January 6, 2014

“decade: a haiku”

For Satchel, on his 10th birthday.

Ten years ago you
came crying into our lives.
We’ve smiled ever since.


Happy birthday, son. Your mother and I love you and couldn’t be prouder of the young man you’ve become.

Posted by Jeff G. @ 12:50pm

Comments (16)

  1. Has it really been ten years? Happy Birthday, Satchel!

  2. Happy birthday, Satchel! Double digits, whoo-hoo!

  3. Haikus can be fun,
    But sometimes they don’t make sense.

  4. So he’d need an academy appointment by 2022? Just under the wire then, since new districts wouldn’t affect your options until the new Congress is seated in ’23.

  5. Just think, 16 years from now, you can finally kick the little — out of the house!

  6. Happy b-day, kid. Keep it up.

  7. OMG…10 years. We’re getting OLD people!! Happy Bday Satch, may you wrestle your way into history

  8. Hmmm…Haikus?

    it’s winter here
    freezing my little ass off
    I hate chevys

  9. Fifty-two! Twenty-thlee! Huttu! Huttu! Haiku!

  10. Is that a Brady audible?

  11. Under winter’s moon
    Is this seven syllables?
    Dada da-da da.

    ~ The lazy poet

  12. Happy Tenth Birthday, Master Satchel.

  13. Happy Birthday, Satchel!

    (also my #1 daughter’s b-day today … now she’s 35 …)

  14. Does the boy read here?
    If so, I better clean up
    no salty language!

  15. Happy Birthday, Satchel!

  16. Happy Belated, Master Satchel.