it, does that make it true?

The left’s new focus group-tested attempt to deconstruct “equality” as it pertains to liberty, equal protection under the law, and opportunity and redefine it as egalitarianism, which is essentially forced conformity held together by a regulatory and police state and sanctioned by an authoritarian government, can only work if the Republicans allow it to.

— Which is to say, of course it will work, because the contemporary Republican leadership isn’t at all conservative, isn’t particularly dedicated to free-market capitalism, and are in fact even incapable of quoting JFK right back at the openly socialist Democrat party, when all they need do is agree with his formulation that “a rising tide lifts all boats.”  Instead, they believe they, too, must show concern over “income inequality” — even when income inequality is a ludicrous metric under which to gauge wealth:  if the poorest among us are richer as a result of free market capitalism, their standard of living rises.  But the left, as Margaret Thatcher famously noted (h/t to Mark Levin, who played the clip last evening), would rather see the poor remain poorer provided the rich didn’t get richer.

This is the communist manifesto as physical reality.  And establishment Republicans, having lost any connection to classical liberal / constitutional conservative principle (that is, they aren’t filthy “Purists” or delusional “True Believers” who cost us elections, as the ascensions of Presidents Dole, McCain, and Romney clearly show), lack either the skill or the desire to fight philosophical battles.  Instead, they vie for political positioning and rhetorical vapidity that they believe keeps them viable in a country they believe has to cast aside the era of Reagan.  Back when wealth and jobs were created and government was treated as the necessary evil that it is.  It’s a kind of surreal joke.

Disparity in income is the very byproduct of a free people making choices based on any number of personal metrics.  For instance, I gave up what could have been a career in academia in order to have a stay at home parent for our children — deciding that in the long run the benefits of my making far less money by working from home running a website rather than pursuing a career path that would have required day care, etc. for the children — and that was my choice.  So my income may have suffered for the choice, but it was a tradeoff I was willing to make, and one that as a free man I was free to make.  The consequences — betting that my wife had better future earning potential given her field vs mine — meant that we lived for a time in a 400 square foot duplex, right up until our oldest was a bit over 2.  Since then, however, we’ve made strides:  my wife has worked hard and, after a few jobs and promotions, we bought a beautiful starter home.  Through more hard work — which for me involved balancing running this site and a side business while taking care of two boys, one of whom is not yet two, the other of which needs transportation to and from his charter school; and for my wife involved moving from project management to sales and then returning to the industry in which she was a project manager as a new VP of sales, a path that required a not insignificant amount of travel and time away from the kids and me as her great sacrifice — we are now getting ourselves in a position to move into a new home, and perhaps even keep our current home as a rental property.

This we did through our own choices and industry; our own sacrifices and compromises.  That is to say, our path from the lower end of the income spectrum up to what Obama would call “millionaires and billionaires” (which we sure as hell ain’t) is the product of liberty coupled with personal responsibility and sacrifices.  And it is the very model of income mobility that is available to a free people.

That our hard work and sacrifice — our liberty, our decisions, our compromises, our travails and eventual triumphs — is said, once monetized on a tax form, to belong in great part to the government, to then divvy it  up as it sees fit, is a moral outrage, and is the very antithesis of equality.  Radical egalitarianism is not equality. It is homogeneity. Equality is having at one’s disposal the liberty to pursue one’s own course of action, relatively unmolested by a government charged with protecting our natural rights.

But instead of having a GOP establishment that can say, openly and proudly, that an increase in the standard of living for each and every quintile is better than a smaller “income inequality” gap in which misery is forcibly shared, and no set of choices can be juxtaposed against other sets of choices so that people can use such templates to chart their own course in life, should they so wish, we have one that has adopted the premise of income inequality being a “concern”.  And in so doing, they have adopted the progressive socialist paradigm that rejects the equality intended in our founding.

This sickens me to no end.  And that these people are, in addition to ceding ideologically incoherent economic paradigms to the left, pushing for amnesty simultaneously, which will flood the already disastrous labor market with more cheap unskilled labor and give the socialists a demographic advantage in exchange for the backing of their corporatist buddies, makes me doubly resigned to the idea that, without some restructuring at the state level that kneecaps the federal government and overruns the bureaucracies that Obama is using for his socialist coup (sorry, Mark. But this here Visigoth has been calling what we’re undergoing a coup every bit as long as you have, if not longer, so please don’t accuse me of stealing your formulations), we are finished as a nation, and the only recourse is to either become subsumed into a new iteration of the United States or find some other recourse through which those of us who won’t go quietly don’t go quietly.

It is what it is.  And both sneering GOP rah-rah chorus and the immoral, thieving leftist tyrants can pretend that only “extremists” see in their purported compassion such a nefarious end game, in which a permanent ruling class manages the great herd of economic units, content with their gas efficient tin cars and tiny living spaces and the Soma of 150 channels and cheap Chinese electronics.  But that doesn’t make it so.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:37am

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  1. Seems we’re near all daunted at the need to describe human flourishing, but then, that daunting itself lays at the heart of the great American idea, a thing ClownDisaster can never understand: for he has no such hesitation, none whatsoever.

  2. I am sick of rich people: John Kerry, any number of Kennedys, Harvey Weinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, Barack Obama. . .

  3. I just can’t watch this. I’m so tired of Obama’s NeverEndingBlather.

  4. good lord, a bunch of headlines of “SCHOOL SHOOTING IN HAWAII” with all the attendant stuff on Twitter “can’t be have gun control now?”

    Yet I just heard on the radio (since Medved it broadcasting from Hawaii today) that it was an armed GUARD that fired shots, hitting a knife-wielding student in the wrist. Student pulled knife in counselor’s office.

    So it was a GUN that stopped further violence.

  5. It is a knife to the heart of the American way that the phrase “income inequality” doesn’t send people screaming from the room, to shun the utterer of said phrase from all serious discussion. Any person in government who supports such an idea should be immediately driven from office. It is proof of the slow, relentless march through our institutions that such a phrase can be “seriously” discussed by politicians.

    On a lighter note, it looks like Jeff is thinking of becoming a slum lord. Here is a bit of advice: use a property management co. or a rental broker to find suitable tenants. That way, they can’t seize your property if the tenant turns out to be a drug dealer.

  6. As opposed to screaming from the room, I’m surprised people don’t simply assault the rostrum.

  7. Oh man, Comcast only has 127 channels in my area… If I could just get those extra 23 channels I’m sure it would fill the void in my life…

  8. I can’t do it. I can’t watch the president from the comintern even to play a drinking game. That pedantic delivery combined with the Munzenbergian rhetoric is just too much to handle. I’ll watch Real Housewives of Atlanta before I’ll watch the SOTU. It’s less contrived.

  9. – Yet another in the series of “non-truthiness”, “non-serious”, “non-events” in the 5+ year rein of Bumblefuck.

    – Future historians might name it the Bumblefuck Chronicles.

  10. Our Governor (Duval Patrick – sometimes referred to Obama 1.0) postponed his SOTS address last week due to a poorly forecasted storm, so it is on tonight at 7:30. You could be lied to for HOURS if you want.

    I may start putting away my 2013 filing and clean my office….

  11. – At this point in the Massive Progressive charade that is the Obama administration, the only people following this will be the ankle-licking media, true believerss of the clan of the cave cult, and people that still hope to cash in on whatever they can latch onto from this mess. The rest of the ObamaBots, mostly college kids and young adults looking to skip out on school loans or whatever, have seen they can’t score much more free shit, Obamacare is a joke for anyone under 45, and hes not going to accomplish very much in the way of counter-culture change to thumb in daddys face so they’ve lost interest. Hollyweird is pulling itself apart, trying to decide if its time to dump the chump and pull for the Hildebitch.

    – All of which should be encouraging news for the sake of America’s future, but unfortunately when you look at the state of the Republican side of the aisle it isn’t.

  12. I’m hoping the Atlanta Blizzard of 2014 kills my cable TV so there won’t be even the risk of channel-surfing into it.

  13. This we did through our own choices and industry; our own sacrifices and compromises.

    Yeah, but not everyone can do that because white privilege, er, Asian privilege.

    White-Asian HYBRID privilege!

    One-percenter!!!!! delenda est!!!

  14. Do white hispanics get the white privilege? Do people who are half white and half black get half a white privilege? What is the white privilege? Can I experience in anecdotal form or is it only detectable in statistics?

  15. I can’t watch the president from the comintern even to play a drinking game.

    Oh, I’m sure you can think up your own just watching a shopping channel. Desired level of inebriation PLUS a shiny bracelet at a HUGE discount!

  16. What is the white privilege?

    If I may venture an answer, I believe the white privilege is present in those listening to Pete Seeger and experiencing visions of oneworldpeas, rather than noticing the concentration camp he demands.

  17. Oh HEY.

    I got a retweet from Mark STEYN.

    My work on this planet is done.

  18. I’m glad to hear your family is doing well despite this horrid economy.

    As far as Obama and the government are concerned, I’m somewhat detached from what they say and do because I know every bit of it advances the totalitarian state one step forward. I denounce the lot of them to anyone who will listen, and explain as best I can why the lot of them are an incredible danger and need to be nullified.

    Then again, I have this site to keep me informed of the more egregious stuff, which I also pass on to others.

  19. So in this supposed ruined America, Jeff has been able to stay home and raise his children, and Jeff’s wife has been able to climb the corporate ladder without any glass ceiling holding her back. They’re looking at upgrading their living arrangements for the third time, and possibly becoming a landlord to boot.

    Seems like the current America is working pretty well.

  20. >Seems like the current America is working pretty well. <

    "dreamers" nows

    Workzone: Black teen unemployment rate almost twice U.S. average

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  22. Tonight I’m trying the experiment of watching the SOTU address in one window (muted) while playing a variety of “YouTube Poop” videos in another to provide an alternate soundtrack. Very entertaining… especially when they sync up.

  23. What the Klingon President banned troll says is not important, and we do not read his words.

  24. Hahaha. Jeff’s lifestyle is poster child for liberal values. On behalf of all the progressives who worked tirelessly to level the playing field – you’re welcome.

  25. >Jeff’s lifestyle is poster child for liberal values.<

    have you always been a dick? or an a***hole?

  26. >progressives who worked tirelessly to level the playing field – you’re welcome. <

    yo go pol pot grrrrrl

  27. I felt something, as if some braying jackass tried to claim credit for something it did not do.


  28. “Hahaha. Jeff’s lifestyle is poster child for liberal values. On behalf of all the progressives who worked tirelessly to level the playing field – you’re welcome.”

    Hey everybody! Look what just fell out of my ass! And it felt so good on the way out! I should get a blue ribbon for making this!

  29. You guys crack me up.

  30. “Seems like the current America is working pretty well. ”

    HODOR! http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1555207/original.jpg HODOR! HODOR!

  31. “Seems like the current America is working pretty well. ”

    Daaaaahhhrrrrrrr… http://www.usdebtclock.org/ Heeeegghuhhhh…DA-urrrrrr.

  32. ” “Seems like the current America is working pretty well. ”

    woo-wooo-wooooow-woooo http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2014-01-04/news/bs-ed-syria-letter-20140103_1_chemical-weapons-syria-assad -woooo-wooo-woo-wooooo

  33. “Seems like the current America is working pretty well. ”

    Yip yip yip yiy yip yi yuh yi yoo yi yip http://www.dailyfinance.com/2014/01/19/5-states-potentially-headed-for-obamacare-disaster/ yi yip yi yi yip yi yip yip yipp!

  34. “Seems like the current America is working pretty well. ”

    Burrrrppp Braaap Bu-hurrrrupt. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2014/01/28/obamas-approval-number-is-near-his-lowest-as-he-delivers-state-of-the-union-address/ Brup. Beellllloughhhh. Braaaaagghhgkt. Buuruaaap.

  35. “Seems like the current America is working pretty well. ”

    For a scorched comatose torso in an ICU ward hooked up to life support he’s doing pretty darned good!

  36. So in this supposed ruined America, Jeff has been able to stay home and raise his children, and Jeff’s wife has been able to climb the corporate ladder without any glass ceiling holding her back. They’re looking at upgrading their living arrangements for the third time, and possibly becoming a landlord to boot.

    Seems like the current America is working pretty well.

    Seems like two current Americans are working pretty well. And that is in spite of progressivism’s confiscatory, nannystate suppression.

    You are right, though. My family is the poster child for liberal values. The problem for you is, those who have hijacked for themselves the designation of liberal are not and never have been.

    So fuck yourself. You’re a latent fascist and a fan of authoritarianism. The only thing “liberal” about that is that you need it to spell illiberal.

  37. How stupid he-who-will-not-be-named is.

    Raising one’s own children in the home is a revolutionary act in these days when old school nags, er “feminists”, screech for universal preschool and the worship of work over family. Not only that, he is a sexist. By insisting that you, by virtue of having a male organ of reproduction, are better suited to bringing in the money, he dismisses both your contribution to the family as well as that of your wife. The fact that you two are married is enough to make the blood of progs boil, as well.

    Fascist, indeed.

  38. Staying married, raising two kids, trying to build some wealth, I mean, you’re just throwing it in their faces… it isn’t fair.

  39. Jeff and family are really sticking it to them by having a mixed marriage, too.

    You bastards!

  40. I have a mixed marriage: I am male and my spouse is female.
    Wait – what?