January 8, 2014

Never fails to happen to GOP “moderates” [Darleen Click]

Remember when John “Maverick” McCain was every Mainstream Media darling? He was “seasoned”, willing to “work across the aisle”, not beholden to “partisanship” over “pragmatism.”

Lasted until the Establishment anointed him.

Romney was the next man touted as the perfect moderate uniter, not a scandal in his past, until he became a creature of the ObamaMedia’s imagination – bully, animal abuser, uncaring, BAD PERSON.

This time around, it has been Chris Christie shoved down our throats as inevitable. Christie as the no-nonsense, pragmatic “conservative” Governor who knows how to get things done.

Yet, here we are … in the midst of pointed burying (or revision) of ObamaCare, IRS, EPA, NSA, Benghazi scandals … and these are tonight’s headlines:


Obama needs a distraction. If his apparatchiks have any regrets, is that this had to come so early. Not that I’m sorry to see Christie wounded and out of the running. However, it points out that running against Hillary in 2016 will probably be worse than the 2008 media-drags-Obama-across-the-finish-line beating conservatives took.

Regardless of who Republicans nominate to run, the above it just a taste of how the nominee will be treated by HillaryPress.

So why not nominate an actual Constitutional conservative this time? Squishes mere end up squished.

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  1. – Yeah, the Gates book is really fucking with the Narrative™.

    – Sign seen on a fence at the San Diego Zoo:

    “Please do not feed the animals – They tend to become dependent and next they’ll want cell phones.”

  2. there’s no excuse even for jerseytards not to have this piece of shit’s obscenely petty jersey trash ass impeached before the end of the month

  3. Maybe an embarrassing faux pas such as this will cause Christie to tack starboard.

    Or go get donuts with sprinkles that he can eat in the car.

  4. animal abuser

    Running against the sumbitch who ATE A DOG and referred to his grandmother as a “typical white person”, and no one paid that any attention.

  5. They must think Christie could actually win to be biting at his kneecaps so soon.

    I’d laugh if I wasn’t so sad for my poor country.

  6. this is not behavior one’s appraisal of which can be minimized without minimizing all of us everyone

    and I think deep down all of you know that

  7. doughnut h8ters the lot of you!!11!!

  8. One of the local broadcast providers added COZI TV to their digital lineup, and they’re showing Six Million Dollar Man right now.

    God bless 2014.

  9. Is it the one with the Russian Venus Probe?

  10. Tuesday nights it’s Charlie’s Angels and the Bionic Woman And Thursday nights it’s –wait for it– Magnum P. I, all night long!

  11. Do they have Simon and Simon?

  12. How about Heart to Heart or Macmillan and Wife?

  13. Hart to Hart you mean

  14. Russian Venus Probe

    WTF catalogs do you subscribe to!?!?!?

  15. I Spy, Roy Rogers, Lone Ranger, Maverick, Lassie, Marcus Welby, M.D.

    I don’t actually watch them so much as have the TV on while I’m on the computer in the same room.

    Also, the best Six-Million Dollar Man episodes featured the Fembots.

  16. cause when they met it was murder

  17. >Hart to Hart you mean<

    stuck in jimmy carter's american peanuts again?

  18. McMillan & Wife is on Monday nights, after Banacek. Frau Schreiber liked McMillan so much, I got her the complete series on DVD for christmas.

    After you’ve watched the same eight to ten episodes* on cozi over and over, you’ll understand why.

    Rock Hudson & Susan St. James carried on some of the best repartee since William Powell & Myrna Loy. And damn, was that woman a looker in the 70s.

    *at least half of which are from the 6th season when it was no longer & wife

  19. >cause when they met it was murder<

    burpbank nothing new just recycle losers

  20. burpbank are the fumes running low? puts some “diversity” into your crowd racist loser @ union level

  21. Erin Gray essentially was puberty for me. I’m not sure what that means but…

  22. Buck Rogers huh? My favorite characters were Twiki, because he talked funny, and Hawk, because he looked cool, — which ought to tell you how old I was.

  23. I saw an episode of Buck Rogers in a hotel in Orense, Spain, and it was pissing me off because they were mumbling too much.

    Then I realized it was in Portuguese.

  24. “Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of men – The Shadow am do.”

    * Sky King
    * Sargent Preston of the Royal Canadian mounties
    * Amos and Andy
    * Jack Benny
    * George and Gracie Allen
    * Our Miss Brooks
    * Tom Mix
    * Mystery Theater
    * Dragnet
    * I Spy
    * Batman and Robin
    * Lost in Space
    * Twilight Zone
    * The Prisoner
    * The Rifleman
    * The Rebel
    * Maveric
    * Pallidin
    * Rawhide
    * The Ponderosa

    – Somewhere in the Attic of my folks home in Cleveland I have a stack of original radio scripts from the 40’s.

  25. http://www.nationalreview.com/campaign-spot/367758/reminder-11-percent-us-workforce-makes-minimum-wage-jim-geraghty

    “The current U.S. population is about 317 million. The current number of employed American workers is 144 million.

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, among those paid by the hour, 1.6 million Americans earned the prevailing federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour in 2012. (The data for 2013 hasn’t been released yet.) Of these, 484,000 are aged 16 to 19.

    So… the Democrats’ big idea on income inequality is one that will increase wages for… 1.1 percent of the workforce.”

  26. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/367786/millennial-communists-jonah-goldberg

    It seems that rolling stones do gather moss if they sit on their rolling ass for too long.

  27. -Come on, Gentlemen!…COZI shows The Name Of The Game – a truly inspirational series for any manly man.

    -With the coming of COZI and MeTV, life is good. The latter has Dragnet, Peter Gunn, Kojak, and Gunsmoke.

    -The only ones missing are Baretta and Mannix.

  28. Reminds me of Bob Packwood.

  29. palaeomerus says January 8, 2014 at 11:23 pm

    Erin Gray essentially was puberty for me. I’m not sure what that means but…

    I didn’t see it until syndication, but…

    My earliest philosophical considerations of societal censorship (and disagreement thereof) involved the psionically-gifted little people stripping Erin Gray by telekinesis.

  30. Buck Rogers huh? My favorite characters were Twiki, because he talked funny, and Hawk, because he looked cool, — which ought to tell you how old I was.

    I’m so old that I saw the movie in the theaters that the Buck Rogers TV show was based on. I know that IMDB calls it a TV movie, but it played locally on the big screen in my hometown. Which, considering where I grew up, makes it entirely possible that it was a TV movie on the big screen.

    For the record, Erin Gray looked magnificent on the big screen.

  31. And sure enough, Wikipedia backs me up:

    Originally made as a television movie pilot, Universal Studios opted to release the film to theaters several months before the subsequent television series aired.

  32. I don’t watch much cable, but MeTV for original Star Trek (Sat nights at 9!) is a no-miss for hubby and me.

    We practically quote the dialogue right along with the show … we get funny looks from the twins …

    Some other fave shows of my single digits into jr high

    Wagon Train
    Wonderful World of Disney
    Jackie Gleason Show
    Ed Sullivan Show
    The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
    F Troop
    I Dream of Jeannie
    The Monkees
    Get Smart

  33. 80’s faves

    Hill Street Blues
    Barney Miller
    WKRP in Cincinnati
    Night Court

  34. All I really want is for Christie to break out the classic retort from the Don’t Do Drugs commercial: “It was YOU, okay? I learned it from watching YOU!”

    Seriously — I may not like the guy, and I really don’t want him as President, but if Christie would just come out swinging on this one, he could cut the legs out from under the press and the President with a couple of good press conferences.

    “You wanna talk pettiness? My staff closed a few lanes on a bridge; the President’s staff closed war memorials and national parks in order to punish all Americans and every tourist who was visiting our country.”
    “My staff inconvenienced hundreds of thousands of commuters; the President’s staff stripped health insurance from seven million people. What’s worse — an extra hour for your commute, or having your insurance pulled out from under you?”
    “The police chief called the lane closures a threat to public safety. If that’s the case, then what would you call the sale of thousands of rifles to Mexican drug lords?”
    “I fully intent to get to the bottom of this, and I will hold my people accountable. But I will not take any action until those responsible for Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS abuses, or ObamaCare are similarly held to account. If any member of the press wants to follow up with me, they will get the same answer: until Holder, Clinton, Sibelius, and Lerner pay for what they’ve done to the American people, the Mexican people, and our foreign service employees, I have No Comment.”
    “No, really — I want you to keep asking me about the bridge all through the campaign! Because every time you bring it up, I can remind the voters about the disastrous two terms we’ve just lived through (barely), and I can compare this minor blemish on my leadership against the parade of disastrous scandals that have plagued the Democrats for the last decade. I can remind everybody that after spending six years cheerleading and covering for Obama like he was your teenage crush, you decided to go all-in on me over a traffic jam. So, yeah — ask me about the bridge again!”

    Seriously, how epic would that shit be?

  35. Squid

    *If* Christie would do that, it would be epic.

    But he’s not. He won’t attack Obama.

    But I am going this in mind when he does make a statement … cause it would make a grand photoshop.

  36. Squid

    Looks like we’ll find out in about an hour how Christie handles this (11 am EST)


  37. I hate my satellite provider now.

  38. The people who built it, or the people who put it in orbit?

  39. The people who determine the programing that is available for less than the budget of a small country.

  40. Squid,

    Well, we will get to see the myth of Christie’s “in your face” confrontational style exposed.

    What you said should be right in the Christie wheelhouse. We won’t even see a foul tip.

    Btw, Squid, congrats. You’ve been on a roll these last few weeks.

  41. Squid’s solution would be nice to hear but ….perhaps the most beneficial solution for the Republic would be for some ACCOUNTABILITY to start happening. The honorable Mr. Christie should admit that he is ultimately responsible for actions of his staff apologize to anyone affected and resign.

  42. Squid, dare to dream with your little proposed Christy speech.

    But he won’t do it, which is why I want him to have ZERO chance at the white house.

  43. Mr. Christie should admit that he is ultimately responsible for actions of his staff apologize to anyone affected and resign. –

    Seriously? YOu think Christie should resign? Seriously?

    See, this is why we always lose.

  44. if he doesn’t resign he needs to be impeached

    he’s not fit for public service

    but the first thing Team R needs to do is to remove this piece of shit from his position as the head of the Republican Governor’s Association

  45. Carin, it appears the lane closure may have prevented an ambulance or two from reaching the hospital. Which means there may be a body count associated with the lane closures.

    So, yes, resignation is appropriate.

  46. From the account I read, a 91 year old woman died in the hospital, after it took longer for the ambulance to reach her.

    It also took EMS seven minutes to reach an unconscious 91-year-old woman who later died of cardiac arrest at a hospital. Although he did not say her death was directly caused by the delays, Favia noted that “paramedics were delayed due to heavy traffic on Fort Lee Road and had to meet the ambulance en-route to the hospital instead of on the scene.”

    7 Minutes? Shit, in Detroit that would be a miracle. No one in Detroit is resigning.

  47. I don’t even like Christie, but Republicans are wusses and that’s why we’ll always lose.

  48. if even one real person, one for reals luckless piece of shit jersey resident, who has to get up and throw on their boots in the cold and make their way to their stupid dead end jersey job got stuck on the side of the road cause disgraced fat fuck’s petty bullshit made him run out of gas, that’s more than enough reason to call for him to step down right there

  49. Christie is coming off like a fat version of the Wahn. “Me, me, me” “I, I, I”

    Chief of staff or whomever was behind the bridge closing is canned.

    I’m with you Carin. Response times here are around 35-50 minutes. Plus, she was 91.

    I’ve never driven over the GW Bridge when there hasn’t been a traffic jam. This is a look! Shiny!

  50. I like how we get so up in arms and ready for action when it’s an R. Off with his head (again, I do NOT like Christie). But when it’s Obama or a D …

    Well, then we’re just helpless.

    This is bigger news that Benghazi in the days afterwards, and we’re playing along.

  51. Shit, it’s taken my husband 3 and a half hours to get to work this morning (it’s normally an hour commute). I demand someone resign.

  52. Liberals are rather good at making us eat our own.

  53. i don’t “commute” and i bet neither does disgraced piece of shit Chris Christie but

    but god bless america

    you do NOT fuck with people who do

  54. I fuck with commuters all the time, Ratfuck. Every time it snows, and my cow-orkers roll in sometime after nine and commiserate about the horrible traffic, I can’t help but note that my commute was a 20-minute bus ride, same as always.

    It’s one of the few perks of living in this benighted town, and I’m not giving it up!

  55. i roll in after nine and plus I don’t commute cause I live close enough to work to where I walk sometimes, but only when they put the daylight savings back to where it’s not dark when i leave the office cause walking home in the dark is kind of tedious

    but I don’t fuck with all the commuters who get there before me

    instead I make them tasty low-calorie nespresso beverages

  56. Carin, it’s not a matter of liberals making conservatives eat their own. It’s matter of conservatives having standards and if the standards aren’t met, either make it right or go away.

    Granted, Christie is not a conservative and most certainly would not get my vote if he were the GOP standard bearer, however, for the purposes of making a point, I’ll go with it.

  57. “See, this is why we always lose”

    Car, I fully understand your frustration with the selective outrage as applied to thug politics. From where I sit the path to change starts with term limits and accountability for bad decisions/policy/judgement/governing.
    I have lost confidence in the Repub. establishment, thus I dont feel a part of your ..”we”. Nothing personal.

  58. Liberals don’t make us eat our own. We do it very willingly. We’re all about holding our own folks accountable. Too bad we can’t do the same for the people who are really and truly fucking up the country.

    Wonder what the nice piece of dirt they’ll get on the next R contender for 2016. It will probably be good irrelevant and untrue.


  59. Car in says January 9, 2014 at 9:30 am

    Liberals are rather good at making us eat our own.

    I would take issue with the governor being considered “one of us”. I would also point out that if one is a conservative, and this is the first time one has found something bad to say about Christie, then one is doing it wrong.

  60. Again, I don’t care about Christie.

  61. I have lost confidence in the Repub. establishment, thus I dont feel a part of your ..”we”. Nothing personal. – See more at: http://proteinwisdom.com/?p=52402#comment-1049319

    I don’t mean that “we”. I mean those of us who love our country, and the principals on which it was founded. It is why “we” have been losing more slowly since 1940 or thereabouts.

    I mean the “we” who have been lectured to about electability, and moderation, and being reasonable – all the while the other side is throwing mud and using every dirty trick in the book.

  62. Hang him out to dry. Just be sure to use a large enough meat hook.

  63. If it makes you feel any better I tried to raise a similar objection during the Todd Akin beat-down. The general consensus at MichelleMalkin.com was “shut up”, and the female consensus was “no man should ever comment about rape, or probably even use the word, oh, and shut up”.

  64. I’ve got a great idea – how about we focus this scandal upon what it really belongs:

    The idea of a big, and basically unaccountable government. It does what it wants, and we are merely the tools.

  65. I question so many aspects of this story.

  66. Wow. Rush just made my exact point.

  67. I’ll give Christie props for firing two of his people a lot quicker than most politicians would for emailing about a “traffic study”. Good to know that he at least believes in the concept of accountability.

  68. I don’t believe Obama has *ever* fired anyone, has he?

    Of course, he didn’t close lane on a bridge.

  69. Of course, he didn’t close lane on a bridge.

    Nope. He just got a Border Agent and an Ambassador killed. No big deal.

  70. Exactly. Plus, sent the IRA after his political enemies. And closed parks, monuments, even those privately run in order to punish the opposition.

    And let’s not forget that he got court documents regarding an opponents divorce.

    Yes, nothing to worry about there.

  71. He just got a Border Agent and an Ambassador killed. No big deal.

    Or took exception to a housing zoning ruling in another nation, and began pushing a return to the 1949 armistice lines as a baseline of negotiations there in response, regardless of the contradiction of the previous stance of his own nation’s governments and the dire security implications entailed for his purported ally.

  72. And let’s not forget that he got court documents regarding an opponents divorce.

    Twice. And yet his own records are blithely sealed away, with the standard explanation “oh, those are private”.

  73. I hope you are not implying that in order to beat them “we” should lower our standards to theirs or have none at all. That in my opinion is exactly how we got to this low point in the application of government. A steady lowering of morals, values, standards.
    I totally agree that this incident is extremely minor in comparison to Fast and Furious, Benghazi and the IRS scrutiny of political opponents.
    What would be the point in winning if “we” act like and govern as they?

  74. Dave, you bring up an issue at the center of the problems today: “we” want the affairs of ourselves and our government to be conducted with “morals, values, standards”, but our opponents refuse to conduct themselves this way. How do we force them to do so? They refuse to acknowledge either the validity of the rules we want followed, or that they are violating them. If we continue to play by the rules, our only two choices will be to always lose, or to not play – neither is acceptable. So we 1) change the rules, or 2) ?

  75. You guys do have a point though “we” could probably pick up a few votes with a platform and campaign slogan along the lines of:

    Hey vato, vote for us, we are just as sneaky, dirty and corrupt as the democrates but we love our country…and yours.

  76. . . . the center of the problems today . . .

    This business has a much longer pedigree than to be restricted to our puny political times. Doesn’t the problem stand at the center of all political dealings, born simultaneously with the political problem itself? Sure looks like it to me. And funny thing, the problem still hasn’t been solved.

  77. If Christie was in on it, the e-mails will come to light about a week before the election (if he’s the candidate). His direct involvement will sink him, and rightly so. That sort of abuse of power for petty, personal reasons is completely unacceptable, unless you’re the Jugeared Jesus.

    If Christie was not in on it, then a forceful announcement that “This shit is not acceptable and I will not tolerate it, and the responsible people have been fired” is a pretty good start. Sure, the Anderchuck Toddows will carp about how “he should have known,” but they’re always going to say that about anyone to the right of Mao.

    I still maintain that if he has half a brain in his head, Christie will go into full attack mode any time this is brought up. He can cut the legs out from under the press and the Dems just by saying, “You guys didn’t give a crap about Hillary leaving our consulate staff out to swing in the breeze, throwing some poor Californian schlub in jail to try to cover it up, and standing in front of our dead men’s coffins and lying about it, but you want to talk some more about a traffic jam? And you wonder why nobody takes you seriously any more?”

    Frankly, it’s probably the greatest service he could do for the country right now.

  78. Or, “Do you know where your Lois Lerner is? Oh. She’s collecting her generous pension, you say?”

  79. Ace points out the e-mails regarding Obama’s deliberate targeting of opponents over the sequester closures, but “Plus ça change“, n’est ce-pas?


  80. As much as we all hereabouts hate Chris Christie’s wide stance, this “BridgeGate” affair presents an opportunity to compare and contrast. Hopefully the GOP will seize the opportunity every chance it gets.