December 27, 2013

“Which Is Having A Worse Year, Obamacare or NHS?” [Darleen Click]

For the “healthcare is a right you, teatards! Only Big Daddy Government should be in charge!” Progressives, here’s the future under ObamaCare.

The bureaucrats at the Dept. of Health and Human Services and those at Great Britain’s National Health Service should consider getting together to compare notes on 2013.

I don’t know who would come out the winner in the pity competition, but at least the ObamaCare exchanges aren’t abandoning 1 in 4 women who are giving birth:

One in four new mothers were left alone by midwives when they were in labour, the NHS watchdog has revealed.

Some were forced to give birth on the floor in waiting rooms, having earlier been told not to come in as they were ‘not in enough pain’.

Other women said they felt ‘lonely, helpless and uncared for’ after being made to wait two hours for morphine following a caesarean.

The NHS’s chief inspector of hospitals Professor Sir Mike Richards, who oversaw a survey of 23,000 women, said some cases were ‘shocking’.

He added that failings in maternity wards were turning what should be the ‘most joyous’ experience of a woman’s life into one of the ‘most frightening’.

The NHS primary care doctors are refusing to refer at least 50% of cancer victims to “fast track” appointments for tests. Patients are being left outside hospitals in ambulances for inordinate amounts of time. And many patients are so discouraged by being unable to get appointments, they are just giving up.

Proggies like to whine that without ObamaCare, people just clog up the ER for routine care. However, in the perfect storm of coincidence, between doctors and hospitals refusing ObamaCare plus ObamaCare’s own Bronze Plans will not pay for routine appointments until after upwards of $5K deductibles are met, what makes anyone think the ERs will not increase, let alone be only actual emergency cases?

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  1. Darleen, you know the rules: We can only compare the gun violence in this country with the gun violence in Britain.

    Any other comparisons are invalid, as Britain is not the USA. Well, unless the comparison works in favor of the statist agenda.

  2. This would be more amusing if it didn’t immediately bring to mind the re-written headline of “Who’s more screwed — Her Majesty’s subjects or King Putt’s?”

  3. BETTER OUTCOMES AT HALF THE PRICE!!!!!11111!!!!!!!!1!!11


  4. Liverpool Pathway. It works every time!

  5. Liverpool Pathway. It works every time!

    Yes indeed, the desired “outcome” 100% of the time, therefore it is obvious the care is better.

  6. This would be the future of Obamacare in the US but for two things:
    1) (half) an opposition party that actually opposes socialism. That’s OK though, cuz we’re more than twice as good as the other guys.
    2) the incredible, astounding incompetence of the Obama administration at accomplishing even the simplest of tasks. They don’t even know the rudiments of bait-and-switch government programs: Maximize the beneficiaries and Spread the pain. Instead, they’ve gone with the plan of benefiting a few people while pissing off tens of millions. Brilliant.

  7. They’re arrogant, not incompetent. If they were incompetent, they never would have gotten elected in the first place. They only seem incompetent because their arrogance makes them lazy.

  8. As an ER physician, I’ve been hollering my damned-fool head off about the perverse incentives in our system… literally for years.

    Nobody cares… because somebody else is paying the bill, and federal law requires everybody/anybody to get seen, regardless of how ridiculous the complaint, or how much abuse-of-the-system is involved.

  9. But Steven said Obamacare is a success.

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