January 24, 2014

FLOTUS: First AARP, now Subway [Darleen Click]

Inquiring minds want to know, when will Michelle get her SAG card?

Michelle Obama will become a “fixture” at Subway. The First Lady and the fast food chain are embarking on a partnership of sorts. Obama will share her Let’s Move Campaign message about healthy eating and reportedly focus in particular on children’s menu food options.

The Subway Michelle Obama campaign will highlight the healthy food items the chain offers to children in an effort to encourage wise eating choices when dining away from home. The menu changes noted in the Let’s Move Campaign promotion at the restaurant include the addition of milk and water to the kid’s menu beverage options instead of only soda pop. Parents can also opt for a side of apple slices instead of potato chips.

Exact details about the First Lady’s Let’s Move Campaign rollout are unknown. The taxpayers are funding the $41 million approved to advertise Michelle Obama’s healthy eating initiative. Some critics of the campaign have raised concerns about the potential ethical issues of President Barack Obama’s wife appearing to endorse a particular fast food chain.

Ya think? I don’t recall any other First Lady appearing in commercial ads for a particular business.

Laura Bush’s commitment to literacy didn’t involve hawking the wares of Barnes & Noble.

Not to worry, though. Queen Michelle will allow parents to indulge the kids with a meatball sub off the adult menu …

Occasionally ..

How special!

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  1. her kids are sort of awkward and pug-faced I’ll just eat whatever the fuck I want thanks

  2. the issue though is less whether hoochie is endorsing a particular fast food chain where fresh out of prison minimum wagers with as-yet undiagnosed hepatitis touch your food but more whether a fast food chain is endorsing a marxist whore

    and you have to figure there’s got to be a ton of franchisees what don’t want that hooch involved on any level in their marketing and promotions

    I bet some locations just kind of pretend like they never received the promotional package

  3. Subway kisses her giant Klingon ass, and in return gets 41 million dollars in advertising. Ain’t crony capitalism great?

  4. do they get advertised or do they get branded

    angry and fat-shaming is no way for a sammich to go through life

  5. If Subway didn’t want the brand, they wouldn’t have inked the deal, would they?


  6. Resolved: spend more time and money at Chik-Fil-A. A sanctuary, of sorts, from weirdos and Wookies.

  7. – I’m guessing that FLATULENTUS is not about to depend on Bumblefucks post presidential earning power, and I can’t say I blame her fat ass.

  8. The coldcut trio/combo is all turkey. Except the cheese and veggies. And bread.

  9. that was on sale the same time as the meatball and both times I got the meatball

  10. The original model for “pajama boy” wasn’t working so the went Wookie?

  11. – If you try to buy the meatball after about 9 pm they’ll usually be out becayuse no one wants any of the other meats very much.

    – The cookies are as hard as a brick if you buy them late at night. Since they went 24 hour operation the qualitry has gone down badly.

  12. “I’m excited about these initiatives not just as a First Lady, but also as a mom. Subway’s kids’ menu makes life easier for parents, because they know that no matter what their kids order, it’s going to be a healthy choice.”

    poor lil hooch needs to raise the excitement bar I think

    that’s just kinda pitiful

    the White House must not have cable

  13. Someone remarked today in conversation that M’Chelle wishes she could give up $5 and get a real footlong every once in a while…

  14. narcissistic pothead olympic whorefairy michael phelps is part of the subway fat-shaming propaganda campaign as well

  15. “FLATULENTUS is not about to depend on Bumblefucks post presidential earning power, and I can’t say I blame her fat ass”

    Especially considering her spending habits. 30 day Hawaiian girlfriend getaways don’t just pay for themselves and Michelle has established her expectations.

  16. FLATULENTUS is not about to depend on Bumblefucks post presidential earning power …

    I don’t know, the way Bubba and Hillary! are raking it in, there is no reason not to think Barry’s sycophants won’t continue to shower them with largess for “appearances” and “speeches”.

    OTOH, seeing FLATUS’ face plastered all over a food joint would have the effect of putting people off from eating entirely – a cruel diet plan, but effective.

    The million dollar question is what the hell is a “meatball sub with all the toppings” ? Only thing that goes on a proper meatball sub is marinara and cheese, maybe some dried peppers.

  17. Quizno’s, Firehouse Subs, Togo’s, Jimmy John’s (if they deliver to your address or if you can stand the noise in the dining room), a plethora of locally owned delis like Newnan’s Redneck Gourmet…

  18. I hesitate to criticize Michelle straight out. All first ladies try to get behind what seems to be a neutral social effort (like literacy or something). What goes wrong here is that this is the Obama administration and everything they touch turns into a lesson in fascism.

  19. I can make my own hoagies and not have to see M’chelle’s visage at all.

    Happy, her kids are socially awkward for kids of a pres. I think that oldest one is about a half a bubble off.

  20. Baldino’s Giant Jersey Subs, if you are lucky enough to be near one.

  21. Any place that makes Italian sandwiches would be better than Subway.

    The sandwiches at Subway are best fed to future bacon.

  22. leigh, you would tarnish perfectly good bacon with subway sandwiches? Heathen.

  23. No, no. Not the bacon, Blake. The swine can nosh away on the sandwiches.

    Pigs will eat anything. Perhaps even Mrs. Obama.

  24. Is Larry’s Giant Subs still in business? Its Newnan location used to be a favorite until the franchise owner lost interest in keeping it up.

    It used to be in the middle of a mini-mall near Walmart that has a Moe’s Southwest Grill on one end but nothing named Curly on the other.

  25. “Mrs Obama says parents can occasionally let kids indulge in a meatball sub…”

    That she even talks this way is nuts. She’s serving in a ceremonial capacity as FLOTUS, not queen. Makes me want to serve ice cream sandwiches for breakfast for spite.
    And this is not Michelle’s brainchild, it’s Soros & Podesta’s Center for American Progress’, designed specially for Obama along with a lot of other progressive policies in 2008.

  26. McGehee? We have two Larry’s in the Golden Isles. Good eating.

  27. Libby, as a mother of wiry, skinny boys who play a lot of sports, I let my children eat whatever they want. I have a difficult enough time trying to find Levis for them that have a 28 waist.

    Eat some cake, dammit!

  28. Exactly, Leigh! Parents know what’s best for their kids, not some fat diva who thinks she can put an entire country on a meal plan. My son is naturally thin and a picky eater, so I go with foods that work (he’ll take to broccoli when he’s ready).

    What I don’t like about Michelle’s program is that she’s using “nudge” tactics – she’s limiting choices by leaning on restaurants and manufacturers to change or discontinue foods she doesn’t like. Where does she get off forcing McD’s to change happy meals, or demanding that Mars to discontinue super-size candy bars? And what government goodies is she giving away to have them bend to her will?

  29. We have two Larry’s in the Golden Isles.

    You are close to the Baldino’s in Hinesville right outside of Ft. Stupid – you’ll thank me.

  30. But! But! The meatball subs are the food of the gods and also very close by to my home and workplace.


  31. Libby, Michelle should concentrate on feeding her own kids and leave the rest of them alone.

    I’ll bet both of those girls end up with eating disorders because of her and her twisted relationship with food. Either fat camp or the anorexia ward are distinct possibilities.

  32. Firehouse subs makes a good meatpall parm.

  33. My wife and her mom ventured into our local S##way last night to take advantage of the January discount promotion before it ends (home-cooked dinner having been preempted by response to a leaky drain pipe under the kitchen sink). They didn’t report any FLATUS effigies scowling at them in the store.

    I admit that I’m not altogether sure how much real impact the be’* is actually going to have on the company’s policies. They already liked to tout how healthy their sandwiches are.

    It’s obvious, though, that she’s doing all she can to keep us tera’nagn from growing strong SuvwI’.

  34. Is Subway a franchise operation? Maybe the individual owners can opt out of having her angry visage scaring away the customers?

  35. I don’t know what happened to my previous comment attempt, but yes — Subway stores are franchises.

  36. If you want a real sub, you don’t go to Subway.

    Find a place owned by Italians or Greeks.

  37. Find a place owned by Italians or Greeks.

    I’ll actually drive to TOPS in Rosemount, a good 35 minutes from my place, just to get their sandwiches. It’s run by a Greek family who moved out here from Philthadelphia many years ago, and they’ve got the closest thing to a proper Philly cheesesteak as I’ve ever found west of the Susquehanna.

  38. V&S in Reading, PA made a great Italian sandwich. They were always 6 deep at lunch time, so it was best to call in your order and go pick it up.