January 27, 2014

Monday morning coming down

It’s snowing here in Colorado, at least in my area just east of Boulder.  The snow is actually quite beautiful.  Some storms out this way are peaceful, while others seem dreary and almost violent.   But this one is almost placid.  Resigned.  As if it knows that, no matter how long it stays or how soon it goes, what it will leave behind, once it runs its own brief lifecycle, is the same wreckage of a once great nation that it now so tranquilly and easily covers — and in doing so, it won’t be taxed or molested or investigated or shamed or blackballed or attacked or coerced or treated like dumb animals like most of the rest of us will be.

So yeah, were I the snow here in Colorado today, I’d be smiling, too.  Though I’d also probably feel bad for the poor schmucks I’ll soon be leaving behind to fend for themselves against a growing, lawless governmental force whose power is insatiable and whose reach is ubiquitous.

But then, I’ve always been the empathetic type.




Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:30am

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  1. “leaving behind”


    Costa Rica?

  2. I’ve always been the empathetic type.

    Speaking on behalf of flakes everywhere: “we appreciate it.”

  3. For those of us not living in Colorado, can not be covered with snow be considered a taxable event?

  4. I think that explains this latest letter from Sacramento…” We’d like to announce the success of our program to combat Global Warming by announcing our new “Winter Without Snow!” Program. This will require a minor adjustment in taxation levels for those filthy rich people who still have jobs.”

  5. Given how regularly the snow is pushed aside by government workers, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that it’s sympathetic to the rest of us.

  6. Say, did la neige happen to mention whether it has a pen and a phone? Cause I’m about ready to jamb the next mentioner’s mention right up his mention hole.

  7. High-elevation snowfalls always seem more ephemeral than their pudgy, squalid, low-level counterparts. Evergreens enhance that, and also the jays and tufted titmouse(es). If you’re lucky, maybe even a colorful woodpecker.

  8. Lucky is when you see a nuthatch bopping down a tree trunk.

  9. Lucky is the photographer who catches a cardinal wrapped in white and green needles, cracking a sunflower seed. Stalking housecat optional.

  10. Snowbirds we get a ton, but they mostly look like tubby Canadians on holiday.

  11. ‘Lucky’ is a French phonetic corruption of a short cloth neck ornament currently in resurgence.

    Oh wait, that’s that other thing…

  12. I suppose you could make some kind of allegory about snow being like a political speech (such as a “pivot” speech, or a SOTU speech), giving a cover to the ugliness underneath, with a nice clean new surface. But it eventually fades/melts away, leaving the piles of road scrapings at the end of your driveway.

    Happens. Every. Time.

  13. Cardinals don’t live west of the Rockies.

    I did see a Summer Tanager (actually in Cardinalidae instead of Thraupidae) in Zion Natl. Park, and the songs are remarkably similar, but they don’t venture this far north.

    Cardinalidae & Thraupidae

  14. >Cardinals don’t live west of the Rockies.<

    Arizona Cardinals

  15. There’s a whole lot of snow covering everything up and making it more hazardous to go anywhere. Thanks Obama!

  16. If you can’t hear the song of the Arizona Cardinals you can always go listen to the Utah Jazz.

  17. The Arizona Cardinals are St. Louis’s fault, and before that Chicago’s. When someone tells you to build them a stadium you’d best get to it or they’ll leave. And play in a college stadium.

    Also why use a city’s name when you could use a whole state’s name? Better to get Flagstaff, Tuscon, and Scottsdale in on that pro football action too.

  18. I didn’t live in St. Louis then, but I did move here about the same times the Rams showed up. People in St. Louis still spit when uttering Bill Bidwell’s name. There was no way he was getting a new stadium. And now the people of St. Louis are being held hostage by the Rams to build another stadium or they’ll move because the one that isn’t quite 20 years old that was built to bring them here is considered inferior now.

  19. i used to have one those vibrating electric football set that featured the cardinals and the bears

  20. wotta buncha characters, youse guys!

  21. Now is the winter of our discontent…

  22. The bird feeder was was very busy today. English sparrows a plenty as always. Nuthatches, Titmice, Slate Colored Juncos, Cardinals, Chickadees, Downy, Hairy and Red Bellied Woodpeckers, House Finches, and Bluejays. The black squirrels were out yesterday but today seem to be back in hibernation. All except the Juncos are here year round.

  23. My main discontent right now is having both ends of my driveway plowed in over and over with 2 feet of frozen ice-like snow.

    That and the 30 mph winds with temps only to 5 today and going way minus tonight. What those from Minnesota call a balmy day and night.

  24. You can’t have discontent without disco.

  25. We had 50 mph wind last night, 12 degrees this morning rising to 22 and then back down to 5 tonight with possibility of flurries.

    Next month: Ice storms!

  26. Supposed to snow down in Carter Country tomorrow, but up here in Lewis Grizzard/Alan Jackson country we’re still waiting for the temperature to start dropping.

  27. these parts the record is -7 @ 6 now. hi algore.

  28. I picked a hella time to hang out in Chicago. Some 30 below wind chills at Ohare tonight and expected even colder at 6am. Al Gore lied, lied, lied…

  29. @3 1936 is safe fdr/gore “i read your book”

  30. We got into the upper 40’s in New England today and now are going down, down, down, down, with below zero wind chill expected Wednesday, I believe.

    I love the cold, but this up and down, up and down is killing my old bones.

  31. If you can’t hear the song of the Arizona Cardinals you can always go listen to the Utah Jazz.

    But watch out you don’t run into any Memphis Grizzlies. Course, if you do you can hide underwater with the Los Angeles Lakers.

  32. – A Commie with a small c passes.

  33. Some 30 below wind chills at Ohare tonight and expected even colder at 6am.

    That’s nothing. When I was a kid, we had 75 below wind chills. And WE LIKED IT!

  34. You sound like my dad, Slarti (not really).

    “When I was a boy, we walked to school through whiteouts! Uphill! Both ways!”

  35. Someone explain to me once more exactly why we need to vote for someone just because they have an R behind their name?

  36. Great googly-moogly, these people make me want to puke.

  37. “When I was your age, we had to walk straight through twenty-foot snow drifts! And they’d freeze up around us! We’re still there!”

    (I seem to have the same clientele at my bird feeders that geoffb has, except that our woodpeckers have been pileated or red-headed. And there’s a piebald crow once in a while… we put out leftovers instead of birdseed for that one.)

    Also, turkeys.

  38. I haven’t seen or heard any woodpeckers yet, we also have two kinds. Lots of sparrows, nuthatches, crows, geese, scissortails, cardinals and grackles so far.

  39. – Meet the new OCare – same as the old OCare. The ruling class is going to give us Socilized medicine no matter how much we hate it.

    – The GOPs are getting their pander on for the next elections.