January 10, 2014

programming note

Satchel has his District Tournament tomorrow, and if he finishes in the top eight he moves on to Regionals. Unfortunately for us (and other members of his team), there are no satellite weigh-in locations, so we have to leave early today to drive the significant distance into eastern Colorado to get him weighed and bracketed.

Rather than returning home after that — only to have to get up and leave at about 5:45 am to drive back out to the site of the tournament — we’ve decided to stay over in a hotel, one of the closest, which is itself 20-miles from the location of the tournament. So while this still precipitates an early morning drive, we’re much closer and so have more time for Satchel to both rest and wake up.

In fact, I may throw him into the hotel pool at about 6:30 am tomorrow morning to wake him up. He tends not to be a morning person, and so he often times will come out sluggish. (When he eventually moves up into the 12 and 14-year-old brackets, his matches start in the afternoon; and I seriously feel sorry for the kids who have to take him on then, when he’s generally moving about like a hummingbird on PCP and human growth hormone).

The upshot of all this being that I will be leaving very early today. Satchel has a half-day of school, followed by a trip by his brother to the dentist, and from there right on to the road so that we can check in and get Satch a swim before the weigh ins.

Satchel weighs on average between 48.5 and 49.7 lbs. But after the holidays, he may have ticked up past fifty, and with a late afternoon / early evening weigh in, weights tend to be higher.

If Satchel doesn’t weigh in under 50 lbs, there’s a good chance that by tomorrow morning he’ll be back at about 48.5-49, and yet be wrestling in the 56 lb bracket. And while he has placed in every tournament this year in which he’s had to wrestle up so much in weight, it’s still quite tough on him.

On the other hand, if he makes his weight, he’s almost certainly guaranteed a spot at regionals, and from there, hopefully League championships. And if he can finish in the top two at League Championships, he goes to the state finals.

Satch has wrestled only one other kid in the 50 lb bracket this year in any of the various tournaments we’ve attended. And he scored 3 pins in 3 matches in a total of about 1 minute of mat time. Which is not to boast — though obviously I’m proud of what he’s accomplished — but rather to point out that, with wrestling, weight advantage is a significant factor, particularly if it’s coupled with being still short in stature. Many of the 56-62 lb kids Satchel has wrestled this year are about a foot taller than he, which means he has difficulty riding them without coming off to the side, a habit that leads to reversals in certain instances, and is a bad habit that he’s picked up as a result of having to try to control kids whom he can’t really reach across properly.

So wish the boy luck, and forgive me for putting fatherhood before yet more anti-Obama blogging. Though I do promise I’ll put up at least one more post before I have to leave.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:40am

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  1. Man, just when I thought your priorities couldn’t get any more screwed up…

  2. Good luck, Satch!

  3. Sending good thoughts to the High Plains! Don’t leave the game face at the base of the Front Range.

  4. Good luck to your son. I hope that he kicks ass.

  5. Be safe on the road and good luck on the mat.

  6. Best of luck to Satch. Go easy on the laxatives… )

  7. OMG, you guys I had the worst dream last night. I was stuck in an relentless Twitter argument about whether Biblical exegesis admits “the moon emits light” as a valid interpretation.

    Over and over I’d beat back the fallacious interpretations and over and over the snot-nosed punks kept jumping into the thread, such that Twitter cut me off twice in as many days for hitting my limit.

    It’s good to wake up, ya know?

  8. transmit works, good luck satch

  9. Godspeed, Master Satchel.

  10. 50 LBs.

    I am relating to this focus on the difference between being under 50 LBx matched against 50+ opponent. No fair.

    I am 5LBS under 150, if matched with 150+ I will be greatly disadvantaged. I don’t know what it will take to prevail, wits? Speed? Knowledge? Flexibility? Strength? All of that. I must prevail in all of that to pin. Damn. No fairs.

  11. in the end there can be only 1

  12. I was stuck in an relentless Twitter argument about whether Biblical exegesis admits “the moon emits light” as a valid interpretation.

    The moon eats light. But it’s kind enough to regurgitate some our way.

  13. There is no dark side of the moon. It’s all dark.

  14. “…and forgive me for putting fatherhood before…”

    Forgive you? Dude, it’s your duty.

    Ask for forgiveness if you get your priorities mixed up.

  15. Follow-up: Satch won districts, first place, and heads on to regionals in two weeks.

  16. We need a little “woot” smiley or something…

    Great job, Bravo Zulu!

  17. Good tidings, with challenges to come. What weight class did he end up in?

  18. Please tell him a whole bunch of people he doesn’t know are thrilled and proud for him!

  19. Great job, little man. Rock on.

  20. He wound up in the 50 lb class.

    But the 56 lb consisted of two of his own teammates who he beats regularly without any problem. So he would have likely won there, as well.

    I guess many of the 53-56 lbs kids were in the other 3 regions, or else didn’t show up this year.