January 6, 2014

“Colorado Democrat fires gay aide allegedly for visiting Republican office”

But before you start bitching, let’s look at the plus side, here.   At least Democrat state Senator Irene Aguilar didn’t shoot the homosexual (potential) turncoat and insufficient party zealot.

And who can we thank for that?  Why, the brave Colorado Democratic lawmakers who took a wildly unpopular stand on new, overweening, liberty-squelching gun control measures and acted against the public’s wishes so that they wouldn’t have the ready means  to have put any more than 10 rounds into this gay bastard’s chest with a single semi-automatic pistol, that’s who.

So.  In your face, gun fetishists!

(h/t geoff B)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 11:43am

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  1. Irene looks like third world peasant trash

  2. I looked for a more better picture of her

    no luck

  3. While Tyler Drum is unemployed maybe he should read a book? Then perhaps he won’t have to be a disappointed democrat, since he’d know beforehand which ways love can go.

  4. a lot of times if you read the book the movie becomes completely unwatchable

  5. Or he could watch that Peter Weir movie The Way Back and learn how hard it is to escape from the gulag, but still that it can be done if he tries without stopping.

  6. “I thought this would happen on the Republican side, now I’m a disenchanted Democrat,” he said.

    First, I’d like to note that none of the layers and layers of editors and proofreaders and fact-checkers knows how to use a fucking semicolon.

    Second, I’d like to suggest to Mr. Drum that he probably believes a great many things that simply aren’t true, and that he would probably be well-served to reconsider just about everything he’s been taught about conservatives, Republicans, history, the free market, Western Civilization, religion, Dead White Guys, and — last, but not least — punctuation.

  7. But Squid, if there is no real interest in compromise, how can there possibly be any interest in punctuation?

  8. I almost did The Way Back this weekend but decided it looked good enough to watch when i’ve got someone over

    i think it’s on Amazon is where I saw it

  9. Irene might would fire Ed Harris for consorting with critics of the party.

  10. I thought the movie was titled “The Long Walk.”

  11. The Long Walk” is the book title, “The Way Back” is the movie.

  12. This firing makes clear that the Progressive-Democrats do consider themselves to be in a war-war, not just figuratively, in their minds, but literally, with all who might oppose their being in office. Fraternization with an enemy calls for being immediately cut off from any access to “secrets.”

  13. Ah, thanks for the clarification, geoff.

  14. “Irene looks like third world peasant trash”

    As opposed to california hipster foodie trash that feels compelled to call anything it sees a slut or whore?

  15. i didn’t call Irene either a slut OR a whore

    i just find her puzzling

    she was born in Chicago but she has this no hairstyle/no makeup “generic indigenous person” look, and it all seems very, very contrived I think

  16. She doesn’t need him as liaison, she cannot use his propensity to fraternize with the enemy. Know why? Because she knows in any given situation everything any Republican will think, say, or do already.

    She thinks that way.

    And she’s right. Republicans are predictable as all h-e-double dipsticks while Democrats are continuously planning their next surprise, their next salvo of surprises from various corners, while Republicans plod along their predictable well-worn path.

  17. happyfeet says January 6, 2014 at 12:04 pm Irene looks like third world peasant trash

    We don’t need reminders of how ugly your soul is, griefer.

    Did you think making that sort of remark about someone people here oppose will make us like you?

  18. not my fault bitch chooses to look like third world peasant trash

    choices is choices

  19. happyfeet says January 6, 2014 at 5:52 pm i didn’t call Irene either a slut OR a whore

    …and we’re supposed to applaud the mighty restraint that must have required you to exert?

  20. I don’t understand

  21. Patrick, the boy is an inch deep and a mile wide. There’s nothing to be done for it.

  22. Sad, but likely true.

  23. how’s the nespresso?

  24. or the squawky birds

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGcebUh7zNI

    cool ‘nucleation(bubbles from agitation) causes freezing to begin’ video.

  26. Apparently it works with beer too.


  27. Mr. newrouter i had to get a second nespresso machine for my office cause of I would pine for it all day long and it was getting to where i didn’t want to come to work anymore

    it should be here tomorrow

    thank fucking god

    I can’t live this way