January 16, 2014

And speaking of clown noses…

Clown nose on or clown nose off?  It’s so hard to tell when intentionalism becomes just another tool for daily pragmatism — crucial when it’s useful to forging an argument, “fundamentally unserious “when it’s showcasing the dangers of embracing textualism as an interpretive paradigm in instances that don’t help “our” side win elections.

Either way, does it matter?  Even if they take the clown noses off, you can often still identify them by their shoes.   And the fact that they won’t let you pile into their little car with them.  So no worries.






Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:31am

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  1. i have no confidence the pervert Roberts court will even deign to review this

  2. I’m not about to hang my hat on Gabe’s opinions.

  3. Clearly the Legislative branch is no longer a co-equal of the Executive and the Judical. And that’s entirely Congress’s doing.

  4. I’m not holding my breath, anticipating any judicial decision that puts this tyranny in its place. Besides, even if some court decides in a way L. L. Duce rejects, he’ll simply ignore the law and use that Acme Brand Executive Order pen. It’s not like Republicans will object or actually do something.

  5. OT: I think I know why the left keeps pushing the “war on women” meme. It’s to distract us from the real war on boys and men, trying to turn them into pussies.

    And it’s working.

  6. Labor Unions and Democrats Funneling Money To Support Mitch McConnell

    My whole concept of Squish McConnell has been shaken. I need to go lie down.

  7. How clueless and slogan addled are the liberal rank and flle faux pokitical?

    Apparently THIS clueless.


    Wow. They have virtually no idea about Rand Paul, Gattaca, or anything of which they speak. They end up 98% wrong and totallty unaware of it because feelings and slogans and rumors and everybody knows type shit.

    Of course without incredibly superior automation the proposed Gattaca society is a very poor one since a society where 1/10 gets meaningful work is a poor, stagnant, and stupid one. Not mention a dangerous one because there aren’t enough cops, soldiers, and freaky Soylent Green style crowd control dump trucks in the world to make that a peaceful and stable society. They’d have goddamned fire truck triage systems. And Gattaca selected for low liability not superior talent.

    What it has do with Rand Paul is anyone’s guess. Other than he’s a designated creep and it’s fun to try and pin random tales on creeps because heart and evolved thing.

  8. Don’t have time to read a 1,500 page bill before voting?

    Well, this guy knows what to do!

    A shame the rest of the critters are afraid of Harry “the war is lost” Reid” holding the threat of a Republican caused shutdown. (that’s a whole lotta irony right there)