December 24, 2013

ObamaCare doesn’t recognize Obama [Darleen Click]

Even his “symbolic” enrollment is an #EpicFail


h/t Jim Hoft

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  1. “Get thee from me, I know you not!”

  2. I want to see how MBM helps the White House spin this fiasco.

  3. I was all set to post “BWHAHAHA!”, but then I scrolled down past the video and saw that that would be redundant.

    Oh, what the heck:


  4. Just wait until they start extending his term so he can get everything finished he hasn’t finished yet…

  5. epador, I’m nearly positive wassteve, AKA Dog Vomit, and his fellow travelers would have no problem with that.

    Of course, that’s when the shooting starts…

  6. The aide added that Obama only signed himself up, and not the rest of the First Family. Obama also did not enroll through the troubled or the D.C. exchange’s website. Aides signed him up in person over the weekend, due to the “complicated nature of the President’s case,” the White House aide said. Some of Obama’s personal information is not readily accessible on the government databases used by the website for identity verification.

    Yes, sheessh, we know that there is an immense quantity of the ClownDisaster’s personal and not so personal information which has never made it to any database that is accessible to anyone except hisself. Duh.

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