January 3, 2014

Blessed Kwanzaa!

Erick Erickson:

Over the next few weeks, the media will be profiling families celebrating Kwanzaa — advent wreath lighters are too religious for media profiles.

Kwanzaa has absolutely nothing to do with Africa and everything to do with hating the United States. Kwanzaa is the brain child of Ron Everett, who you will not be surprised to learn, chaired the African American Studies department of California State University, Long Beach, from 1989 to 2002. Some time before that, he spent several years in jail for torture, changed his name to Maulana Ron Karenga, put on a dashiki, embraced marxism, and declared Kwanzaa a real holiday.

In 1971, a California jury convicted Karenga of assaulting and torturing two women. A May 14, 1971, article in the Los Angeles Times documented the torture: “Deborah Jones, who once was given the Swahili title of an African queen, said she and Gail Davis were whipped with an electrical cord and beaten with a karate baton after being ordered to remove their clothes. She testified that a hot soldering iron was placed in Ms. Davis’s mouth and placed against Ms. Davis’s face and that one of her own big toes was tightened in a vise. Karenga also put detergent and running hoses in their mouths, she said.”

Being California, the state released Mr. Karenga in 1975, then promptly admitted him to public universities so he could become Dr. Ron Karenga. In 1977, Karenga outlined the principles of Kwanzaa and later noted, “People think it’s African, but it’s not. I came up with Kwanzaa because black people wouldn’t celebrate it if they knew it was American. Also, I put it around Christmas because I knew that’s when a lot of Bloods were partying.” Karenga went on to call Christ “psychotic” and declared Christianity a “white religion.” Apparently, the media agreed.

As the late Tony Snow once commented, “There is no part of Kwanzaa that is not fraudulent.” Kwanzaa actually is the perfect holiday for the mainstream media. Every other holiday celebrates a religious miracle, patriotic heros, or America itself. Every other holiday celebrates something greater than the self. Kwanzaa was made up by a felon establishing a holiday whereby people can celebrates the racial self. The self-absorbed mainstream media has been looking for a self-absorbing holiday. Now they have it, with a self-absorbed President to boot.

In short, Kwanzaa is the perfect post-modern politically correct holiday.

— All of which raises the question: if Christians aren’t permitted to place a creche in public space during Christmas, should those who celebrate Kwanzaa be allowed to, say, interact at all with evil White folk, or even speak English or claim the benefits of US citizenship, in public during their holiday season?

Or is this another of those “we have to treat people disparately and unequally in order to have equality”-type arguments so popular with the pernicious anti-foundationalism upon which leftism sits bolt upright like a particularly ugly wart.

(h/t Terry H)

Posted by Jeff G. @ 10:19am

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  1. Kwanzaa is an artificial and secular hol(y)day, which is why our artificial and secularist mass media approve.

  2. “Give me your babies. Baal is hungry!”

  3. Every other holiday celebrates a religious miracle, patriotic heros, or America itself. Every other holiday celebrates something greater than the self. Kwanzaa was made up by a felon establishing a holiday whereby people can celebrates the racial self.

    Hmmm… Muhammad, pedophile, came up with the Koran as a pastiche of Judaism, Christianity, Arab male supremacy/racism to enforce by the sword.

    The first is tragedy, the second is farce …

  4. Kwanzaa is to a for reals holiday what Esperanto is to a for reals language

  5. Greetings:

    But it’s okay for Kwanzaaman to be white, no ???

  6. but, it was not torture torture.

  7. Tell that to the judge. Karenga went to the Big House for a while for the nottorture.

  8. This piece states that he started Kwanzaa back in 1966. maybe the 70s is when he formalized it.

    I was 20 years old at the time, a student awaiting placement in
    UCLA’s High Potential program as a political science major. But
    perhaps more importantly I was a member of Kwanzaa-founder Maulana
    Karenga’s black revolutionary organization “Us.” Formed in the wake
    of the Watts riots in 1966, Us had been, for years, the rising
    vanguard organization of the black revolutionary struggle in Los
    Angeles. Karenga, a cum laude graduate from UCLA with Ph.D.s in
    political science and social ethics, had earned the attention of The
    New York Times as the “leading black nationalist” in Los Angeles.

    My initial involvement with Us was purely accidental. In 1966, as an
    angry 18-year-old man, I inadvertently stumbled on Karenga and the
    first ever Kwanzaa celebration at the Aquarian Bookstore in South Central.

  9. Ann Coulter’s hardy perennial Kwanzaa column.

  10. Shorter Jeff: If you celebrate Kwanzaa, fuck you. You’re not a real American.

    GOP Rebranding fail.

    Why, the media was so silent about the celebration of the birth of our lord and savior jesus christ to whom all nations shall bow and all knees shall bend that I wasn’t even aware that christmas had happened!

    I’d better put it on my calendar for next year.

  11. It’s not GOP rebranding, knucklehead. It’s the truth.

    Newsflash steve: Just about no one here is part of the GOP in case you’ve forgotten.

  12. If you celebrate Kwanzaa, fuck you. You’re not a real American.

    “Real Americans” would be more likely to celebrate Festivus, given that Festivus wasn’t created specifically to hate America.

    Kwanzaa can’t say that, as the creator of it would freely admit. Sorry, “would” is the wrong term, as it is the subjunctive, when the indicative is more accurate. “Has already freely admitted”.

    But it’s always nice to see where your loyalties lie, you fucking scumbag heterophobe.

  13. Kwanzaa, the holiday for the socialist-us. Celebrating the collective since 1966.

  14. Why is shitstainsteve still here ?

  15. “Shorter Jeff: If you celebrate Kwanzaa, fuck you. You’re not a real American.GOP Rebranding fail.”

    Shorter steve: I want to talk about republican branding failure because I’m too dumb to get that Jeff is not a Republican and because the Democrat brand smells of rotting trash and bullshit at the moment.

  16. This blog is a hothouse of GOP boosters. You betcha.

  17. Why is shitstainsteve still here ?

    I second this question.

  18. From Larry Coreia:

    Skim until Offended
    Disqualify that Opinion
    Attack, Attack, Attack
    Disregard Inconvenient facts
    Make Shit Up
    Resort to Moral Equivalency
    Concern Trolling
    When all else fails, Racism!


    Shorter steve: Skim until Offended, Disqualify that Opinion, Attack, Attack, Attack, Disregard, Inconvenient facts, Make Shit Up, Resort to Moral Equivalency, Concern Trolling, When all else fails, Racism!

  19. I’ll third that.

    Full of sound and fury signifying nothing, along with sloppy thinking is our steve.

  20. You forgot to throw in “Faux News lol!!”

    It’s de rigueur.

  21. and because the Democrat brand smells of rotting trash and bullshit at the moment.

    In other news, rotting trash and bullshit are offended at the comparison. Isonitriles are heard to mutter, “Hey, even we’re not that awful…”

  22. “Faux News lol!!” is usually a subset of “Disqualify that Opinion” though it may contain elements of “Disregard Inconvenient facts” “Concern Trolling”or “Racism!”

  23. Every time you quote Forbes, God (Chris Mattews) kills a kitten(partially passes a gall stone).

    You just have to be able to crack the code.

  24. This is a “disqualifier” that has been used against Jeff extensively often by his fellow former blog revolutionists, and he seems a bit haunted by it:


    Larry Correia responds thusly to ‘YOU SOUND ANGRY!’:

    ” This is one of my favorite disqualifiers. Type up a 10,000 word essay going into a great deal of detail, with cites, and graphs, and research, and you could have done it completely dispassionately and some liberal is going to say “wow, you sure sound angry!” Boom. You’ve been safely disqualified. In reality, considering the shit we have to put up with, yes, I’m extremely angry, BUT I’M STILL RIGHT. WHAT’S YOUR POINT?

  25. Jeff extensively often -> Jeff extensively, often

  26. Trolls love to make incredibly offensive remarks running counter to the intent of the blog and then tack on “just sayin'” as if this absolves them of responsibility and gives them the toehold for the “you sound angry” remark.

    Predictable is what they are.

  27. Oh, that makes it all right then, so long as you were “just” saying. I mean if you were REALLY saying it, I would have to take offense to the point where a jury would agree that it was “just”ified to push your face slowly through a chainlink fence, but since you are “just” saying, I guess I’ll let you off and “just” accept that you are a mealy-mouthed shitstain on the underwear of society. It’s not like you’re REALLY said shitstain (since even stains have a purpose), but that you are “just” such a one.

  28. Rather than to simply move in and annihilate the Palestinian terror station in detail, officials of the Czech Suchdol district express surprise and disappointment, and ask that the Palestinian terror station move elsewhere.

    How is this taken by Czechs in other districts to which the Palestinian terror station will move? Hopefully with a *Hey, fuck you guys in Suchdol, assholes! Why should we have to put up with what you will not do? We aren’t havin’ ’em either!*

  29. Maybe some trusty Czech will take it upon himself to ventilate some Palestinians.

    For Freedom™.

  30. Back during the Cold War, Czech StB ran training facilities in Prague for the PLO and lefty terror mobs like the Brigate Rosse. I guess they forgot to keep flushing those turds after ’89.

  31. SW, what’s the word about Ukraine from your side of the pond? We are hearing that they are getting their nationalism on—historic hatred of all things Russian and all that—yet, they wish to join the EU.

    Is it a lesser of two evils scenario? Or are we hearing half truths again?

  32. leigh, the only Ukrainian I know lives in Austria, so all I have to go on for the present fracas is the British media. The story we get is that there is plenty of tension between ethnic Russians in the east and more Europhilic Ukrainians. If it was split purely on demographic lines, there wouldn’t be a contest, as only 17% of the population are Russian, so there must be a sizeable proportion of Ukrainians who look east rather than west, although Russian gold may well buy a lot of votes. I doubt if the picture is as clear cut as you hear.

  33. We usually hear things days or weeks late, unless there are spectacular explosions involved. In fact, our entire new media has ground to a halt while his heiness is on vacation.

    I suspect you are correct and the Russians will be able to buy a grudging fidelity. At least for the near future.

  34. I do know for a fact, leigh, that it is all England’s fault.

  35. Well, since everything else is either America or Israel’s fault, and the existence of both those notoriously troublesome countries can be blamed on England (in one way or another), yeah.

    Of course, pretty much the biggest problem in the world is Western Civilization*, arguably Britain’s Greatest Mistake.

    * That the people telling us this invariable live in Western Civilization and not, say, Sri Lanka, well that’s just ample proof of their convictions.

  36. Well we drink a lot of soda in the US and I’m sure that plays a role. That and we don’t nuzzle Gaia’s muddy hob-nails enough to deserve to live. And Ukraine pays the price for our noncompliance and disengagement with the zeitgeist uber-minutiae index du jour.

  37. What isn’t, SW?

    I wouldn’t take it personally, though. The Ukranians are big on holding grudges, across many centuries if need be.

  38. Why’d we help shove the UK out out of the Suez Canal in ’56 again?

  39. I’m betting it has to do with absinth and green fairies.

  40. The Ukranians are big on holding grudges, across many centuries if need be.

    Then please don’t tell them my grandfather was briefly stationed in Odessa, and my uncle spent a good chunk of the last war there.

  41. Mums the word, old boy.

  42. egad

  43. we don’t nuzzle Gaia’s muddy hob-nails enough to deserve to live.

    Gaia’s been trying to wipe out all life on earth since before there was any. She started it.

  44. What did mynamewassteve do to celebrate Kwanzaa?

    Enquiring minds want to know!

  45. Why’d we help shove the UK out out of the Suez Canal in ’56 again?

    Either, A):
    Because Eisenhower didn’t see any point in helping the Brits maintain the illusion that they were still a Global Power to be reckoned with.

    or B):

    Eisenhower, like most Americans, was reflexively sympathetic to colonial peoples struggling to assert their independence against imperial powers, just like the thirteen colonies once upon a time.

    or C):

    The fucks at Foggy Bottom back then were the just like the fucks there are now.

  46. “Enquiring minds want to know!”

    He took a cheap lazy sneer at Jeff and prepared himself for the accolades and testimonials that would surely follow.

  47. Celebrants celebrate by *burble*