December 15, 2013

RIP Peter O’Toole [Darleen Click]

otooleHe was 81

Peter O’Toole, the legendary actor who starred in the classic 1981 (sic – the film is from 1962) film “Lawrence of Arabia,” has died at age 81, his agent told several media outlets including the BBC.

The Irish-born star of the stage and screen got his big break when he won the role of British adventurer T.E. Lawrence in the flick.

It earned him eight Oscar nominations, and O’Toole went on to shine films such as Beckett, The Lion in Winter and Goobye, Mr. Chips.

He also the voice of Anton Ego, the delightfully morose antagonist in Ratatouille.

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  1. I highly recommend “The Lion in Winter.”

    RIP, Mr. O’Toole.

  2. “My Favorite Life” is a great movie, too. Peter O’Toole plays an aging matinee idol making a cameo on a take-off of Sid Caesar’s show called King Kaiser’s.

    “I’m not an actor! I’m a movie star!” he hollers at one point.

    RIP, Mr. O’Toole.

  3. Oh noes! Billy Jack is dead.

  4. I highly recommend “The Lion in Winter.”

    Ditto. Featuring not only O’Toole and Hepburn, but Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton.

  5. Waitwaitwait. Billy Jack was older than Peter O’Toole?

  6. they dies in 3s who is next?

  7. Jeff, we’re expecting a epic Billy Jack eulogy.

  8. His boot ain’t gonna whop us in our faces no more.

  9. Joan Fontaine, R.I.P.

  10. Oh my .. well now I guess we can get Billy Jack conversations in the afterlife.

  11. >Fontaine was also nominated as best actress for her role in Hitchcock’s “Rebecca” (1940)<

    i luvs that movie,0,3131740.story#ixzz2nbOb4caa

  12. I wonder if she ever made up with her sister, Olivia de Havilland.

  13. In a 1979 interview, Fontaine said the reason she stopped speaking with her sister was because de Havilland wanted their mother (who was suffering from cancer) operated on at the age of 88. Fontaine also said that when their mother died, de Havilland didn’t even bother to phone to find out where she could be reached (Fontaine was on tour). Instead, de Havilland sent a telegram, but it was delivered to Fontaine two weeks later at her next stop.


  14. Fontaine was great opposite Taylor in Ivanhoe.

  15. “My Favorite LifeYear” is a great movie, too.


    Mine too. You can’t imagine how much money I blew on Pinch before I discovered single malts.

  16. Thanks, Slarti.

    I’m beginning to suspect I have aphasia.

  17. El Aurence and Billy Jack….I haz a sad.

    I do expect a Billy Jack in the afterlife series that will be beyond awesome.

  18. I’m beginning to suspect I have aphasia.

    I’d blame the Pinch.

  19. In one of the best-known episodes, thugs dump flour on Native American teenagers to “whiten” them after they have been refused service at an ice cream parlor.

    Billy Jack, who is supposed to be half Native American himself, responds quietly but soon chugs into a full-on rant.

    “I really try,” he says, “but when I see this girl of such a beautiful spirit so degraded, and this boy that I love sprawled out by this ape here, and this little girl who is so special to us that we call her God’s little gift to sunshine — and when I think of the number of years she’s going to have to carry in her memory the savagery of this idiotic moment of yours: I … JUST … GO … BERSERK!”

    And he does.

    Good times…good times – although I was more partial to Dirty Harry and Walking Tall.,0,6177630.story#ixzz2neaWPJvR

  20. “The Ruling Class” was wonderful. Something only Peter could have brought to life.

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